Opinion: Auxilla is the new Grace

It is just like someone never learns and has to repeat history, because it is just so fruitful for the ones in charge. President Emmerson Mnangagwa is doing similar acts, which his predecessor used to do. This week the President and his cabinet has awarded the First Lady Auxillia Mnangagwa an award, which she would get on the National Heroes Day.

When everyone was looking into and seeing what happened in the 1st Republic. The New Dispensation and the 2nd Republic is continuing what Robert Mugabe did to his wife Grace Mugabe. Now the former Vice President is repeating this.

The ZANU-PF is just being itself and the current President is continuing the sins of the past. The grand corruption is rampant and the lacking governance is well known. President Mnangagwa tried to foil the public with promises of something new. However, his just copying his predecessor.

We are now seeing the First Lady getting awards by the husband. The state is recognizing and celebrating her. This here should be so easily to call, as the nepotism it is. How the state now serves the first family and his allies. They are now doing this to give glory to their own.

This sort of award only shows the dire need for accountability and transparency. Since, we all know these sorts of awards are given by the proclamation of the President. The statements may claim the Vice President and Parliament Committees selects the individuals. However, the President has a final say and could dismiss it. That he didn’t do.

So, we know he did this to reward his wife and the First Lady on the National Heroes Day. She was given the Order of the Star of Zimbabwean Gold. On the Warrant, which “Grants of Awards” that states: “The awards shall be granted on the authority of the President”. That’s why you know he knew about it and had his hand in it.

This just shows what the state is willing to do and to downplay the authority of the President. It just shows that the ZANU-PF stays the ZANU-PF. They are not changing, but doing more of the same. The only difference… is the name of the recipient and nothing else. Peace.