Opinion: Nantaba MP should sing for justice for Robert and not arrest Gerald

There is still an unanswered case in concern with MP Aidah Nantaba and what happened in Naggalama, Kampala on the 24th March 2019. When she claimed she was getting assassinated, but a citizen Robert Ssebulime was killed. The murder charges was dropped on the 9th September 2019 by DPP Mike Chibita. While the family of Ssebulime haven’t gotten any answer and the case is still pending without anyone being arrested and indicted for the murder of Robert. Which is tragic, as it has been a year and still nothing. The typical style of case, where the deceased is forgotten, but the high ranking official can still rule with impunity.

Why do I say this, because this happen:

Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesperson Patrick Onyango confirmed that Kiwewa has been arrested and is currently being interrogated at CID. “We have arrested Gerald Kiwewa because we recorded a complaint from Hon Idah Nantaba saying the lyrics in the song directly attack and defame her,” said Onyango” (The Observer – ‘Musician Gerald Kiwewa arrested over ‘Nantaba’ song’ 23.07.2020, URN).

The MP has said the mafia was after her and she was in danger. However, she has no issues using the police to detain an artist for writing a song. It has hurt her pride, but she was around a possible murder, which has gotten no justice last year. It has just vanished like nothing.

MP Nantaba should secure the family Ssebulime. She should be on the barricades to secure the truth and ensure the kids of the deceased lives in safety. That they have future without their father. This should be a key thing for her, but I doubt she has cared.

Since, her pride and honour is so important that she makes a case and get another citizen arrested for mocking her in song. As a high ranking official. Aidah Nantaba should expect people to mock, ridicule and chants of discontent towards you. The MP shouldn’t just expect praise, glory and tales of wonders.

Maybe, the language of Kiwewa wasn’t that tasteful and even tone, which hurt the MP. That is fine, but then you rebuttal it or argument against it. You don’t send the police on them. If so, then only the MP can speak ill of the mafias, but nobody else can speak about her. She maybe wished Zaake wasn’t married, but be her man. That is why the song hit a nerve. God knows why, but she should be more humble.


Robert is why. Robert and his family still have no answer to what happen. The MP is still walking around with full force and have the probable cause for the arrest of Kiwewa. She should have thought it true.

It just shows how petty she is and she can kick and scream in public. However, when shit hits the fan. She blazing with fierce force. The MP should do something about what happen last year. Not that she cares.

Her ego is more important than justice. That is why a musician is in jail and there is no answer for Robert. The MP have proven yet again what’s her priorities are. Her own self is more important than anything else. Peace.

Nantaba MP terrible year: What about Robert?

Aidah Nantaba MP was sacked as State Minister for ICT on 14th December 2019. She was appointed first on the 6th June 2016. The Kayunga Woman MP, she’s been an MP since 2011 and was involved in bribing and scamming herself into a second term in 2015. Therefore, even with her close association with the State House. She has ruffled some feathers of late and was now dropped by the President.

During 2019 things has started to unravel for her. She’s faked an assassination plot, which the Attorney General and the Director of Public Prosecution have already dropped. Still, the actions made by her and her security guards will be remembered, as the citizen Robert Ssebulime was killed on the streets on Kampala on the 24th March 2019.

That fatal march day has haunted her, even as the Public Prosecution or the Authorities has dropped the case in September 2019. Still, that doesn’t mean the case is solved or the remaining criminal affair is gone away. It is just that for now, the state hasn’t acted upon it or haven’t investigated it, because of her association with the State House.

However, her star is dimming, the MP is still a representative in the 10th Parliament, but she’s not a State Minister. Neither does she has the trust of the President. That’s why she’s dropped, after the crying out against the mafia wanting her dead. While there was only a citizen loosing his life, because he crossed the path of the MP.

That Robert haven’t been answered for, that the MP faked an assassination story and gotten away with it. Is one of the worst stories of 2019. Since, the MP knows this and she has to live with this. Even if she’s never has to answer for the bullets nor the acts made by her guards. Aidah should know that his blood will always stain her.

Not the talk on TV about a deep state Mafia. Not the talk of fear and lack of trust. That will not be remembered in the same regard as the killings of innocent civilian on the 24th March 2019. Yet another fatality of the high ranking officials, that will never get an answer too. There are plenty more Robert’s, but they are not directly connected with Aidah. Still, they shall not be forgotten either. They all deserve justice, no matter what.

That Aidah Nantaba, the MP was axed from Cabinet now is bittersweet, it should have been the moment she lied and faked an assassination plot. The moment she continued the negative spiral and tried to make Robert into a villain, when her guards was the ones firing arms. Still, to this day the reality remain unresolved and no one has answered for his death.

That’s why I don’t feel sorry that she’s dropped and gone. However, with the knowledge that she was shady in 2015 to get through Primaries. Nantaba would do the same in 2020, as she is ready for a third term as an MP. She knows that her crimes isn’t touched, as she’s still apart of government and has machine behind her. Even as has been dropped for now.

Not like that has stopped anyone before, she’s dropped now, but might get an appointment in 2021. Don’t be shocked. This is just a hope that people forget Robert, before hiring this “Young Turk” again. Peace.

Aidah Nantaba MP: What about Robert? What about him?

A citizen died on the fatal day of 24th March 2019. An ordinary person who just happen to cross path with National Resistance Movement (NRM) Member of Parliament Aidah Nantaba. As the stories of what happened at Naggalama.

Because within mere days, it went from an assassination attempt to a murder case. Where even the state said it was an illegal killing of Robert Ssebulime that day. This was in public statements, by Police Spokesman Fred Enage on the 27th March 2019. Since then, there haven’t been much. There haven’t been any indication, that the security guard nor anyone associated with Nantaba MP would get sentenced or punished for the acts that day.

That is why the news of the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) Mike Chibita pulled the Withdrawal Form dated to 9th September 2019 on this case, which stated that the state “discontinued proceedings against Nantaba Idah Erios”. It states in black-and-white, that the state will not pursuit justice in this matter. The death of Robert is silenced. The illegal killing of the security guards of the MPs doesn’t matter. It matters to the remaining family of Robert, his kids and their future, but it doesn’t have consequences, that they took his life early.

You can say its procedure, that its like this when the Police Force haven’t collected enough affidavit, enough evidence or proactively investigated the case. However, there are plenty more political cases that has run for years. That has been producing court dates and continued indefinitely. Even when the state haven’t produced or tried to dismiss their own case. This being the plenty of Walk-to-Work charges, the campaign related charges and mere magical stones of Arua. No one is answering for or getting the punishment for shooting and killing the driver of Bobi Wine in Arua. They are continuing like a sore thumb to the ones involved, while the ones hurt by these actions made. Are still not answered for as well, just like Robert. They are just resting in peace and no one is sentenced for silencing them.

At this mere junction, there is two states within the state. An elite who can use force, enforce death and get away with it. While the others can be arrested, detained and killed without any justification. The MPs, the NRM high-ranking officials are above the law and has all the power to seal people’s life or death. But the others are lucky to be in the Republic breathing. Since, there is no mercy, is no law or no law-enforcement that is there for them.

Aidah Nantaba MP have proven that. Robert has no voice, has no system to get proper answer for his case. It is withdrawn as his breath, his life and his memory isn’t worth a damn. While the MP can live scotch free, while she was overseeing the most valuable asset Robert had, his own life, which he cannot get back. This could be taken away, but nobody is answering for the taking of it.

The ghost of Robert will now always follow Nantaba MP. She has a victim who will follow her and until he get justice. He will be there and never get rest. Because, his family and his soul deserves to get justified relief. Instead, the government are shielding its own, like the upper-class who is above us other mere mortals. Peace.

Aidah Nantaba MP: Withdrawal Form from Murder case (09.09.2019)

Hon. Jeje Odongo: Statement by Minister of Internal Affairs on the Alleged Assassination Attempt on Hon Nantaba Aidah Elios and the Death of Ssebulime Ronald (03.04.2019)

Aidah Nantaba MP letter to CID: “Invitation for an Interview and Statement Recording vide Nagalama CRB 178/2019 and CID Hqtrs GEF 267/2019 (29.03.2019)

Muwada & Co Advocates letter to Attorney General, Aidah Nantaba MP and UPF: “Re: Demand Notice Cum Notice of Intention to Sue” (29.03.2019)

Aidah Nantaba MP Assassination Plot: Today it turned into a Murder-Case Investigation!

Well, on Sunday, the 24th March 2019, there was a speculation and reports of a assassination plot on the State Minister of ICT and Member of Parliament Aidah Nantaba, where the MP claimed that her life was in danger. Today, the MP is undressed in public, as the Police Spokesperson CP Fred Enanga reports this:

Police has admitted that Ronald Ssebulime who was shot dead after being suspected to have been trailing ICT Minister Idah Nantaba was illegally killed. “He had eats and drinks in his bag and was heading to visit his children at school, ” Police Spokesperson Fred Enanga said while addressing the media at the Police headquarters in Naguru. Enanga also added that the Police Patrol that handled the matter gave them false information. “The case will now be treated as murder,” Enanga added” (NTV Uganda, 27.03.2019).

Now that this is out and the Police Force have clarified it. They are implicating the Police Officers in the event and the ones who made it happen. As we can see, the aftermath and the extra-judicial killing in the streets isn’t acceptable. The MP and the associates at the scene have tried to exhaust this and was able to script the play of an assassination plot, which is now investigated as murder. This means it was a deliberate act to kill Ssebulime, that day and the acts done by the people around MP was to kill him off. For whatever reason they saw fit.

This is really sad, as this enforce the misuse of power to try to control a narrative, to attack innocent civilians, who was used and been played by the media houses, as a con, gangster and thug in the streets. While the real criminals was the guards and police officers guarding the MP. Who for whatever reason silenced Ssebulime.

It is clear, that the public outrage, the eye-witnesses on NBS Television and NTV Uganda have clearly spread the message, a message that the Police Force cannot run away from. There was to many people seeing the murder scene and could elaborate a story, which doesn’t fit the narrative of the MP. Who has claimed she was followed and stalked by someone who wanted to take her out. However, that should no be totally dismissed, as the newest corrected police statement and eye-witnesses are saying otherwise.

Therefore, the craziness in it all, was at some point, that the MP thought she could get away with it. Now, this will be further investigated. If we ever get the whole story or the culprits revealed. Because, the Police Force and the Guards of the MP should be investigated for their possible sins and association with the murder that day. Also, the MP should answer for her orders and her play in all of this. As she has conspired to cover-up a crime and needs to answer the public of her crimes. Peace.

Aidah Nantaba MP Cover-Up: Instead of Assassination Plot!

Two days ago on the 24th March 2019, the news of a plotted assassination attempt hit many people’s radar. Especially considering the recent acts of similar fashion done in Kampala. However, as more and more testimonies are revealed and eyewitnesses comes forward. The botched attempt on the life of Member of Parliament and State Minister for ICT Aidah Nantaba, seems more likely.

The clear indication is the fact that the killed or murdered person, in cold blood was already in handcuffs before blasted into eternity. This was done with deliberate acts of mischief; this was not in self-defence, as the individual in question, which life was taken was partly in custody already before he was killed. Therefore, the previous stories of fear and agony of the MP doesn’t add up. The equation is now changed.

Because it is sort of impossible to follow the MP, when your already arrested as previously reported, which most media-houses did. They addressed it like the MP said and what she said happen. However, now that the eye witnesses has come forward, the story changes significantly and shows intent to cover-up the misdeed and killings of a civilian in cold-blood on the streets of Kampala.

Who knows why the MP and the Police killed the man, why they decided, that now was his time. This what you call an extra-judicial killing, a special operation of a cover up, where someone innocent was killed and after spinned as something else. That is how sinister this is.

Where everyone was supposed to feel about the MP and her possible death, as someone was haunting her, when all along it was her guards and the Police who killed someone. That is what is tragic about this. That a civilian who happen to cross the MP and her convoy, gotten killed by mere fact of being there. After being arrested and in contempt of courts, rules of law, the extra-judicial killing appeared and to up ease the situation. Make it look like a political assassinations, which has been of late. Therefore, that it looks believable. That is reality of this.

The justification and the whole ordeal is now a mess, a tragedy, it would have been the same if she was attempted killed as MP, however, that she used her power and her position, combined with the playing the guards. Shows how much power and lack of mercy there is in society. As the Police and the powerful persons can murder and do whatever they can to get away with it. As long as the story sticks, but with the interviews of eye-witnesses on NTV and NBS Television, shows, that the story of the MP and her associates doesn’t make sense.

They killed and innocent civilian and tried to cover it up. They murdered him and tried to spin the news. Which they did to a point, but now the reality is out. We wonder, how will this go down? Certainly, it shouldn’t go down without any consequences for the Police Officers, the MPs Guards or the MP herself. Which all lied and tried to deflect from the reality, which they created. Peace.

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