Malawi: Anti-Corruption Bureau – ACB Position on the Attorney General’s Press Release regarding termination of Contracts involving Zuneth Sattar’s Business Entities and Debarment from Public Procurement (10.01.2022)

Malawi: The Attorney General – Press Release on Termination of Contracts involving Zuneith Sattar’s Business Entities and Debarment from Public Procurement (09.01.2022)

Opinion: So Hon. Msukwa was willing to destroy his whole career over a vehicle?

The Malawian Minister for Lands Kezzie Msukwa is charged with receiving bribes by the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB), which entails the Minister got Kwacha 4 million to help businessman Zuneth Sattar acquire some land in Salima District.

We are now seeing the Sattar Papers are leaking how the businessman and his associates have used their businesses and companies in Malawi. As they have used this to influence and get direct deals with the government. This here case is that Sattar got land easily and the Minister to vouch for him.

Msukwa was willing to risk his career and livelihood over a 4 million kwacha bribe, which was covering his duty on his service vehicle. That is tragic… and foolish that a vehicle or a car, which is given by the state to the minister is the reason for his downfall.

The Minister and MP is so greedy that he hoped someone could cover his expenses on the service vehicle. This case alone isn’t only implicating Satter, but there is warrants out for his associate Ashok Nair, formally known as Ashok Kumar Sreedharan. Ashok Nair participated in corrupt practices in some land matters in Salima and Lilongwe Districts, as his also been involved in giving bribes to various Malawi Government Departments on behalf of Sattar. Therefore, this implies that Nair could be the one who paid the Minister off and covered his duties on his vehicle.

That is really rich and shows that with influence doesn’t always comes street-smartness, as the MP and Minister could have secured the funds and easily paid-off this duty. However, in a flash and quick fix, he would get the payment and the kickback from Nair on behalf of Satter. Just so the businessman could acquire some land.

Just imagine that paying duty or VAT on a car is the possible ending of your career. You have finally reached the goal of becoming a minister after being MP. You have gotten an honourable position and seen viable by the President. Chakwera has vouched for you and thought you could run a ministry. However, that wasn’t enough for you… so some business had to cover your taxes as well. That says it all. It is not funny that four wheel-drive and a paid car by the state is bringing someone down, but this a car-crash and misuse of power.

Msukwa has clearly fallen and the ACB will go after him. Just like they are encircling Satter and associates. He is the “Political Exposed Person” who is connected with the corrupt behaviour of Nair and Satter. That is sad ending, but a choice the Minister deemed fit. He saw easy money and a gravy train. However, that vehicle is the reason why he won’t go far. Peace

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