EFF Statement on Jacob Zuma’s Paying Back the Money (12.09.2016)


The Economic Freedom Fighters notes that Jacob Zuma has paid back the money as directed by the Public Protector and the Constitutional Court. The EFF welcomes the indisputable fact that they money was paid because of the EFF’s insistence and persistence that the remedial actions of the Public Protector must be complied with. 

It was through EFF’s efforts and relentless struggle that Zuma paid back the money on the undue benefits he received through the largely corrupt construction of his private residence in Nkandla. The EFF’s work on anti-corruption and undue benefits to politicians should be celebrated by all South Africans because South Africa’s fiscus has additional money from Mr. Zuma.

The anti-corruption work of the EFF should be celebrated because it took our Organisation 2 years to stop the Nkandla corruption, whilst others had failed for many years. The anti corruption work of the EFF should be celebrated because the ruling party continues to harbor and protect corruption.

South Africa should celebrate the fact that no one under constitutional democracy is above the law, and that even a parliamentary majority should exist within the laws that govern our society. The ANC has demonstrated throughout the Nkandla debacle that they do not respect Parliament and the Laws that govern our country and will do everything to undermine the Constitution.

The EFF defeated defenders of corruption, the ANC, which unanimously defended Zuma and protected him from being held individually accountable. Now that the money has been paid, the EFF will seek legal advise to establish whether Mr. Zuma should be held criminally liable for being a recipient of criminal proceeds, since he has accepted that he unduly benefited. The EFF will do this because in the immediate aftermath of the Public Protector report on Nkandla, we opened a criminal case against Mr. Zuma in Sunnyside police station and we still hold the view that there was a certain degree of criminality in his actions.

The EFF will also seek further clarity on the main source and principle that led to a Mutual Bank (VBS Mutual Bank), which is supposed to benefit ordinary people in Vhembe, granting a loan to Mr. Zuma. We will do so to prevent a possible situation where monies are illegally moved in protection of one individual, whom the Constitutional Court said should be individually and personally liable for the non- security upgrades.

The EFF will also write to the relevant authorities, particularly the National Prosecutions Authority and Special Investigations Unit to follow up on the progress made in recovering the money that was overpaid to suppliers in the construction of Mr. Zuma’s private residence.

At all times, the EFF will remain consistent in the war against corruption because corruption is slowly but surely destroying South African society and will reverse the gains of political freedom.


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Questions about VBS Mutual Bank (Youtube-Clip)

“JOHANNESBURG, 12 September 2016 – eNCA reporter Annika Larsen says a number of questions have been raised about VBS Mutual Bank, following its loan agreement with President Jacob Zuma. The bank has granted Zuma a R7,8m loan to pay back the Nkandla money” (eNCA, 2016)

President Zuma has complied with the Constitutional Court order (12.09.2016)



“the President paid back R7.8m of R246m”. That kind of windfall is worth thinking about! That the President Jacob G. Zuma got of the hook to that extent. The Executive has gotten away easy even with all the scrutiny and all. The ANC and the National Assembly of South Africa hasn’t made him do enough for eating all the Tax-Money for his Nkandla Village Project. Peace.

Unforgiving #SpyTapes judgement against Zuma and NPA (Youtube-Clip)

“Pretoria, 24 June 2016 – President Jacob Zuma has suffered another legal blow. Zuma and the NPA have been denied leave to appeal the so-called spy tapes ruling. eNCA reporter Nickolaus Bauer has more from the North Gauteng High Court” (eNCA, 2016)

My Letter to President Zuma after the “Spy Tapes” verdict of late was recently deemed “irrational” time to rethink you position Mr. President!


Oslo, 30th April 2016.

Dear His Excellency President Jacob Gedleyihlekisa Zuma!

I still hope you are okay in your grand home and travelling still like the President of the Republic of South Africa. I know that you’re still having lots of hot soup and getting more time to spend in court or fellow hired lawyers to represent you and your lordship.

I am writing to you again as the allegations of corruption is becoming the envy of reign. Not that you have written and made progress, policy even of magnitude for the South African people. You are in the headlines because of the acts of corrupt behaviour and intended conspiracy of using the Executive branch to gain monetary gains. That is not Statesman supposed to do. Parts of you know that right?

“President Zuma improperly benefited from the measures implemented in the name of security which include nonsecurity comforts such as the Visitors’ Centre, such as swimming pool, amphitheater, cattle kraal with culvert and chicken run”. (Public Protector Report 10.5.3, p 431)

I am also pouring my heart to you as the Nkandla scandal is just fresh in mind and the Constitutional Court case was not in favour and you have to pay-back to the tax-payers the money you used on the fire-pool and amphitheatre in Kwa-Zulu Natal homestead. So it’s not like you have had breathing space between the allegations and even verdicts entailing the trailing prospects to your name. Not that you are famed for Nobel approach to life or deceive in the matter of economic prosperity and education of your fellow citizens. Your last name Mr. President is synonymous with Corruption. In the next Merriam-Webster dictionary your photo will be right under the word “Corrupt”. And “Acts like a Zuma” and the word in google will be “Corrupt”.

ANC Cartoon

This is not easy to write to you as I am the man who you hire to clean your pool in Nkandla. As I am not even a ANC Stalwart or ANC member, I am foreigner with squat to say really. I only have my word and my mind. So I still don’t expect you or any of your loyal men in the National Assembly to take my words into account. But I might show you the opinion and demeanour the rest of world has of you.

But today, I don’t write the letter because of the Nkandla, have already addressed to you and think you should consider the proposal I had when I wrote it back then. So I will not readdress it and repeat myself to much. As that is something more than often do, as you constantly gets you name caught up in court and get petitions against your actions. Even cases that been dismissed, gets back to life and hunts you.

As the Democratic Alliance Versus Acting National Director of Public Prosecution and others (19577/2009) ZAGPPHC 255 (29.04.2016) that was on the 29th April the current decision on the big spy tape case of 2009 is now here:

“Having regard to the conspectus of the evidence before us we find that Mr Mpshe found himself under pressure and he decided to discontinue the prosecution of Mr Zuma and consequently made an irrational decision. Considering the situation in  which  he  found himself, Mr Mpshe ignored the importance of the oath of office which demanded of him to act independently and without fear or favour” (…)”It is thus our view that the envisaged prosecution against Mr Zuma was not tainted by the allegations against Mr McCarthy. Mr Zuma should face the charges as outlined in the indictment” (…)”This Court, for the reasons stated above, finds that the decision of 1 April 2009 by Mr Mpshe to discontinue the prosecution of the case against Mr Zuma is irrational and should be reviewed and set aside” (North Gauteng High Court, Pretoria, 29.04.2016).

This must be a slap on the His Excellency the ghost of the corrupted past hits back at you. That another judge calls the former verdict a irrational one and deem it unfit; as the judge see the case upon fresh review and new process to get into the facts of the matter. That cannot be a great look, you have to pay-back the tax-payers for the fire-pool and now you have to again go through a public view of the old “Spy Tapes”. As you don’t have enough on your plate as your son have quit his job at Oakbay Investments, as the ties to the Gupta Family supposed to not be entangled in your political vision. That as much as the triple finance minister brawl of December 2015, had nothing to the with the use of money for a private plane or other procurement that the state did not have funds for.


So the controversy around never get muted Mr. President. This continues to pressure you position, just as much ever before. At this point you have again a review and over 700 counts of alleged conspiracy of corruption. That must be hurting as you are supposed to be an Executive and the grand leader of the country. The statute of the Presidency, the head honcho and the Commander-in-Chief isn’t supposed to be this much in the court room or have your name synonymous with corruption.

If you are not supposed be a thief or a gangster I would have understand Mr. President. But you have not planned for this. You thought this chapter was done and you could continue with being the leader and grand master with some flash. Instead the Democratic Alliance and the Higher Court have pulled more gasoline on the fire. The one burning sensation that does not cured with taking a shower.

Mr. President, Jacob Zuma you have now more counts on you than the worst criminals. You have now had more cases had more allegations then anybody I know who actually are a current President and also a majority party President. That is in an achievement and not a positive one. All the other issues and trade-agreements that have hunted you; they are following your shadow no matter where you walk.

So His Excellency Jacob G. Zuma, you are the man who still is the head of the ruling party ANC and also the President, means you are the Markie man in the National Assembly. You should be man of honour and man of valour of justice as you represent the chamber; that set the standard for laws and regulations. That makes your position valuable and also significant. Something you already know as you have had for few years now already. You should consider resigning or start seeking for succession as the dishonour you put into the courts, national assembly and your own party says it all Mr. President.    

This is just written to you as a consideration and a kind reminder. As I know you won’t directly read any of my letters, but I hope some of your advisors will. And parts of me wish that you would step down as you tarnish the reputation of the ANC. The ANC who was a benchmark and was a party to look up to for guidance and inspiration as he leaders had character and was men of integrity and solidarity towards fellow citizens. That is what is missing in the ANC and you Mr. President is symptom of what the party is missing. Peace.

Best regards

The Writer of Minbane

Thuli Madonsela letter – “Letter to the President 21. August 2014: Report to the Speaker of the National Assembly regarding the Security Upgrades at the Nkandla Residence of His Exellency Jacob G. Zuma”

Thuli Mandsola to Zuma Letter 2014 P1Thuli Mandsola to Zuma Letter 2014 P2Thuli Mandsola to Zuma Letter 2014 P3Thuli Mandsola to Zuma Letter 2014 P4Thuli Mandsola to Zuma Letter 2014 P5Thuli Mandsola to Zuma Letter 2014 P6Thuli Mandsola to Zuma Letter 2014 P7

A look into President Zuma’s two major scandals: The Nkandla village Project and the triple Finance Minister Mystery of December 2015!


“My residence in Nkandla has been paid for by the Zuma family. All the buildings and every room we use in that residence, was built by ourselves as family and not by government,” – President Zuma in the National Assembly in 2012 (De Wet, 2012).

His Exellency Jacob Gedleyihlekisa Zuma, the current President of South Africa is under a hard storm and heavy rain. There been a long time waiting for the whole sky falling on his bear head, but that has not occurred.

First the basic parts of the Nkandla scandal and then the Finance Minister saga, as they are both important to the lost trust between the Parliament, big parts of the people and the President. There is many reasons for that, how he has used government funds to build a village in KwaZulu-Natal while being President and how the connection to rich business-men have tarnished the reputation as the hand-out seem to be given for more economic offers from the rich family of the Gupta’s. And that is worrying. Take a look!


The Nkandla homestead has made the Presidency to an issue. When the Department of Works in a report on the 2013 stated this:

“The appointed service providers have probably overcharged the State by inflating prices for the goods or services they rendered” (Department Public Works, P: 14, 2013). The DPW has undertaken an intern investigation and employees if they did any misconduct. The Security upgrades is set to be R 71,212,612.77 is at the time of the investigation by the Task Team. There have been no public funds in use for building and upgrading the presidential residence. The 5-ha state land have cost R 135,208,022.51 in departmental operation needs (SAPS and DOD personnel) (Department Public Works, P: 14, 2013). The Prestige project A for upgraded of the Presidential housing in KwaZulu-Natal according to the information from the DPW going to cost R 206,420,644.28 at the time in 28th December 2012, Jeremy Cronin Deputy Minister of the Public Works: “At the very least we need to make sure, without revealing the details, nature of security ……, we need to make sure as far as the tenders issued by Public Works, those were done clearly, there were no inexplicable overruns on costs” (Department Public Works, P: 17, 2013). That is just saying that there for three years ago! There is more!

The Public Proctor Said this in March 2014:

“There was no legal authority for the expenditure that was allegedly incurred by the state in respect of upgrades made at the President’s private residence in the name of security. Even if there was authority, the upgrades were excessive or “opulent” and transcended such authority” (Public Protector, P: 8, 2014).

The Same report also states this:

President Zuma improperly benefited from the measures implemented in the name of security which include none security comforts the Visitors’ Centre, such as the swimming pool, amphitheatre, and the cattle kraal with culvert and chicken run. The private medical clinic at the family’s doorstep will also benefit the family forever. The acts and omissions that allowed this to happen constitute unlawful and improper conduct and maladministration” (…)”The conduct of the DPW leading to the failure to resolve the issue of items earmarked for the owner’s cost transparently, including the failure to report back on the swimming pool question after the 11 May 2011 meeting and the disappearance of the letter proposing an apportionment of costs, constitutes improper conduct and maladministration” (Public Protector, P: 57-58, 2014).

Do you wonder how the President Zuma could afford his own swimming pool and amphitheater?

“Funds were reallocated from the Inner City Regeneration and the Dolomite Risk Management Programmes of the DPW. Due to a lack of proper demand management and planning service delivery programmes of the DPW were negatively affected. This was in violation of section 237 of the Constitution and the Batho Pele White Paper and accordingly constitutes improper conduct and maladministration” (Public Protector, P: 62, 2014).

His Conduct of the Nkandla Affair:

“While his conduct could accordingly be legitimately construed as misleading Parliament, it appears to have been a bona fide mistake and I am accordingly unable to find that his conduct was in violation of paragraph 2 of the Executive Ethics Code. His statement is also consistent with those made by the Ministers of Public Works throughout the public outcry over the Nkandla expenditure. I am accordingly unable to find that his conduct was in violation of paragraph 2 of the Executive Ethics Code” (Public Protector, P: 64, 2014).

MoF South Africa 16.03.2016

Here is what the Constitutional Court main parts of the verdict on Nkandla:

“The Court thus held that the National Assembly’s resolution, based on the Minister’s findings exonerating the President from liability, was inconsistent with the Constitution and unlawful. The Court also held that, by failing to comply with the Public Protector’s order, the President failed to “uphold, defend and respect the Constitution because a duty to repay the money was specifically imposed on him through the Public Protector’s constitutional power” (…)”The Court ordered the National Treasury to determine the reasonable portion that the President must pay for the five non-security items listed above and report back to the Court within 60 days. The Court ordered the President to make payment 45 days thereafter. The President was also ordered to reprimand the Ministers involved in the expenditure at Nkandla. Finally, the Court declared that the remedial action taken by the Public Protector is binding. The President, Minister, and Speaker were ordered to pay the applicants’ costs, including those of two counsel” (News24, 2016).


Now that we have taken the major one and eaten the swollen corrupted minded on his homestead of KwaZulu-Natal and chopped up some beef. Stir-frying it and mixing it in a pot and then serving it, while it is still juicy. The certainty of the malpractice and reassure that a swimming-pool, a hen-house, a medical clinic, a amphitheater and other building projects still not considered safety features. That is good thing, if not I would get my house in order and get the same for my own concern with thieves in the neighborhood.

Well, now that I have watered that down and ready for some more rain. Let us get the story of how the Finance Minister all of sudden was not “good” enough for his post. It will be interesting.

Two and Half Gupta

This been said about Nene Nklanhla:Mr. Nene has been since 2009 among respected people on the international scene that succeeded to another known and appreciated personality, Trevor Manuel (1996-2008), the second Minister of Finance of Nelson Mandela” (…)”His appointment could constitute a test for the “rand“, the South African currency, under pressure for months” (…)”He has inherited from a difficult situation with a decreasing growth revised at 2,1 % this year, far below 7 % required to reduce the chronic unemployment in a country the working population of which quickly increases” (La Redaction, 2015).

What he discussed in October 2015:

“Financial market volatility is high and capital inflows into emerging markets have slowed. This has raised borrowing rates for emerging markets globally” (…)”Honourable Members, bold action is needed. Restoring the momentum of growth requires policy certainty, confidence and trust, shared between government, business, workers and households” (…)”The absence of state capacity, that is, of the services and protections that people in rich countries take for granted, is one of the major causes of poverty and inequality around the world. Without effective states working with active and involved citizens, there is little chance for the growth that is needed to abolish global poverty” (Nhlanhla, 2015).

President’s Zuma Reason for sacking his minister and appointing another one:

“Mr Nene has done well since his appointment as Minister of Finance during a difficult economic climate” (…)”I have decided to appoint a Member of Parliament, Mr David Van Rooyen, as the new Minister of Finance. Mr Van Rooyen serves as a Whip of the Standing Committee on Finance and as Whip of the Economic Transformation Cluster” (Zuma, 2015).

Reaction to the Sacking:

“There seems to be no doubt that the President fired Nene because he would not allow Zuma and some of his cadres to spend money recklessly, for personal gain, and in so doing risk the integrity of the Treasury. Nene insisted on tight fiscal discipline in the face of a growing deficit and a worrying economic forecast” (…)”Nene did not bow to political pressure. He would not sanction the revision of a deal to buy new aircraft for South African Airways. The airline’s board chairperson, Dudu Myeni (who is also chair of the Jacob Zuma Foundation), was unhappy and appears to have used her personal relationship with the President to influence this decision” (…)”Nene was also cautious not to back a R1 trillion nuclear building deal, which Zuma was personally invested in” (IFAISA, 2015). EFF statement said this: “Zuma has appointed him because he knows that Van Rooyen will not stand up to him when he wants to do wrong things. Van Rooyen will be so eternally grateful, absolutely starstruck that anything Zuma asks for will go. Van Rooyen will be prepared to even approve further upgrades to Zuma’s Nkandla home by putting a private zoo that has exotic animals like domesticated tigers” (…)“The EFF has it on record that Nene has been moved because he refused illegal instructions from Zuma and his friends in both business and state owned enterprises. Nene refused to give South African Airways (SAA) guarantees and bailout when Zuma’s girlfriend and chairperson of the board requested it. Nene also refused to buy Zuma a new luxurious private jet and declined to grant Zuma’s staff exemptions from using expensive hotels and flying first class” (Mbuyiseni, 2015).

So to give a little timeline, Finance Minister Nene Nhanhla was fired on the 9th December 2015 and then on the same day Daniel Van Rooyen was hired on the 9th December 2015. With a backlash from NGOs and other parties on the unknown and nobody hired to be Finance Minister in South Africa. Hon. Van Rooyen a grand minister instead of former Finance Minister Nhanhla.
Zuma Adressed the Matter in statement on 12th December:

“Rumour: Mr Nene was redeployed because of the Airbus deal and Ms Myeni’s displeasure. Media reports that Mr Nhlanhla Nene is being redeployed because the SAA Board chairperson was unhappy with the National Treasury directives to SAA with regards to the Airbus deal or any other matter is a malicious fabrication. Mr Nene as has been explained, is South Africa’s candidate to head up the African Regional Centre of the New Development Bank/BRICS Bank” (Zuma, 2015).

Reaction to David Van Rooyen:

“There are many stakeholders, including the South African Institute of Professional Accountants (SAIPA), who are ready to engage with the Minister so that as a collective we can address these challenges given the short time left between now and the next National Budget announcement in February 2016” (…)”We would like to remind the Minister that because of our hugely disproportionate tax base – with only a fraction of citizens at the high earnings threshold – aggressively increasing taxes would be the equivalent of killing the goose that lays the golden egg” (…)”We acknowledge that the Minister wants to address equality by means of taxation but would caution that it is not taxation alone that will drive these imperatives – in the budget, we must spend within our means” (Ngawenya, 2015).

“The Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) says it is concerned by this week’s change in the post of minister of finance, as new minister David van Rooyen was sworn into the post yesterday” (…)“It is the JSE’s view that predictable and consistent leadership is needed if we are to address the recent downgrade of the country’s credit rating to near junk status, the patent economic slowdown, unsustainably high unemployment and rising inflation,” the stock exchange says in a statement” (…)“The JSE has worked closely with previous Finance Ministers and we will continue to work with the new Minister and the National Treasury to help South Africa realise the ambitions contained in the National Development Plan.  We look forward to hearing the Minister’s plans in this regard.” (…)”In a brief address at his swearing in ceremony, at the Union Buildings in Pretoria yesterday, Van Rooyen said he would engage with National Treasury adding that it is important to “simplify issues of public finance to the public”. He also says he aims to “deal with myths around the ministry” and acknowledged that he is taking office at a time when emerging markets are facing difficult times” (Gilbert, 2015).

With the non-backing of Finance Minister of David Van Rooyen, President Zuma could not look at that and make more fuzz; he had to try to do something wise and get somebody who was more trusted then the controversial former Mayor. So after 4 days in office and getting his tag on the door of the Finance Ministry; David Van Rooyen was fired for being him and getting a too big office for his caliber and also taken away trustfulness of the South African economy. Therefore there came a third minister in to the same Post because President Zuma loves to reshuffle his cabinet.


Zuma appoints his third Finance Minister under a week:

“On the 9th of December 2015, I announced the appointment of a new Minister of Finance, Mr David van Rooyen” (…)”I have appointed Mr Pravin Gordhan, the current Minister of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs as the new Minister of Finance” (…)”Minister Gordhan will return to a portfolio that he had held proficiently during the fourth administration” (…)”I have also decided to appoint the current Minister of Finance, Mr David van Rooyen, as the new Minister of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs” (Zuma, 2015).

So when all of this was over, there been a aftermath of speculation and also of foundling from outside sources that have altered the judgement of President Zuma to let go of Nene Nhanhla from his position in the cabinet and usher somebody else in, while having the freedom to make deals without thinking about economic deficit or the inflation rate of the country, as the former Finance Minister would conclude with.

Trevor Manuel stated this in late December 2015:

“It cannot be correct that there is an outside hand (and not the ruling party) that knows more than Cabinet does about unfolding events” (…)”clear from comments by Cabinet colleagues in the wake of Mr Nene’s dismissal was that when cabinet adjourned at about 6pm on Wednesday, December 9, neither he nor Cabinet had any inkling of what was to follow that evening” (…)”The breach of trust was not the first, but perhaps the last, straw that broke the camel’s back in the careless handling of a pivotal portfolio” (…)”Luthuli House needs to hear loud and clear that this man has to be held to account and we need people, men and women of good standing and stature, to do that job” (News24.com, 2015).

Oakbay Letter 08.04.2016 Gupta Family Saga South Africa

Another handpicked Finance Minister it seems Mr. Jones Mcebisi:

“Members of the Gupta family offered me the position of Minister of Finance to replace then-Minister Nene,” he said in a statement on Wednesday.“I rejected this out of hand. The basis of my rejection of their offer is that it makes a mockery of our hard earned democracy, the trust of our people and no one apart from the President of the Republic appoints ministers.” (Claymore, 2016).

SMS Threat after the Revelation:

“Please keep your own counsel. Martyrdom is best left to Christ”. This is the SMS Jonas reportedly received from a prominent businessman as he was drafting the statement that has rocked the nation” (Skade, 2016).

There been trying to Impeach President Zuma, here is motion from the letter from the Democratic Alliance asking for the motion of Impeachment of the Executive, which happens to be Jacob Zuma, ANC leader and the President of Republic of South Africa; here it is:

Impeachment of Zuma Letter Parliament 25.03.2016

How the voting went in the National Assembly:

“The motion, brought by the Democratic Alliance (DA) and fiercely backed by the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) and most small opposition parties, drew 143 votes in favour and 233 against” (ANA, 2016).

So the Impeachment from the Democratic Alliance went bad and the ANC voting for themselves and their leader. That failed sadly enough. So the situation is stagnating in one way as the National Assembly through the Power of ANC have kept him safe, legally, but with the ANC Veterans and Stalwarts speaking-up for him to resign. That happens together with ANC Branches distancing themselves from the Executive might help the cause to stop the man with no ethical or scruples coming to governmental funds to personal use. The man who can buy swimming-pool and amphitheater can easily use the funds to fund his family into businesses and use the governmental ties to gain economical gains in the country. Therefore he has close relationship to the businessmen of the Gupta Family and their businesses as their money is a great way of creating business for the grander Zuma Family. They can together make good money without too much work for themselves, but let the working-class pay for their wealth. So the aftermath of this is not over.


ANC have to sides now, the ones for Zuma, the other one for his resignation. As the ones stand for loyalty to the Executive and the new Elite of the South Africa, while the ones standing for his resignation is for ethical, accountable and good governance for the South African Government that is built on the principal regime of the Constitution that President Zuma could less care about; he is more busy spending time with his family at the fire-pool while using the air-condition system bought by the RSA tax-money. Peace. 


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