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A look into the Amhara Prosperity Party newest piece called “No to Slavery for Freedom!!”

Today the Amhara Prosperity Party published a new piece on Facebook this time called ‘No to slavery for freedom!!’. This has happened as the Tigray Defence Forces (TDF) are advancing and the central government have pledged that they could send the remaining troops at the frontline. Therefore, the words and rhetoric here is important to notice.

We know already the Amhara is clear-cut allies of the warfare, as it has invested it’s resources with the Regional Special Forces and Para-Military Group “Fano”. It has also annexed land been vital part of warfare since last year. The Regional State is now facing the blunt force from the army it attacked and seemingly is continuing its hateful content on the web. Which I will show.

First passage from the party:

This force is far from the value of Ethiopianness, it logs like locusts, robs, rapes women and mothers, and destroys infrastructure in general; The hatred of Amhara and Ethiopia is crazy and should be eradicated immediately. He should not be given rest or time. As a result, the campaign of survival will continue to intensify. Every night, the depths of the pit of the terrorist power increase. The enemy must be buried, both in deed and in thought” (APP, 06.08.2021).

We see the ideals and the acts of the APP. The ruling party from Amhara region. They are basing and saying the Tigrayans are doing illegal stuff. While we know what the Tripartite Alliance have been doing in the Tigray region. The exact things they are claiming the TDF is doing. This is a tactic and a measure which has become a staple in the conflict. As they are projecting. Also, like before from the same part. As the mountains was “a trap” today it’s “a pit” and the TPLF will be buried in it.

The APP Continues: “Although the terrorist TPLF has set out to attack Ethiopia, ranging from 12-year-olds to 70-year-old men and women, the ultimate goal of this war is to liberate the Tigrayan people who are affiliated with the TPLF. In particular, the oppressed farmer of Tigray, who lives in a shallow hut and pushes soil under a rock; It is not too late to start asking the terrorist TPLF: “Where did you throw our children?”” (APP, 06.08.2021).

Here the APP comes with it’s propaganda of the age and child soldiers, which have been use as a tool to vilify the TDF. While the PP, APP and allies have conscripted youths and untrained civilians to combat. Sending them to the frontline with barely enough training. They are the ones sending their “children” or the future of the Republic to an early grave. As they are meeting trained soldiers and guerrillas ready for battle. This is just infuriating to read, when you know the man-made famine and the ills of the state in region of Tigray. As the APP claims to free Tigray too, when they have looted, destroyed, raped and killed on large scale for months there. How dare they?

APP further states: “Although the war was aimed at bringing Ethiopia’s cancer to the grave, the barren mother of Tigray will also be liberated. Ethiopia’s national unity is demonstrating that it will not allow the unity of the state to be jeopardized by bandits and child terrorists” (APP, 06.08.2021).

Here again… the picture of an grave and death. While the mothers who was raped by the Tripartite Alliance is supposed to be freed by the APP now. That is really sickening. The mother who didn’t have food to feed it’s children. The mother who lost her livelihood and had to seek refugee. Because, the invading forces of the Tripartite Alliance came and caused systemic horrors. That mother is supposed to be saved by the same alliance? Who is the APP kidding here?

Again, with the Child Soldier propaganda…. the APP cannot help themselves and its obvious at this point. Say a lie once, everyone knows it is a lie. Say a lie twice and someone might believe it. Repeat the same lie and hope people start to believe it is a fact. That is what the state and the media houses connected are hoping for. While they are sending youth to die for a war that was futile and unnecessary.

Final point of the APP:

This force is far from the value of Ethiopianness, it logs like locusts, robs, rapes women and mothers, and destroys infrastructure in general; The hatred of Amhara and Ethiopia is crazy and should be eradicated immediately. He should not be given rest or time. As a result, the campaign of survival will continue to intensify. Every night, the depths of the pit of the terrorist power increase. The enemy must be buried, both in deed and in thought” (APP, 06.08.2021).

We are seeing here the vilification continues. Just like the “cancer” and “weeding” out which has been used in the past by the PM and APP. They are now calling their enemies “locust” and directly bastardizing them. A continued ploy to make them evil and being the berserks of the modern Ethiopia. That is how it looks.

The APP, PM and PP in general is not winding down their rhetoric. However, they are scaling up and showing no remorse. They are going straight and aiming directly. There is no middle-ground and the objective is clear.

While the APP and such is using the same propaganda to vilify the TDF or the TPLF. As they have to be the enemy and villain. Because, the state who we shouldn’t pay no mind. Is the hero and the saint, who can do no bad and no harm. Even if their report, their acts and their deviousness could easily be called into question. As the results within the Tigray region speaks for itself and make them look like terrorist compared to the TDF. They did everything they say the TPLF is doing, which is ironic and tragic at the same time. Peace.

Opinion: Abiy is projecting at TDF in concern to Lalibela, as his allies raided and destroyed sites in Tigray

“They have been bombarding churches and monasteries including in Axum and Debre Damo. The bombarding of the Debre Damo monastery was so terrifying. They destroyed the monastery residences and the life of at least one monk was lost [in the destruction]” Abune Mathias

The Tripartite Alliance in their path went all across the Tigray Region in the months of warfare. They bombed, the destroyed and looted heritage sites across the region. The Ethiopian National Defence Force (ENDF), Eritrean Defence Force (EDF) and Amhara Special Forces & Amhara Para-Military Group “Fano”. These allies went across the region and did the bidding.

The alliance didn’t care or have any concern of these buildings and it’s history. No, they raided Emperor Yohannes IV Museum/Palace in Mekelle. The same forces went in and massacred around the Tsion in Axum. There was several of other churches and buildings which was looted and destroyed by the Tripartite Alliance in the months of warfare.

Therefore, the use of Lalibela and being a UNESCO heritage site is just very convenient for the regime and it’s allies. They are spinning it and saying people should be worried. Like we don’t know what they did in Mekelle, Axum and elsewhere in the previous of months. The reports, the pictures and the knowledge of missing artefacts as well.

Like the Tripartite Alliance has looted the Debre Damo monastery and the Wukro al-Nejashi mosque. These are old heritage sites as well, which has significant importance for the Christian and Muslims. Where the was scrolls and manuscripts, which was looted and taken away from there. This is what the state and their allies did in the recent months.

So, when the Prosperity Party and the Prime Minister speaks ill of the TPLF and the TDF it is total projection of what they did themselves in Tigray. The state and its allies did destroy and loot heritage sites. The alliance did loot and rob factories, universities and everything else in their sights. Therefore, these statements and the ones from the outside should worry what this alliance still does in Western Tigray.

The TDF have not shown signs of destruction or looting, which the ENDF, EDF and Amhara allies has done in Tigray. The world should see what the Tripartite alliance did in the recent months and see the projection for which it is. The PM and PP knows this, but they have a vilifying story to sell. Peace.

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Ethiopia: A Military Court has sentenced the detained ENDF Tigrayans Members either to death or life imprisonment

Meanwhile, the whereabouts of thousands of arrested Tigrayans is still unknown[6] but it is alleged they have been moved to military camps that have been unlawfully housing an estimated 17,000 Tigrayan members of the ENDF since the outbreak of war in November 2020” (OMNA Tigray: On the Mass Detainment of Tigrayans and Ethnic Discrimination).

Today both by the communication by the Ethiopian National Defence Force (ENDF) and the Ethiopian Press Agency. These articles that is published online is stating that the Tigrayans in the ENDF is either charged with death or life imprisonment for their role in their supposed role in the attack on the Northern Command.

These have all been arrested and detained by the authorities because of their ethnicity and now they are all alleged parts of the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF). They are all charged with treason and participating in acts of terrorism. Therefore, that is the justification to charge people to death and life imprisonment.

There been unverified reports that in-between 1500-3000 Tigrayan ENDF soldiers or officers have already been extra judicial killed by the authorities. Now, with the recent charges and military court sentencing. We can anticipate that the bloodbath will continue. As these fellow soldiers and officers will die at one point or another. As the articles doesn’t specify how many who are sentenced to death and the amount of people who is getting life imprisonment.

This sort of story shows what the ENDF and the authorities does with the Prisoners of War (PoW). The TDF have delivered and kept them in areas of safety before sending parts of the ENDF soldiers back to the other party. While the ENDF and the authorities are sentencing these people to die. That shows the retaliation and the different methods.

While the state calls the TDF and TPLF terrorists… they still have more honour of the enemy and shows heart with how they are treating the PoW. The TDF could have killed and massacred the ENDF soldiers it captured, but they didn’t and they even returned thousands of them. This shows a significant difference and the morals of the parties in the conflict.

The state is doing this as a punitive act and to retaliate against the Tigrayans. They are doing this now as a show of power. However, they are only showing their injustice and their intent to take anything possibly associated with the TPLF and TDF. While only creating a bloodbath and not acting morally superior.

If the TDF/TPLF did anything similar the government presses would go haywire. However, the they don’t and shown that they are following the codes of war. Which the ENDF doesn’t care about and neither does the state. This is why all of these soldiers and officers has to die. Peace.

Ethiopia: Amhara Prosperity Party calls the North Wollo Mountains “A Trap”

The warfare in Amhara is really hitting a nerve for the Prosperity Party and Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali. The Amhara Region has been really invested in the conflict and warfare in Tigray region. However, this has backfired and the Tigray Defence Force (TDF) is now getting more and more land inside Amhara region. Which is clearly hurting the pride of the Amhara and the allies in Addis Ababa.

The Amhara Prosperity Party have today dropped a Press Release “Victory without sacrifice is unthinkable”. The APP shows it investment and what they are willing to do. We know the Amhara has started to military training their civil servants and arming youths for the war. Therefore, this isn’t shocking, but an continuation of what they are willing to do.

Now, the APP wants to make it look like a strategic retreat and that it was “trap” for the TDF to take Lalibela. When they are saying: “Both our historic cities and the entire Amhara region can be protected from the invasion by strong organization, military discipline and perseverance. We must not allow the enemy’s propaganda and propaganda to influence our struggle. The farther he goes, the more he is trapped” (APP, 05.08.2021).

This is saying the current advances and movement of the TDF is a tactical one. That seems most unlikely, as the whole current campaign is losses upon losses. It is a long time ago since I heard the Tripartite Alliance did anything, which wasn’t an war-crime or massacre within the Western Tigray. So, the APP needs to look it is wise.

As they continue: “We are in a struggle for survival. The front line is crushing the enemy. He continues to descend into the grave, trampling on the snare. The mountains of eastern Amhara, North Wollo, will be the burial place of the invading Tigrayan herd. Our farmer is determined to fight the herd, to strip the barn, to rape his wife, to kidnap his son, to kill the young” (APP, 05.08.2021).

The Amhara PP is really showing their genocidal views here. The state party are speaking of raping, kidnapping the sons and killing the young. They have only plan for the death of Tigrayan, which is the same message as the PM and the President of Amhara Regional State. This is just a continuation of that. That’s something the whole world should see, because this is non-stop and steady acts of the ones in power. Not just some random quotes.

The Amhara PP says further: “But the enemy, who is far away, will continue to go down to the grave. This victory is unthinkable without sacrifice. The important thing is that not only our historic cities but also the people of Amhara and Ethiopia have survived with our meaningful sacrifices” (APP, 05.08.2021).

At this current point in time the Tripartite Alliance, the Amhara Regional Forces and “Fano” is not winning the war. Neither is the Ethiopian National Defence Force (ENDF) or any of the other forces participating winning at this current moment. They are not on the frontline winning. If it was so… why is the TDF advancing and continuing to get more territory? That doesn’t make sense. The Amhara PP knows this, but still wants to sell the idea of a “victory”.

This piece was written because Lalibela has fallen and one historical town is now under control. The PP and Amhara allies has to look good. Though that is a hard bargain when the TDF is advancing. That is why these sorts of text is showing the true reality and what the state is willing to sell. Peace.

Ethiopia: Agew Liberation Front (ALF) – Response to the American USAID Chief, Samantha J. Power (04.08.2021)

We at the Agew Liberation Front (ALF) read the statement reportedly issued by Samantha J. Power on August 3, 2021. The content of the statement demands that Tigray Defense Force (TDF) withdraw from Amhara Region, whereas the Amhara forces leave the western Tigray. Samantha J. Power’s request is right regarding the western Tigray, but it is wrong regarding the former. We believe that Samantha J. Power had no adequate information about the players of the battlefield in Amhara Region, northern Wollo. The fighting forces in northern Wollo are concerned, there are two sisterly entities working together, the TDF and ALF forces.
The TDF has been in northern Wollo upon the invitation of its ally in arms, the ALF, to support the liberation of the Agaw or Agew people under agony since 1270 AD, following the collapse of Zagwe Empire. The objective of the ALF is to set up autonomous states for the Agew people, like other Ethiopian nations. The presence of the TDF in northern Wollo is the matter only for the two sinisterly organizations. Generally, we appreciate the USA’s position in the current crisis in Ethiopia, particularly Tigray. However, we kindly remind the American officials to have full insight with respect to Amhara Region and its social stratifications, including who is in the battlefield and to achieve what, and react accordingly.

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