AR: Declaration de l’Alternance pour la Republique en Rapport avec le Massacre de Beni (15.08.2016)

DR Beni 15.08.2016

Said Djinnit: “I strongly condemn the recent attack on the civilian population of Beni” (15.08.2016)

DRC Rebel Attack

The attack, which is believed to have been carried out by the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) took place in Rwangoma, near the central town of Beni, on 13-14 August 2016.

NAIROBI, Kenya, August 15, 2016 –  United Nations Special Envoy for the Great Lakes region, Said Djinnit, condemns the massacre of at least 36 people, including women, in the area of Beni, eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). The attack, which is believed to have been carried out by the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) took place in Rwangoma, near the central town of Beni, on 13-14 August 2016. The ADF, a rebel group of Ugandan origin operates mainly in eastern DRC.

“I condemn in the strongest terms this attack on civilians. I express heartfelt condolences to the Government and people of the DRC, and reiterate full support to the Congolese Armed Forces (FARDC) and the United Nations Stabilization Mission in the DRC (MONUSCO) in their efforts to bring security to the affected areas in the country. This attack will not deter from the collective determination to neutralize all negative forces that continue to cause sorrow and atrocities in eastern DRC.”

Special Envoy Djinnit further notes that, “This cowardly attack reminds us of the urgency to implement the commitments of the Peace, Security and Cooperation (PSC) Framework, and the decisions taken in that regard by the Heads of State of the region, including at the 6th Ordinary Summit of the International Conference on the Great Lakes Region (ICGLR), held in Luanda, Angola, on 14 June 2016, under the chairmanship of President Eduardo dos Santos”. The UN Special Envoy also reiterates his readiness to continue to support ongoing efforts to end the plague of negative forces in the region, together with other

RDC: Declaration de Moise Katumbi suite au nouveau massacre a Beni le 13 Aut 2016 (14.08.2016)

Moise Katumbi 14.08.2016

RDC: Message de Condolenance a la Population du Nord Kivu (14.08.2016)

Kabila Kivu 14.08.2016

No. 017/GCLG/Bbo/2016: “Massacres des Populations civiles en Territoires de Beni et de Lubero” (06.06.2016)

Letter Beni June 2016 P1Letter Beni June 2016 P2Letter Beni June 2016 P3

DRC – More on Beni, North Kivu; FDLR in splitting in two militias? That being FDLR-Foca and CNRD-Ubwiyunge!

«Eringeti, North Kivu Province, DR Congo: The MONUSCO Deputy Force Commander, Major General Jean Baillaud and Major General Leo Mushale of the DR Congo Armed Forces, speaking to media, in Kasana camp, on Operation "Usalama" against the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF). Photo MONUSCO/Abel Kavanagh»
«Eringeti, North Kivu Province, DR Congo: The MONUSCO Deputy Force Commander, Major General Jean Baillaud and Major General Leo Mushale of the DR Congo Armed Forces, speaking to media, in Kasana camp, on Operation “Usalama” against the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF). Photo MONUSCO/Abel Kavanagh»

There are new reports and it is unsettling, that is not that I have grand expose, but it should be questioned. The concern is for the North and South Kivu, also in Ituri Province. Where there are not only Allied Democratic Force (ADF) and the Democratic Forces Liberation Rwanda (FDLR).

The recent reports are talking of split in the FLDR. There are now two sides of the coin and there have become a FDLR-Foca, have spilt with Gen. Wilson Irategeta who has created the CNRD-Ubwiyunge. This happens after Wilson Iretegeta was suspended as 2 Vice-President; therefore he made a decision and created a new guerrilla, instead of still being demoted in the FDLR-Foca.

What the UNICEF said recently:

“in North Kivu and Ituri provinces, as armed groups, including the Forces Democratiques pour la Liberation du Rwanda (FDLR), and several Mai-Mai groups carried out brutal attacks against civilians and the FARDC. Fighting between armed groups and the FARDC continued to generate mass population displacement, particularly in North Kivu and Ituri provinces, with 200,000 new IDP’s since the beginning of 2016” (DRC Humanitarian Situation Report March April – UNICEF, 2016).

FARDC Beni May 2016

With this in mind and with what happen in May 2016, where the massacre in Beni happen under the watch of FARDC, and the militias, even Ex-FAR Gen. Muhindo Akili Mundos have been implicated in “Cleansing” areas as paying soldiers per head of the dead. So there are violence put into motion, not only by the known forces, but also by deflectors. As the Rwandan FDLR who has spilt into two, FDLR-Foca and CNRD-Ubwiyunge, with the knowledge of Mai-Mai or Mayi-Mayi depending on how you write it. Then you have the Ugandan rebels from ADF who also keeps certain villages and areas to themselves.

There so many groups and warlords, while the MONUSCO, the Blue Helmets just watches, as the known secret is that even in Refugee and Internally Displaced Camps there are not only guns and training by certain militias, but also done in while the Blue Helmets are eating lunch there. Still, the silence happens while the civilians and such are fleeing.

If you wonder what they are able to do watch this:

After the Recent massacre they are calling Beni a “ghost-town” not in such as they have ghost-voters and ghost-schools for Kabila Government to embezzle state-funds, instead it is ghost-town because of the violence and killings, with also knowledge of fear of continuation from both the men from Gen. Mundos and ADF. While not too far away to the areas controlled by either FDLR-Foca or CNRD-Ubwiyunge.

“Anastase Kamuhanda (with Congolese telephone number), the NDRC Ubwiyunge lists claws brought against Major General Victor Byiringiro: he has no vision for the military conduct of the movement armed, does not respect the decisions taken in committee, tarnishes the image of the rebellion, and would have fired on a convoy of the United Nations High Commissioner for refugees and the Congolese refugee Commission. The National Council for Renewal and Democracy (CNRD-Ubwiyunge ) said have the ambition to go “with dignity” Rwandan refugees in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The movement also announced to want to fight for political change in Rwanda” (…)”As for the FDLR, it refutes the allegations of the dissidents. And they are accused of betraying the cause and work with the Rwandan government. “The Congolese government has himself said that the convoy had been attacked by an unidentified armed group,” it said among other reactions” (Echos du Rwanda, 02.06.2016).

North Kivu view

The way that this now is unfolding, that the Rwandan are claiming and holding up the Congolese Government statement, proves that they knows more then they say, as if they we’re not involved in business in the Kivu’s they would not have addressed a “unidentified armed group”, and what does that mean? That is vague and vanilla, instead of addressing it properly.

Just as this statement said about 3rd May around Beni:

“The MRL sympathizes with the families of at least 17 people were killed Tuesday, May 3, 2016 in the evening by suspected rebels ADF about 60 kilometers north-east of the town of Beni in North Kivu . Julien Paluku, governor of North Kivu, said that efforts are being made on the ground to deal with the perpetrators of these dastardly and heinous massacres and thereby bring peace to this part of the DRC” (Mouvement des Réformateurs Libéraux, 09.05.2016).

What is saddening me is how little ripple effect the writing and questioning this militias and fortunes earned on the mineral-rich provinces of Kivu’s and Ituri. They are violated by Rwandan and Ugandan militias, while Uganda export Cobalt and gold in vast amounts, the same happens in Kigali and that is Rwanda. They are earning fortunes and wealth on the killings and depleting the areas where they do not reside. While nobody is interesting in stopping it, the Blue-Helmets are a standby force who doesn’t even stop the supply of small-arm weapons in the IDPs Camps in the Kivu’s. That is worrying… and should worry about the violence without impunity and the length of the conflict in provinces. The silence and the little care for stopping it. While the minerals are exported at a steady pace to industrial countries… some even exporting weapons back to the area.

There are reckless behavior if it from the Militias, the Warlords, the Blue-Helmets and the Central Government of the Congo. That the DRC authorities, who act silent on this as the FARDC are not really getting rid of the militias, while the killings in the Province continue and the doubling down on the actions in North Kivu. So there are reasons for the spreading the reports and show that there are violence and killings in the Kivu’s and not letting it, because they deserve peace and justice, like everybody else, even if there is a bit to much of Cobalt in the region… Peace.

Note Circulaire No. 1/551/CAB/GK-NK/2016 (29.05.2016) – Portant Suspension des Mouvements des Populations Inconnues en Province du Nord Kivu, en Particulier en Territoire de Beni

Beni Movement 29.05.2016 P1Beni Movement 29.05.2016 P2

DRC: “the UN High Commissioner urged the government to allow the march on May 26 and worries about 22000 local NGOs” (24.05.2016)

UN High Commissioner 24.05.2016 P1UN High Commissioner 24.05.2016 P2UN High Commissioner 24.05.2016 P3UN High Commissioner 24.05.2016 P4

Solidarity march for the victims of Beni we’re dispersed in Kinshasa today; while Opposition leaders were arrested!

Beni Demonstration 21.05.2016

Today there was a march for the victims of the Beni Massacre in Kinshasa, as the march happen in Kinshasa, the Police had to intervene and take down the leaders of the Tshimanga Tshipanda Vidje we’re arrested, also Albert Moleka, the organizers of the demonstrations and others was picked up by the Police in Kinshasa, as the Congolese Authorities doesn’t want any opposition.

What was reported from a witness to today:

“It was following the call of civil society, a march should be organized Exchanger Limete the intelligent building ( government headquarters , Editor’s note) to file a memo. The recommended attire was “black”. While world black outfit arrived at the scene was arrested by men in civilian clothes (…) Me, I escaped and hid in the university St. Augustine. The students gave me notes I held in hand and I borrowed the rail road to get home” (, 21.05.2016).

I have to drop these words, as the Police are shutting down demonstrators who wants justice for the ones that died and are killed in Beni, in North Kivu Province, who deserves a minute and that the guerrillas and army generals get their charge and time for killing civilians.

Beni Pray

Félix Antoine Tshilombo Tshisekedi writes this; “I am blessed! In reality, I’m Congo! For everything you say, I’m disgusted! In fact, I’m pissed in front of so many carelessness, negligence, bestiality… So, I am speaking to those who have the responsibility to secure the population: what are you doing our Congo? Where do you think your children will live and their descendants? In a river of blood? What have we done to deserve such a surge of hatred and indifference of your share? On what floor are you looking to sit your domination? On a cemetery? I don’t have words to appoint your attitude. I’m even incapable of feeling hatred vis-à-vis your cruelty. I suffer in silence and I have been powerless to the killing of mine. In Kinshasa and elsewhere on the national territory, you kill by the mégestion. In Lubumbashi and throughout the katanga, you kill by repression. To the east and far north, you kill by compromise. O Congo my country, for yet to be a haven of peace, blessed by the creator who gave us everything, why so much bad? Are we really unable to live the hand in hand with our ideological differences, our cultural diversity and observing our own commitments? I’m not going to turn to the international community and start to whine. No. These are our dead! Victims of our own stupidity. We must mourn them with dignity and know them justice. These are our dead, and it is up to us to be able to put an end to this series black. Their blood cries out for justice and seeks damages. Let us all congolese, defend our country, our people and our freedom! Let us build a country more beautiful than ever before, in peace and dignity, in order to ensure the well-being to our posterity… Forever” (Felix Antoine Tshilombo Tshisekedi, 18.05.2016).

This is what I have for now. There more to come as we all should be JeSuiBeni! Peace.