Opinion: The venom never left [because it was always concealed…]

Even if a snake is not poisonous, it should pretend to be venomous” – Chanakya

At the burial of late speaker Jacob Oulanyah, the father stated again that his son was poisoned and it was to late to save him when he was sent for treatment in Seattle, United States of America. That has been stated before and clearly the story haven’t ceased to stop. The speculations and the questions are remaining, as the coffin has been a day or two in the ground.

The reality is that the late speaker isn’t the only cadre, loyal subject or former ally of the President who has had mysterious fall from grace. No, during the 36 years in power… Generals has died of blood-clot and other weird diseases, even when their family members and loved ones has said until the last minute that they was healthy and fit. Therefore, their sudden demise can be called weird and without justification. Neither are the paperwork or the official reasons fitting the narratives of family members. That’s why you know something is up.

Just like Oulanyah is buried without an official reason and when the father says he was poisoned. The questions will remain and the lack of proof from the state doesn’t make it better. That’s why people will claim this until proven otherwise.

This is not the first time. Just like the questionable death of: “From the time Brig. Noble Mayombo’s illness became publicly known to his burial last Saturday, little else has made the front page of the national newspapers. Away from the newspapers, there has been a rumour briskly circulating around Kampala and elsewhere in the country. The rumour, quite simply, casts doubt over any explanation that somehow Mayombo simply contracted an infection of his pancreas and died” (Timothy Kalyegira – ‘Uganda: The Political Implications of Brig. Mayombo’s Death’ 09.05.2007, Daily Monitor).

Another one is this one: “The first official statement from Prime Minister Ruhakana Rugunda the following day noted that the cause of death was not yet known and that a team of doctors and pathologists had been dispatched to the United Arab Emirates to help with the post-mortem and repatriation of the body. Yet, this communication from the government did not stop the whispering campaign about what — but mostly who — killed Gen Nyakairima, and about his enemies, real and imagined. At least one post mortem report managed to attain velocity in the forward-first, think-later world of social media, claiming he was poisoned by a South Korean passport holder” (The East African – ‘Nyakairima death: Radio Katwe, social media explode with conspiracy theories’ 19.09.2016).

When you have these sorts of cases in the past and now the sudden death of Oulanyah… you know things will be put into question and it doesn’t help that the government was supposed to probe the incident in 2021. While he died in 2022.

A failed attempt at Gen. David Sejusa aka Tinyefuza aka Tinye: “According to Lukwago, the General made stunning revelations at the party on how he survived being murdered since he parted ways with government in 2013. He reportedly told guests that the NRM government functionaries plotted to eliminate him when he was in exile in UK. Most recently while on remand in Luzira, Sejusa said he narrowly survived beingI poisoned” (Sam Wasawa – ‘I survived poison in Luzira – Sejusa’ 22.04.20216, ChimpReports).

These are just four cases and Oulanyah is the newest. It just shows what the state does and is willing to do. They will claim it all is conspiracy theories and whatnot. We know about other claims too and other cases, which is not mentioned here. Which could have been the same. Where the state has possibly targeted opposition or rising stars within own ranks with poison. Therefore, it is likely that it could have happened. This government doesn’t value life much and the attempts of poisons, assassinations and other extra judicial killings proves just that.

Nevertheless, at this very moment we will not know. The lack of verified proof stifles it. However, the knowledge that it could be real and could be possible is dangerously enough. To know that the government are willing and justifies these activities says it all. That they plot someone’s downfall and does it with deceptive means of venom. Peace.

Opinion: Gen. Tumukunde should explain his role in that fatal trip to South Korea [the final trip of Gen. Aronda Nyakairima]

During a transit from South Korea back to Uganda passing through Dubai (United Arab Emirates) General Aronda Nyakairima, who has served several high ranking positions both in the army and in the cabinet until his demise. There been speculation in his fatality as he travelled from Asia and home. He died on the 12th September 2015. This happen while General Henry Tumukunde travelled in advance to South Korea and hasn’t since then explained his participation in the events happening before death of Gen. Aronda. This is what we need to know. Especially since his suddenly aspiring for the Presidency.

Gen. Aronda death was supposed to be investigated by Dr Crispus Kiyonga, however, other than the statement of a “heart attack”. There been no explanation and no documents from the investigation, he supposed to release and deliver answers to the public. That is why, when someone is connected and loyal to the cause like Gen. Aronda and Gen. Tumukunde is together abroad and one of them fall ill. Not only fall ill, but actually dies. Than, there is a need for answers. Now it been years. Even 4 years since the NRM Poor Youths asked for answers from Tumukunde. Which he haven’t answered either.

That is why things opens for speculations. There is even speculations of a intoxicated juice with juice served to Gen. Aronda by Mr. Chemical and in accordance with Muhoozi and Tumukunde. However, that is all speculation and not verified, as no one has taken responsibility, neither has any investigation delivered any specific results.

What is making it weird for me, the whole thing is that Gen. Aronda a man who didn’t smoke or drink. Because, usually these things tend to make someone have a heart attack. However, he didn’t do that. Ofwono Opondo claimed before the investigation finished died of a heart attack and he only became 57 years old.

That is why we need answers. Until things are verified, the reports and the conditions are up in the open. If it was toxins, if it was poison and who was involved. The reasons for questioning are even there. The reasons to ask is very simple, if this can happen to a high ranking general, what could happen to a stubborn commoner then?

We needs answers for what happen to Gen. Aronda. If there was some foul play involved and if it was Muhoozi doing it or even Tumukunde doing it. We need to know if Mr. Chemical and other players was involved too. Or if that is fabricated, as there are no written affidavit or statement, which are stated as evidence. Therefore, if Tumukunde is sincere in his campaign. He should answer for the trip to South Korea and what he did there. Unless, he got some skeletons to hide and that is why his been silent like a lamb. Peace.

Statement by Prime Minister Rt Hon Dr Ruhakana Rugunda on the sudden death of Hon Gen. Aronda Nyakairima, Minister of Internal Affairs

Gen Aronda Nyakairima

12 September 2015:

“We have today learnt, with great sadness, of the sudden death of Hon Gen. Aronda Nyakairima, the Minister of Internal Affairs. General Aronda Nyakairima was returning from South Korea, on official duties, transiting through Dubai. The cause of his death is not yet known. His family has been informed. Government has set up a task force, led by Defence Minister, Hon Dr Crispus Kiyonga, to coordinate all matters relating to this tragedy.

A team of doctors–pathologists—is also being sent to Dubai, United Arab Emirates, to assist with the post-mortem and the repatriation of the body. We will keep the country informed of any further details. General Aronda Nyakairima, who also served the country as Chief of Defence Forces, was a dedicated servant of the people of Uganda and his death is a tragic and huge loss to the country. We extend our deep condolences to the family and friends of General Aronda during this most trying period, and pray that the Almighty God comforts them”.



Bill Supplement No.12. 29th April 2015 – Uganda Parliament – The Anti-Terrorism (Amendment) Bill.


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