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Burkina Faso: A new army commander on the throne

Soldiers announce removal of Burkina junta leader from office. Burkina Faso army rebels announce closure of borders and suspension of institutions. Burkina Faso army Captain Ibrahim Traore has ousted military leader Paul-Henri Damiba and dissolved the government and suspended the constitution and transitional charter, he said in a statement read on national television Friday evening” (CGTN Africa, 30.09.2022).

In Ouagadougou there been reports of a possible coup d’etat since earlier in the day. As the army and supposed “COBRAS” was in the streets. Where they shot in the Presidential Palace and sealed off the Prime Ministers house. They did also stop the National TV Channels broadcast and made people aware of the troops movement in the city.

Now it’s apparent that a new army commander, Captain Ibrahim Traoré is taking over. Earlier in the day it was speculated that the former failed coup-maker Col. Zoungrana would do it. Nevertheless, that has now been dismissed and like in January. The new Head of State announced the downfall of the predecessor for anyone to see.

Right now things are murky and uncertain. Everything will just be speculations, but this is the second coup d’etat in the same year. Captain Ibrahim Traoré is said to come from the Forces Spéciales (FS), which was only created by former President Roch Marc Christian Kaboré on the 2nd June 2021. It is not like this unit was created long ago either and it was supposed to serve a purpose for the former President.

Now the same unit and possible army commanders has again decided to topple another head. This time it was Col. Paul-Henri Damiba who did a similar coup d’etat in January 2022. Its really compelling really and we can wonder how the new Head of State will defend their actions. Because, the previous one made his assessment and transitional period. Now that will stopped and another will come along.

One thing is for sure. It is one junta government to another one. One military head of state to another one. Burkina Faso isn’t seeing an elected government or a civilian one for that matter. No, it is just another self-anointed man on the top. Peace.

Burkina: Front Patriotique – Declaration du Front Patriotique du 30 Septembre 2022 (30.09.2022)

Burkina Faso: Uncertainty looms and is there a new coup d’etat?

Burkina: change of mood according to the presidency of Faso “Talks are underway to restore calm and serenity. The enemy attacking our country only wants division between Burkinabè to accomplish its destabilization action.” (Paul Henri-Damiba)” (Ouaganews, 30.09.2022).

Today there is rumours and speculations that one unit or part of the army is having a putsch or coup d’etat against the current Head of State and President. This is happening, as the current President did the same on the 24th January 2022. While the man who is behind the reported coup today tried this once before on the 10th January 2022. So, both parties has done this, but Col. Paul Henri-Damiba was able to pull it off two weeks later than Col. Emmanuel Zoungrana.

Now, it’s several of reports, but nothing is clear. That’s why it’s hard to say “yes” or “no”. The actions in Ouagadougou is putting things in question. We know that Col. Damiba trying to say on Facebook that everything is calm and in talks. While his not addressed the public on National TV, which was earlier in the stopped their broadcast. Therefore, the uncertainty is far from over and this time it might work for Col. Zoungrana. However, it is early to know.

There has also been reports of a possible arrest of Col. Damiba, but that is yet to be verified. While there are videos of the army releasing Col. Zoungrana from prison. The reports are also saying a COBRA’s group that is behind it all, but that’s only speculation right now.

Some soldiers have attempted to stage a military coup in Burkina Faso today ( 30th September). An hour ago there was heavy gunfire from some disgruntled members of the military. There was also a huge blast near the presidential Palace. The atmosphere is very tense in the streets of Ouagadougou. They want to overthrow a government that came via a military led by Col Damiba.

Meanwhile, unverified local reports say Col. Emmanuel Zoungrana has been announced as the new military junta leader after Burkina Faso’s Coup minutes ago” (Africa World Reports, 30.09.2022).

Parts of Patriotic Front Press Statement:

Determined to preserve and strengthen democratic gains, to build a State based on the rule of law guaranteeing peace, security, justice, individual and collective freedoms, sub-regional cooperation, Pan-Africanism and the full sovereignty of our people to take their destiny into their own hands. This is why the Patriotic Front remains faithful to its call for a legitimate and sovereign political transition to get our country out of the political-security impasse” (…) “On this day, September 30, 2022, this call is one of hope because our country Burkina Faso is experiencing a torment never experienced in its national history. The Patriotic Front is part of a strong patriotic impulse that together we will find our way, that of hope and a rebirth of our Nation. The authorities of the Patriotic Front are currently in consultation to mobilize our people around a political memorandum with a view to the immediate satisfaction of the popular aspiration for a legitimate and sovereign political transition. The mobilization of the Patriotic Front remains total and fully assumed for this purpose. Let’s take the destiny of Burkina Faso into our own hands!” (Charles ILBOUDO – ‘National situation: the Patriotic Front wants “a legitimate and sovereign political transition”’ 30.09.2022, Actualite.bf).

This is what we can know right now. Unless, the authorities or the ones behind the Coup d’etat is announcing their takeover. For the very moment things are murky and uncertain. It is natural that Col. Damiba tries to save face and wants to show that he has control. However, we cannot know what is totally going on. It would also be very damaging to Col. Zoungrana to fail twice in the same year. Therefore, we just have to wait… and see. Peace.

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