Opinion: Jack Harlow isn’t for me…

Kentucky’s own Jack Harlow might break someone’s heart, but I don’t care for his style or his music. By all means, good that his hitting up them charts and becoming a staple in the music industry. However, after listening to “nail tech” and saw the huge hype surrounding it. I knew that this guy, act or rapper wasn’t for me.

Jack Harlow fan-base is maybe female dominated and that wouldn’t be shocking. Nevertheless, if he showed some emotions and heartache. Both genders would listen to the tracks. If he had solid beats and rhymes to back it up. We wouldn’t mind the softer side like LL Cool J did in the past. He catered to all parties on his LPs.

However, what I have heard from Jack Harlow haven’t been it. I just don’t care. The singles and the videos isn’t even inspiring to listen to the newest full length album of him. I couldn’t care less that he has been in the past signed to Don Canon and DJ Drama. They surely must have picked up the bag and earned a fortune on the act. Because, he has blown up.

Come Home the Kids Miss You” was maybe supposed to cement his status in the public eye. Maybe get new fans and show his levels of popularity. That’s why he has tried to snag and create headlines while simping for famous woman. Even doing that with a song to Dua Lipa on the LP as well. When we know that his been around the way and it’s not shocking.

That people compares him to Macklemore and Mac Miller is to be expected, but his not even close to any of them. Just by listening to “Nail Tech” and “First Class” his subpar and mid at best. His not a lyricists or a man of bars. No, his just mediocre and not that interesting. He has a style and been able to cater to someone, but not to the likes of me. I am not alone, as Shawn Cee and Cufboys on Youtube makes similar statements as mine.

Jack Harlow has potential and could become an inspiring fella, but at this very moment. His just mediocre and boring. The singles are not banging and that’s why I don’t even care to pick up the LP. There is no reason or incentive to do so.

I am just not the demographic his trying to hit or trying to convince. That’s why his hitting up the red-carpet trying to snatch Saweetie and other famous acts. Because, that’s how he becomes more interesting. Well, he cannot drop bars or be funny about it. He has little to no visible charisma or swagger. That’s why it’s astonishing to see him get this big. Unless, the fan-base wants a water-downed and less flavourful Post Malone minus autotune. That sort of thing makes sense.

When Spotify writes this about him: “Flaunting sleek flows, nimble wordplay, unpredictable rhyme patterns and vast ambition, Jack Harlow raps with old school dedication and raw individuality”. I wonder if these guys actually did listen to the same dude I did, because even Shawty Lo or Maino has more inspiring flows than Jack Harlow.

Jack Harlow can have all the success or platinum plaques he wants. Be my guest, but I won’t be part of the parade. No, his a water-downed Drake and has no sort of story-telling abilities worth a damn. Neither does he has the personality or the lyrics to bring me up to speed. There is no story, no beat or no vibe that catches me of guard. It is just “hot-air” and catered to radio. That’s maybe enough for some…

But for me… well… Jack… I will not come back. Peace.

New Jersey Governor Christie Sanctions a ‘State of Emergency’ over a State Budget standoff!

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, the Donald Trump lackie has clearly had an all-powerful vision as the budget for 2018 hasn’t been able to negotiate. Therefore, he signed the Executive Order No. 228, this one he sealed on the 30th June 2017. Just before the Independence day weekend. So the Jersey Shore will be sealed of the people going on vacations, the ones wants to chill in New Jersey, has to hit the casino’s and not the beaches. Clearly, not a populist strategy by the Republican governor.

Because the state representatives couldn’t constructively make a budget with his fellow people in the State Assembly. Clearly, the Governor must have an agenda, since he pulls the State Constitution and uses his powers to pull a ‘State of Emergency’. So the state functions stops, because of the powers he has as a governor. Certainly, he needs to show power and his strength towards the State Assembly.

What is striking from any perspective is these passages:

I invoke the emergency powers conferred upon me by N.J.S.A. App. A:9-33 et seq., and all amendments and supplements thereto, and such other powers as may be conferred upon me by the Constitution and the Statutes of the State of New Jersey” (Executive Order No. 228). “Until such time as there is enacted a General Appropriations Law for Fiscal Year 2018, I reserve the right to take such actions and issue such orders or directives as may be necessary to meet the various problems presented by this emergency, to protect the health, safety, and welfare of the people of this State, and to ensure the continued provision of essential State services. The exercise of these emergency powers shall, when required, be subject to future payment of the reasonable value of goods and services, subject to appropriation, and as provided by law” (Executive Order No. 228).

All employees whose services are not deemed essential pursuant to this Order shall be deemed furloughed pursuant to N.J.S.A. 11A:6-1.1 and shall be governed by the rules implementing that program, except as may be prohibited by law. The provisions of this paragraph shall apply to any such employees who are necessary to implement the orderly shut down of programs and functions as provided in paragraph 16 of this Order upon the completion of such shut down, as determined and documented by the head of the department or agency” (Executive Order No. 228).

So within the bounds of the State now, the core essentials will be working, the needed services and state officers will be there, but the rest will be suspended. Therefore, the famous lackie Christie decided to stop the funding and allocations to the different state functions. Because he wants the State to be on its knees, so the will of the governor can be counted in the budget of 2018. This proves his will for power. He will use Emergency Powers to settle the score of the budget negotiations. So he will keep the state functions hostage over debate and needed State voting in the State Assembly for budget. This isn’t for time of war, this isn’t for time of terrorist crisis. The Governor does this over Budget voting and Budget allocations for the next Financial Year. So they are making sure there a fiscal sound budget and good balance accordingly to the State needs.

Chris Christie has really taken the powers in his hands and he should also fix it with the representatives within the State Assembly, the State of Emergency over budget negotiations and voting of budget post is bewildering. Does seem like he feels his voice isn’t respected or his standing isn’t graceful enough. Clearly, the New Jersey National Assembly needs to talk and vote on the coming election. The State Services and the State Organizations shouldn’t be suspended by the governor, since the state representatives has their duty, the same has their executive. What is visible, that the invisible and needed show of power came into play. Since Christie clearly cannot talk or negotiate with his peers in New Jersey. Not only his ratings, but his scandals are now following him. Peace.

T.I. – Hello (ft Cee Lo Green) ferske musikk videoen.

Yes, enda en video fra albumet ‘Trouble Man – Heavy is the head’ som kom ut 19 Desember 2012 og forsatt er hot! Hvis ja, du ikke har sjekket ut albumet enda. Så kan dette anbefales! På Spotify og etc.

Her er flere videoer fra albumet:


Janelle Monae – Q.U.E.E.N. (ft Erykah Bardu)

Den herlige EP i 2007- Metropolis: Suite I(The Choice).

For så behagelige albumet The ArchAndroid(Suites II og III).

Begge kom ut på Bad Boy Records og Atlantic. Håper dette viser hva som kommer på neste albumet eller EPen. Fordi Janelle Monae har klasse. Peace


T.I. – Memories (ft Kris Stephens, B.O.B. & Kendrick Lamar)

Her er virkelig en banger. Har ikke vært så hektet på låt i år utenom Kat Dahlia “Gangsta”. Kos deg med låta! Grand Hustle og TDE in the building! Enjoy! Ikke minst litt av en herlig video. Ikke sant?

T.I.’s korte filmer fra ‘Trouble Man’ LP.

Her er de to korte filmene til albumet. Ikke direkte musikkvideoer alene, de er korte filmer som er under 10 minutt. Disse to er til sangene ‘Trap Back Jumping’ or ‘Adresses’.

Det var ‘Trap Back Jumping’, rett etter dette ‘Adresses’:

Nyt det!

God gammeldags diss (Meek Mill vs Cassidy)

Endelig en god gammeldags beef/diss. Endelig! Lenge har det vært dårlig med disser mellom Hip-Hop artister. Artistene har levert slappe slag mot hverandre. Eller vært så sublime at du ikke vet hvem de går til angrep på. Derfor må jeg si at de siste greiene og låtene har satt fyr og flammer.. på den gode gammeldagse metoden. Ikke nok at dette har utviklet seg. Noe som vil si at jeg kommer også til å legge ut linken til en av gruppen Cassidy tidligere hørte til Larsiny. Først vil jeg gi deg Cassidy’s svar til tweets fra Meek Mill. Meek Mill startet det hele ved å si at han ville tilbake i ringen og battle. Bare hvis det var med rette artist og rette arena. Så lenge artisten var het. Cassidy sa at han ville gjøre dette og ordne det økonomiske. Meek Mill gjorde ingenting ved dette. Derfor kom denne låten:

Hvor han viser hvor god Cassidy kan være. Ikke at dette er verdens beste diss låt. Likevel, er det bedre enn det som har vært ute de siste årene. Slik som Lil Wayne’s svar til Pusha T. For å forsette. Så får vise deg svaret til Meek:

Noe som er vanlig nå om dagen. Bare en masse snakk om at han har biler, smykker og damer. Lite punchlines. Derfor er svaret fra Chubby JAG svarte først. Noe av det beste jeg har hørt på lenge. Helt rått! Bare høre hvordan han bruker det lille punchlines fra Meek mot han. Slik låt er et bra svar til Repo! Her er den:

Meek burde være forsiktig etter å få et slikt klassisk respons. Han har ikke svart Chubby JAG. Philadelphia er i flammer. Når du trodde dette var nok. Svarer Cassidy tilbake med R.A.I.D:

Etter to sånne låter bør du enten komme tilbake med forsiktighet. Eller komme tilbake så sterkt at du klare å glemme disse dissene. Bars som skremmer de fleste artister. Slik som NAS og Jay-Z gjorde med ‘Ether’ og ‘Takeova’. Her er det iallefall klart at Chubby JAG og Cassidy har overtaket. Ikke at det overrasker meg, men Meek Mill trenger mer enn det vanlige!! Meek som en sann Hip-Hop fan, driter jeg i hva du sier eller tweeter på twitter! Det er ikke der du battler, det er på låter eller battle på scenen. Med dette sier jeg: vis talentet på mikrofonen. Slik som alle de andre store Emcee’s gjorde. Noe Meek Mill bør gjøre, fordi nå er han svak og så å si JA Rule av 2013.. Eller Lil Flip av 2013..

Håper på mer, God Kveld!


Første singel fra albumet ‘Trouble Man’

Vel, nå har første offisielle singel til albumet ‘Trouble Man’ av T.I. Kommet ut. Det som tidligere blitt utgitt har vært deler av mixtapen «Fuck The City Up». Derimot denne singelen lever videre på hva han tidligere har gjort i karrieren. T.I. Har jo allerede en imponerende rekke album og som fan. Så kan jeg ikke vente til å høre igjennom og skaffe dette albumet.

Jeg klarer ikke slutte spille singelen. Klare du det?

Ferske musikkvideoer!

B.O.B. med sin andre singel til sitt oppfølger album – Strange Clouds. som blir utgitt på Grand Hustle/Atlantic.

Mystikal er tilbake etter å ha sonet 6 år i fengsel for å ha tatt litt for hardt på ei dame på ett kjøpesenter(way back in time). Tidligere var han indie eller assosiert med Master P’s No Limit. Nå har han som ganske mange andre artister signert med Cash Money/Young Money/Universial. Derfor ble det naturlig at den første låta fra hans neste album ble featured med Lil Wayne og Birdman. Kos deg med 90s feel klipp. Ikke minst Mystikal viser høy energi på hver bidige bar.

David Banner er snart tilbake med Mixtape for å følge opp “Greatest Story Ever Told”. Med den neste store rapperen fra Mississippi B.I.G Krit(Def Jam). Enda et kult samarbeid fra disse to. Mississippi, stand up! Soul beaten er bare sable behagelig.

J.Cole sin kanskje beste låt fra debut albumet Cole World – Sideline Story. Roc Nation/Columbia signeringen viser styrke på denne låta. Sammen med Missy Elliot. Som vi ikke har hørt noe annet på mange år. J.Cole viser i allefall at han en god start på karrieren med denne siste singelen på plata!

Nå med siste låt og video:

The Game med vestkysten kanskje nye stjerne Kendrick Lamar(Sjekk ut Section#80). Game viser at han forsatt har noe si. Ikke bare kaste ut navn(stjerner og merkevarer) og at han stor fan av Dr.Dre. Som Kendrick Lamar som er ny signering til Aftermath. Ikke minst at denne låta er kanskje har ikke akkurat hørt mye på “The R.E.D. Album”. Låta mekket av Cool&Dre. Kos deg og ha en god helg!



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