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Opinion: President Ali Bongo will rule until his last breath!

The ones considering the implications of checking the medical condition or even see if President Ali Bongo of Gabon was fit for his duties are wrong. It is a reason, why even has his been abroad for months after a stroke. Had treatment for months in the Kingdom of Morocco.

The man who fell ill during his visit in Saudi Arabia, later flown to Morocco and after plenty of months abroad. He returned weaker and shaken by the condition they tried to heal. The stroke that outplayed him for so long.

Still he returned and surely fatigued. The Opposition Coalition was allowed to petition the courts to check the health of the President. However, this has lead to a suspension of the judge who opened up for this. The same is a suspension or sacking of a journalist who questioned the health of the President.

Surely, no one should express concern for an older man wobbling down the red-carpet like a drunk man. Whose caine isn’t strong enough. Surely, a man weakened by the stroke, isn’t in the right capacity to run a nation, not even strong enough to direct a taxi to his home.

The recent footage isn’t a sign of strength, but of weakness. Of a man who thinks its his duty to die in power, by any means necessary. That is the sort of man he is and everyone questioning that is a dire threat to his livelihood. Which they all are, because its not like Bongo can win a fair fight. He couldn’t even muster power to tap-dance a stranger.

At this very moment, the fragile and fatigued man should retire, should step-down, his time is gone now. Maybe or most likely his handlers knows this, but they need him to have power. They cannot give way. Just like other elders in power like the previous President in Algeria or sleeping goblin of Zimbabwe.

They are just repeating the same ills, the same thrills and sadness of life, as they are accepting the demise of their leader and at the same the destruction of fate in humanity. As Ali Bongo should now be cared for 24/7 by health-care personnel and not run a nation.

Well, his loyal patrons won’t have that, because then they might have to pay for his crimes, his looting and his cruelness towards the dissident in the Republic. That is why the hegemony is all part of the breathing of His Excellency Bongo. Peace.

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South Africa condemns attempted military coup d’état in Gabon (07.01.2019)

South Africa has noted with grave concern the attempted coup d’état undertaken in the Republic of Gabon this morning (07 January 2019) by elements of the military.

South Africa condemns in the strongest possible terms the attempted coup to overthrow the democratically elected Government in the Republic of Gabon. In this regard, South Africa reaffirms the African Union principle of the total rejection of all unconstitutional change of power.

South Africa has noted that the Army in Gabon has since arrested the perpetrators of the attempted coup, and calls upon the Army to help restore the democratically elected government as soon as possible.

Enquiries: Mr Ndivhuwo Mabaya, / 083 645 7838


OR Tambo Building
460 Soutpansberg Road

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Gabon: A failed military coup d’etat happen today!

Lieutenant Kelly Ondo Obiang today tried in Libreville, Gabon to oust Second Generation President Ali Bongo. If it had worked, it would have ended the family regime from 1969. They started by besieging a radio station, proclaiming they were having a coup against the government.

We know it is really powerful statement in just trying, when African Union answers with this:

The African Union strongly condemns the coup attempt this morning in Gabon. I reaffirm the AU’s total rejection of all unconstitutional change of power” (Moussa Faki Mahamat, 07.01.2019).

While, there been reports that the authorities blocked the internet as the coup d’etat was taking place. The authorities arrested the mutineers at the State Broadcaster, as there was assault there. RFI reports: “Minister of communication says mutineers have been arrested by GIGN units (elite tactical units), situation is under contol and order will be restablished in two or three hours” (…) “Government spokesperson says four mutineers have been arrested and one has fled, said they were a group of “jokers”” (…) “Situation “under control”, government spokesperson Guy-Bertrand Mapangou tells RFI’s Bineta Diagne, soldiers from guard of honour were responsible, not republican guard, coup plotter Lieutenant Kelly Ondo Obiang is on the run” (RFI, 07.01.2019).

So, for the ones celebrating an early victory and a downfall of a second generation dictator in Gabon. That battle is not over. Since, the President is still ailing in Morocco after falling ill in 25th October 2018. Therefore, there been already political movement since this, as the Constitutional Court has given Vice-President and Prime Minister gotten more power. While the President was in treatment in Saudi Arabia before he was moved to further treatment in Morocco.

Another important part of the plot today, is that earlier this month, just mere days ago, the United States stationed 80 soldiers as a passifying force, as the US government are afraid of escalation of violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo. This is because the awaiting results of the Elections on the 30th December 2018. Which is still not announced and awaiting a verdict.

The Mutineers, which doesn’t seem to many, as the government has arrested fourth and the fifth on the run. That being the leader Lieutenant Obiang who is running from the law. Which was earlier in the day, they proclaimed on radio that they was establishing a National Restoration Council. However, that seems like a thwarted dream of the mutineers. And everyone who wanted the Second Generation of Dictatorship in Gabon to cease.

It seems like its been stopped, but someone tried, as the ailing President whose is still abroad for treatment. This shows the dire consequences of that, yet again.

As this has happened, there are now orders of curfew in Libreville. The internet and other communications are disconnected by the authorities. The capital and other major cities are now patrolled by military tanks and military vehicles. As the authorities are signalling, that they are still in control.

This is just showing how dire the situation is and how much need for change there is. Just another foiled attempt in getting justice for the people, while the family junta oppression continues in Gabon. Peace.

Gabon: Ali Bongo is sort of back!

After getting a stroke in Saudi Arabia on the 24th October 2018 and later date transferred for more treatment in Morocco. President Ali Bongo of Gabon have had health problems and specialized treatment abroad, as he cannot travel back to Libreville to get it. This shows the weakness of the Health Care facilities in his own Republic. The Second Generation Dictator of Gabon. Could have ensured these was in place in his own Republic. Instead, just like father, the son is also spending his time getting cured abroad.

When he gotten sick abroad and it took time, the vacuum of power, where even the closest leadership had to circumvent the Constitution to have leeway while he was gone. They had to ensure the steady ship of government to continue to roll, even when it was questionable concerning the passed laws. That shows how problematic, that there isn’t proper institutions, but based on ONE MAN.

The family of Bongo has ruled for two generations and haven’t delivered much. That is why the President is having treatment in Rabat and not in Libreville. If the President had served his Republic or cared about service delivery. He would have travelled home and gotten treatment there. However, with the steady eating of the government plate. He had to do it elsewhere.

This is the real weakness of Bongo, who has no trouble with dealing with oppressive means against his opposition. Not to talk about, the lack of spending and policies to better the Republic. The President of ages cannot even manage basics. Therefore, he is spending so many months abroad. Even slurring on TV as he had his first appearance in months.

It might show that his not dead, as some was worried about and because of speculations, even closed a Radio Channel in Cameroon. We are now seeing a weak man, a healing man and not a strong man. A big-man who cannot act as nothing touches him. The pictures and the video shows it.

Even he tried to reassure the people, the Gabonese, he is surely weaker. He is not pitch perfect health, the stroke has hit him hard. That is why the silence lasted for so long. It was months and unknown about his condition or his circumstances, as the authorities or people around him wouldn’t tell.

Now, we have seen why. Ali Bongo is weak, he is tired and not fit. He will return and anticipate the throne, but we are now seeing another Bongo. We can wonder who that might be and what might move him.

Certainly with this weakness and this change, it would be time for leadership. For honest leadership and for someone who is loved by the people. That would counter everything, the Family of Bongo stands for. But that would enrich the Republic of Gabon. If the ruling regime dared to do so. Since, the ruling regime already showed finesse, while Bongo was in sick-bed abroad. Peace.