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Nigeria: Tinubu’s hallow victory

“It’s official. APC presidential candidate, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu has won the 2023 Nigeria presidential election with 8,794,726 votes” (Naija, 01.03.2023).

You would think it would be celebrations, that there would be fanfare or glorious tales of finally becoming President. I am sorry, but you’re not getting that. This weekend’s election in Nigeria isn’t only contested but questionable at best.

That’s why the main three opposition parties called for Fresh Presidential Elections yesterday in a Press Conferences, several organizations and civil society has questioned it. Election Observation Missions has put a finger on the collation process after the polls. So, the victory of Tinubu isn’t as significant as it could be.

In this regard, the man is possibly living on a lie and proudly supporting electoral manipulation. That is something he stated on election night, that he was fine with a little manipulation of the elections. Meaning, this man knew very well that he possibly couldn’t get elected or get in office by free and fair elections. The APC and the comrades of the state had to fix it or change it to fit Tinubu.

That’s how it looks like now. The INEC has already been in distress, it has shown weird tallies from various of states. Had there been a slow process, times the proclamations of results have stopped and suddenly re-started again.

This election is a farce. Not only for the Labour Party supporters, but for the PDP and others. There are many who is scorned and in disbelief, but this is how the rulers intended it to be. They selected a dude and they installed him. Not the people or the power of the ballot. No, another forced picked him.

That’s why this will not stand. The tension will rise, and the disgruntled people will maybe speak out. Because it is clear what went down. That is obvious from a far away. Tinubu wasn’t popular or had a cause to sell. He didn’t even have a credible campaign. His just a stooge and a figurehead to keep the APC in power. That’s all he is and he will not do anything. Just a second round Buhari… and Nigeria needs something else.

That’s why it’s hard to believe they selected a guy like him. That the people elected a man like him. When there were other candidates who seems more likable and popular. Since we know BAT isn’t all that. He couldn’t even win on his own turf in Lagos. Let’s just be real. “The city he built” nonsense…

So please, we know the gist. Now the aftermath will start, and we don’t know how this will be played out. Peace.

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