Two Official White House Statements released concerning: “Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act” (02.08.2017)

Statement Number 2:

Wheeler’s Defamation Lawsuit proves that President Trump and the White House signed-off on a fake Fox News article!

Today, there we’re filed a civil complaint from report Rod Wheeler as plaintiff versus Twenty Century Fox, Fox News Network LLC, Malia Zimmerman and Ed Butowsky. What we can learn from these documents is the known relationship between President Donald Trump and the heads of Fox News Network. There has already been established a strange sort of relationship between the President and the broadcaster, but this complaint, settles it with the certain evidence between Fox News and the report in question.

Rod Wheeler was working on an article, which could have published and gotten distributed through the Fox News Network and other companies in connection with it. On 14th May 2017, Ed Butowsky wrote an SMS to Rod Wheeler stating:

Not to add more pressure but the president just read the article. He wants the article out immediately. It’s now all up to you. But don’t feel the pressure” (Butowsky SMS to Wheeler).

So, when the it is also stated in the complaint:

Incredibly, according to Butowsky, the President reviewed an article written by a Fox News journalist prior to its publication and sought to get the article published “immediately.” Indeed, just before Butowsky sent the text message above, he left a voicemail for Mr. Wheeler in which he said, “A couple minutes ago I got a note that we have the full, uh, attention of the White House, on this. And, tomorrow, let’s close this deal, whatever we’ve got to do. But you can feel free to say that the White House is onto this now.” (Butowsky to Wheeler).

To put Butowsky in context, here is how fit the picture and the good knowledge of the President:

Butowsky is a frequent contributor for Fox News and Fox Business Channel, an outspoken supporter of Donald Trump and opponent of Hillary Clinton, and a friend to former Press Secretary Sean Spicer and Chief Strategist Steve Bannon”.

So when this is put together, the article must has been fierce against some of the adversaries of the President. Since this would fit his agenda and also damage the Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton. That could be the only reason for Butowsky to pressure Wheeler to publish it. Especially, also with his ties to close-knitted networks of the White House, that in mind Bannon and Spicer. This is all still while Spicer was the Press Secretary at the White House.

On the next day Butowsky continued his quest to wheel-in Wheeler:

The next morning, Butowsky sent text messages to Mr. Wheeler that read, in part, “If you can, try to highlight this puts the Russian hacking story to rest.” “Just reflecting: we need to emphasize the FBI has a report that has been suppressed that shows that Seth rich did this. With Comey recently being fired this will gain a lot of attention and it’s true.” “The above and stating that the Russian hacking narrative of stealing the records from the DNC is officially dead.” (…) “Even after Mr. Wheeler confronted Zimmerman about her use of false quotes, Zimmerman sent a text to Mr. Wheeler that stated, “Reread the story we sent to you last night [with the false quotes] and stick to that script.” (Texts from Butowsky to Wheeler on 15th May 2017).

After Butowsky had rewritten the story and fixed the quotes to fit the paradigm of framing the Democratic National Committee and Anti-Clinton stance. They we’re able to publish the article. An article that the President had reviewed and said was fine. An article using Seth Rich as pawn to frame him for hacking and knowledge of hacking, while the WikiLeaks documents was released. Clearly, this was defamation of his work and his article. Which wasn’t true since Butowsky added and wrote quotes that wasn’t existing.

So when this happens, you know that the Fox New Network is insane and just biased as it can be:

Later in the evening on May 15, 2017, at 10:55 p.m. CDT, Butowsky sent an email regarding Zimmerman’s Seth Rich story to various Fox News producers and on air talent, including Steve Doocy, Gavin Hadden, Ainsley Earhardt and Brian Kilmeade. The email reads: “The story is up or will be up very early tomorrow morning. Rod Wheeler is up and ready to give interviews. There’s more to come on the story but for now this is a massive story there’s [sic] going to be talked about for a long time. If you have any questions about the story or more information needed, call me at 972-XXXXXXX. I’m actually the one who’s been putting this together but as you know I keep my name out of things because I have no credibility. One of the big conclusions we need to draw from this is that the Russians did not hack our computer systems and ste[a]l emails and there was no collusion like trump with the Russians.” (Email from Butowsky to Wheeler on the late night of 15th May 2017).

When Ed Butowsky says not use his name in the article because of his lacking credibility of the article. It proves the intent of using Rod Wheeler’s name and reputation to sell the story of Seth Rich and WikiLeaks, even if the quotes and stories in the article is not true. That Fox News used rewrites of a story, which couldn’t be true and wasn’t so. If it was true and dandy, the one investigating and interviewing Wheeler wouldn’t sue Butowsky or Fox for publishing it.

As of the 16th May and the publishing of articles together with Malia Zimmerman, the articles published to establish a possible way of falsifying the Russian collusion and establish an own cause of the DNC and the leaking of documents from there. This would all fit the narrative of the White House and the President. Therefore, when this is sent to Wheeler after the publication:

Very shortly after the article was published, Mr. Wheeler called Butowsky and demanded an explanation for the false statements about him in Zimmerman’s article. Butowsky stated that the quotes were included because that is the way the President wanted the article, referring to President Donald Trump. A few days later, Butowsky wrote to Zimmerman, “I didn’t tell you yet but the federal government is involved at this moment, behind the scenes and believe your story.” (Butowsky to Wheeler).

This sort of involvement in the free-press isn’t natural and proves how the Fox News are State Media and not putting out real news, not facts but pieces fitting the paradigm of the White House. The Conservative and Republican people in the United States should worry at the extent of use of Fox News.

So from now on it is funny and insane when the President calls-out and screams-out fake news. When himself has sanctioned and made sure a published story with fake quotes not attributed to Rod Wheeler got published, just for the sake of making sure there was an article validating the claims the President has and fits his worldview. Not that the implications and the use of a dead DNC employee matters, since it works to fit the dead into a narrative that wouldn’t imply the Russian involvement in the Trump Campaign. We could wish this was different, but the open texts, emails and discussions among the people involved in this article. Proves the touches of the President, the use of Fox News and the clear approach to mislead the population and those who are believing the peddling of lies directly from the White House!

This should be warning and proof of how the Russian Collusion is destroying the New York Gang. That they are reviewing articles published in the Fox, instead of actually governing. Peace.

Opinion: The Russian Probe continued investigation will most likely lead to more Obstruction of Justice from President Trump!

President Donald J. Trump are having real issues with the Special Counsel Robert Mueller and the Russian Probe. Clearly, the investigation who has had two closed doors sessions with son-in-law Jared Kushner, who sounded like a crispy crème softie and not like powerful man with to many jobs in the White House for his experience levels! Secondly, trying to make something sound like nothing, when you failed to disclosed it several of times. In addition, the SF-86 Forms and also the other Russian meetings failed to mention. Nevertheless, as the closed-sessions will not go public of yet, the will be more drip-drops of Russian connections to the New York Gang.

President Trump are having hard time with the Russian monies proven to building and investing in estate and properties in Florida. Also, oligarchs and lawyers who are used by Russian businesses have been used by Trump. So it is special that the next appointment to the Department of Justice has ties to the Russian Alfa Bank, he is Brian A. Benczkowski and than even the new White House Director Anthony Scarramucci has gotten funds through Russian businesses. It doesn’t matter where Trump goes, he knows someone who has earned monies or connections to Russia.

It is like that in the New York Gang, therefore the undisclosed meetings will show even more as EUROPOL are knitting together an investigation together with the Attorney General of New York, Eric Schneiderman to figure out the ties between Human Trafficking of Woman and the Trump Organization. Clearly, the New York Gang has more dark secrets, than just their possible shady deals of money laundering and questionable transactions.

So it seems strange to write like this an about sitting President and not a dreaded gang leader. But than on the hand. He wants everyone to pledge loyalty, so he has really shown his lacking character again when addressing his loyal Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Sessions been with him since he was just a Senator from Alabama. A career politician who was a fringe politician with starch views, that fitted the now White House Advisor Stephen Bannon. Therefore, he was a nice spotted figure into the cabinet and become the AG of the United States. Still, he did early “Recuse” himself from the Russian Probe. That hurt the President, because he expected to have someone there to obstruct justice for him.

Jeff Sessions, couldn’t get involved and therefore after the firing of FBI Director James Comey, that was in the time when the FBI was asking for more funds for their investigation into the Probe. Therefore, as the investigation goes, the Senate Committee and the Special Counsel Mueller will dig deep into tax-returns, business transactions and all sort of activity the President don’t want the world to now about. It has been allegations, but this will verify the crimes and the collusion. Not only Steel’s golden showers in Moscow, but all sort of activity no future President should have ever done. That using the Italian Mob to stifle the builders and Polish Brigade to build the Trump Tower, while all construction workers was on strike, but the mobsters was pushing the workers at the site. That is back in history, but in present the New York Gang are feeling the pinch. Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump has both hired attorneys, the same has Donald Trump Junior, as the Trump himself has a trio of unlucky representatives for himself.

But as the case is progressing so is the President frustration. He expected a loyal lapdog in Jeff Sessions, not someone who would be respecting of laws and following the institution of the Department of Justice. That is why he already got rid of Comey, because he didn’t obstruct the law for him. Trump cannot handle that the Paul Manafort, Jared Kushner and Donald Trump Junior are going into closed sessions with the Senate, even as Charles Grassley are giving way and not being strict on the possible meetings with the New York Gang. The Senate and GOP Senators are still helping the cause.

Though that is not enough for the President and his family. They need to get the ability to trigger mass sackings of Cabinet and Law Officials. They need to get rid of Attorney General Jeff Sessions, so they can have reasons for making him resign. Even if it would be a relief for the President to sack Sessions and than get rid of Mueller. The investigation would not stop, but through some hurdles. The obstruction of already getting rid of Comey, got acting McCabe in-charge of FBI, as no-one has been appointed to become FBI Director. The same sort of fate might happen when they know what happen to the loyal Trumpist Sessions. Who the President had no issue with discharging when it didn’t fit his program anymore. That was not making America Great, but saving the President’s ass.

There shouldn’t be any salvage, when the President would go to this step to avoid the investigation as the head will roll, all in favor of him. Surely, in his gangs of comrades with Russian Connections. He can find another brother who will sought his favor and be his loyal cadre. Even if Sessions was as loyal as it gets and would be discarded like cold-coffee. Just because he was wise and respected his Attorney General position. Not that I respect any of the acts of the man in-charge of Department of Justice and his fear for immigrants and hard-line crime embargoed sanctions. That is just a short explanation of the matter of acts that Sessions do.

Still, the Russian Probe is not making it easy for Trump, even as the many possible colluding important persons hasn’t been questioned like Robert Mercer or Stephen Bannon, who both became vital parts of the campaign. Neither, has more of the Trump Organization and former associates who could have important information about the Russian connects. Certainly, when Mueller and his team scans through the portfolio of documents, the pattern will surface and the people who was initial offering and doing will be seen. You can wonder the Capitol Hill Republicans know and what the Republican National Committee and Republican Party has knowledge of. As the private discussions proves that Paul Ryan knows, certainly Mitch McConnell and Reince Prebus must know something too. These are not people not talking and planning together. They know this and will work accordingly.

That the Russians who has done business with Trump for decades and saved his business most likely after the Atlantic City Casino’s went bankrupt and his fortune was dwindling away. Certainly, there was leeway for a salvation in Moscow. That is right now conspiracy, but with mounting debt and not had a genuine winning business-model in a decade. The Russian would be a grand scheme of promises and hope into a shrinking-in coffers. Oligarchs using fronts and American registered companies connected with and part of the Trump Organization, who could launder funds and secure use of dirty money in the open market. This would be a good-pay day for the one who tended to bankrupt and deplete his businesses.

For now that is a conspiracy, but could easily be the trick, because Trump isn’t that deep or wise. That is the proof of reason shadow-play with gender and other issues. While the burning revelations of Russian connections keeps coming in an evil-circle that the President cannot control. The Pardons, the Executive authority and the Presidency are not above the law. Even if the Congress for the moment are careless and letting it go. Not letting anything stick and making it hard like they did on Hillary Clinton and her mistake in Benghazi. If they did the same, the Republicans would have spent 800 hours in open hearings and with critical questions into the Russian Hacking and tampering of the Election 2016. Still, they don’t as they acting as accomplice to the matter and trying to shield themselves from the misfortune.

Trump, should not get off the hook. He has wished ill on everyone, now he is attacking the Attorney General to obstruct justice. Stop investigation and get a possibility to sack Mueller to. That would be a dream and also, in the mind of Trump a way of silencing the investigations. While this might only trigger more investigations and more scrutiny, as well be nail in the coffin. No more speculation, as Mike Flynn legacy linger in the balance of foreign suspect funds, the same does now appear for the Trump legacy and the Trump Organization, who is every single day studied and revealed the shadows of the reality. A reality that the President didn’t want to reveal, as he has kept most of that secret. Except for the show pieces and wished values of his self-esteem and supposed profits. That cannot be proven. Unless, the Tax Returns who haunts him and the knowledge of them are in the investigators who can see and study the transactions of questionable concern.

President Trump seem scared and afraid of the outcome and trying to find ways of stopping it. While he should know that his tactics and his attitude, neither his ways are not stopping it, but letting it do. What it do, because if he acts, it will only get worse and his fate will fail more and more. The leverage and the possible value of him will drop to null-and-void. President will risk the fate of majority of Republican’s position in the House and Senate, as their unfavorable Health Care Legislation as well as his reckless and ruthless acts against the state. Will show the true spirit of the President and his values. That he and his ego are more important than institutions. Also he are not to be questioned, just let him be. The American people shouldn’t accept this, but certain people will. Because of their misunderstood admiration of Trump. They don’t see that he can take it all away and give it all to the rich. While smiling and lying daily on the paycheck of the citizens. The proof is in pudding. The allegations will be studied and the possible breaches are there. Just like they we’re in the Trump University case. The bait and switch, could easily have been used previously and again.

The Russian Probe need to be the focus and the connections that we’re in the Trump Campaign and the years previous to it. The monies run through the Trump Organization and the businesses involved there. There are certainly enough of those to wonder if Trump and family know more Russians, than they know New Yorkers. Peace.