Important facts on How the British Colonial Uganda detained Pro-Independence Activists; Similarities to how the NRM does today!

Besigye Kampala 11.05.2016 P3

Earlier in the day Charles Onyango-Obbo (COO) wrote this:

“Uganda opposition leader Besigye detained in Moroto, Karamoja region, where British colonialists detained pro-independence leaders in 1950s”.

Some deeper information on the matter; not from me, because the internet has a thing, it never forgets, but people does! There I am adding this to show the historical factors of what Charles Onyango-Obbo was tweeting. To prove the words, as you also should know the British tried to get rid of most of their records of their Colonial breaches and violations in their “Operation Legacy” in 1950s and 1960s where the United Kingdom destroyed deliberately documents of their operations in the Protectorate of Uganda and the other Colonies they ones ruled. Therefore there a lot’s of information and state documents that of historical value could verify and even say something about not too distant past.

Still, I have collected these quotes and they shows interesting facts as Dr. Kizza Besigye is detained at Moroto, and finally really see how much President Museveni does his dealings and oppressive his fellow citizens in ways that would have done Colonial London proud!

How British Colonial Government wanted to Silence the Baganda and Mengo! 

British Government letter 1953 P3 UgandaBritish Government letter 1953 P2 UgandaBritish Government letter 1953 Uganda

The Quotes:

“Natives who first criticized colonial rule in 1945 such as Katikkiro Wamala and Samsom Kisekka were declared to be insane. They were deported to Arua and Bunyoro to ‘protect’ society from anti-colonial ideas”.

“In 1945 the colonial government in Uganda established the Special Branch to trace, neutralise and punish local opponents.  The Special Branch is the equivalent of the State

Research under Idi Amin and the CMI under President Museveni. The Special Branch suppressed hundreds of nationalists through up-country deportations, torture, loss of employment and imprisonment”.

“Following the 1949 riots against the colonial regime, hundreds of people became ”Abalira kunsiko” (living in the bushes) to avoid the wrathful Special Branch”.

“Fenner Brockway, a British Labour MP came to Uganda to save their lives. The Special Branch used to deport their victims to isolated places in the bush in northern Uganda”.

“Between 1945 and 1950, the colonial government in Uganda criminalized native political associations to destroy any connection with anti-colonial mobilization”

“In November 1957, Yekosofati Engur was sentenced to three years for using the example of Mau Mau to tell a friend that the British were murderers and land thieves”.

I think that is enough for now. But in these days we live it is important to not forget the past as it has its own way to repeat itself, therefore the liberator is acting like a colonial master or a totalitarian leader who is a dictator with his own fully functioning Police State, as there are more tear-gas then medicines, and so on. While the Opposition are either detained, house-arrested or silenced. While he walk and his Elite walks like proud-cock around with the army and Police Force intimidating fellow citizens. Peace.


Fred Guweddoko 9th October 2003 – ‘Independence Came’