Opinion: Buhari’s unnecessary war-cry

President Muhammadu Buhari is playing with fire. He is lightening up the sky and not only getting suspended from Twitter, but starting a discussion, which where everything can fall apart.

There are already strife and wounds which isn’t healed. There is already questions about Buhari intentions and his management. It is not like there been ceasing of Boko Haram and other people kidnapping civilians. Neither, has there been less violence and they haven’t shown any signs of control of the northern regions…

The President haven’t even been able to end SARS or create trust in the police units as is. This is culminating in his regress and lack of development since his election. His government haven’t aspired for greatness, neither has it tried to deliver. It is just more of status quo and let things go.

The General and army commander in-charge, the President and his whole cabinet is clearly inept and lack of proper skills to pull this off. If they did, it wouldn’t be this dire and the questions would remain as is. That is just the mere scandal of it all.

Buhari have had the time and ability to make a difference. However, it seems his been preoccupied with long medical treatments in London. Staying away for months in Abuja House and not returning to office. Neither has his party or appointed leaders stepped into his shadow.

Buhari have had years to stop the insecurity. Instead, it is happening and people are dying. There are people killed and lack of government response. The President is more preoccupied sending condolences to about foreign affairs than dealing what is happening in the North or everywhere else.

So, when Buhari talks of the civil war and the costs of it. It is not like he has silenced the guns. Neither has he stopped the insecurity or the value of life. If he did… he would have properly ended SARS and also stopped Boko Haram. However, they are both there violating people. It is not like the deceased can talk, but the results are clear. Buhari isn’t vindicating himself, but instead showing his arrogance.

President Buhari shouldn’t only represent the South, but the Northern Nigeria too. He should safeguard these people as well. They are left behind and seemingly forgotten. His inept and ignorant government comes clear.

The President and the government should know better. The talk of warfare and civil war is doing nobody any good. They are just opening old wounds and showing the disregarding spirit from the head of state. Buhari as a General should know the pain and suffering. His government should know this. But its hard for a man of his stature to be humble and take responsibility.

It is also easy for him to run away. As he has the opportunity to do so. He can use his party and other officials to defend his track-record and even his achievements. Even if people doesn’t really see it or even can feel it. Then it seems like a smokescreen and just another publicity stunt.

Buhari should consider his moves ahead. The manner of going behind barricades and saying they are ready for war. Will not do anything good. Neither to Biafra or anyone else. The Republic isn’t becoming better and neither is this respectful to Nigeria as a whole. It is more boosting of his ego, which seems fragile at this point.

When the APC and the government is saying they are ready for war today. Its really a sign of weakness. Instead of finding places of healing and the reasons for the insecurity. The state is planning to create a new civil war. That’s because this is whatever Buhari knows as a General. He clearly don’t know how to govern or be a unifying character. Since he rather spread fear and possible order a war. That is the tragedy here.

Today and yesterday, I am sure people missed the days when he was rumoured to be an android or be Jubril of Sudan. Those days was nice. Even the day he ordered the authorities to arrest a fella for naming a dog “Buhari”. Well, those was days of peace and mediocrity. Not a moment to worry about war and acting hostile to others. Peace.

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