In 23 minutes Ruto created his own Anglo Leasing scandal

Well, it is about that time to revive old sins and make them new. Just like the hustler nation like too. They like to remind us of the past and celebrate the glories of the days already past. The glory this time is yet another fake arms deal in association with Cabinet Secretary Rashid Echesa, who was his broker with the facilitator (Charge D’ Affaire in Warsaw) June Ruto and Nick Ruto (supervisor). While Deputy President William Ruto was the mastermind behind the gig. That is why CS Echesa is the fall guy, while the Office of the DP puts blame on him and Ministry of Defence says they were not involved.

All things are cornering the CS Echesa in this manner, even if all family matters around the DP. Who was able to find a way of corrupting 23 minutes and eating 39 billion shilings. That is the reality of it all. As the Defence didn’t know about this, neither was it sanctioned elsewhere. As the CS is on bail with three other associates. It is like they all wanted to create a new Anglo Leasing. Where they also faked tenders, military tenders to enrich themselves. That happen back in 2002, but that is only 18 years ago.

I just need to remind some folks about the Anglo Leasing, which was introduced to the world back in the day. The present day need this reminder, because it starts with drips and then becomes more. Now its is one company, which has a fake tender with Polish company Eco Advanced Technologies. This is no in the same regard as the Anglo Leasing. Just look at it.

Anglo Leasing in detail

In 2002, the first company exposed in one of the biggest corruption scandals in Kenya was Anglo Leasing Finance. Kenya lost more than CHF600 million at that time through systematic fraud. The money was channelled into 18 security contracts. Payments went to numerous shell companies, but behind them were always the same business people. They never provided the services paid for, or at best, delivered inferior wares. The main beneficiaries appear to have been several ministers in the government of the time” (Markus Spoerndli – ‘When will the Swiss release Kenya’s millions? ‘ 14.11.2019,

Well it was more companies back then, but they are doing the same. It is the same sort of ordeal. The names has changed, the dates are more recent, but the end-game is the same. The Anglo Leasing had their play, but now we have Eco Advanced Technologies instead. They are used for the same sort of function as the other company was back in the day.

Echesa was a proper tool for Ruto and his family. They earned fortunes on this, as it was easy play for the money and they got the funds for only 23 minutes. That is why this is the 23 minutes Anglo Leasing scandal of 2020.

The more the world change, the more it is the same. Now it is this, tomorrow its another one. Just like this will create fuzz today. Another fake tender scandal, another corruption scandal will hit the headlines and life moves on. Peace.

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