PepsiCo ‘moments content’ ad were trivializing real-life demonstrations!

“…they’re weak, petty, so apathetic about this gift of life as if it were all a mere Pepsi commercial.”Marisha Pessl

We live in interesting times, where a soft-drink company’s advertisement can spark this sort of outrage, I wonder if people could have used this anger against the brutality and the violence around the world, when it comes to government sponsored authorities. I wonder, because this sort of act of discontinued discussions usually appears in culture, when there are something real behind it.

That it was, it was something real, the Pepsi Corporation together with a marketing company went together and made a fake ‘Black Lives Matter’ protest, but instead trying to say, “We will bring harmony to the world if you listen to Skip Marley’s and drinks Pepsi Coke!” Yeah, brother!

Well, the ad is trivializing the protest movements and their demonstrations, that is clear, making it seem so simple, while everyone around is drinking and giggling on the Pepsi. The way they have made it is with such flair and so look like it is a manufactured reality, which it seems that there should not be any police brutality when demonstrations appear. They should just be smiling and giggly, wearing designer clothes and be top-notch mood, while all are drinking Pepsi.

Therefore the company had to come out with this statement:

PURCHASE, N.Y., April 5, 2017 – “Pepsi was trying to project a global message of unity, peace and understanding. Clearly we missed the mark, and we apologize. We did not intend to make light of any serious issue. We are removing the content and halting any further rollout. We also apologize for putting Kendall Jenner in this position.” (PepsiCo – ‘Pepsi Statement Re: Pepsi Moments Content’ 05.04.2017).

That demonstrators worldwide and organizers feels a bit betrayed by the motivation and the use, is understandable, that Piers Morgan defended the corporation was to be expected. Corporations can do as they please and especially if it is benefits the likes of Piers Morgan, who we for some strange reasons doesn’t know why is famous or why he acts entitled to the world to care about his opinion. Well, let go back to the ad in question.

It is not like PepsiCo and other corporation’s tries to tap into the youth culture, the company of Pepsi have made fortunes doing so and selling stories that fits that paradigm. So that they trying to fit themselves into BLM, the growing resistance against Trump or any movement that is questioning the powers-to-be. That seems a little beneath a soft-drink company. It seems a bit insincere. Since a company of this stature and this size are blend into the establishment and the greater state, who is not that favorable of demonstrations.

That there will be trivializing this is natural, that will be people not understanding the outrage, but next time, the corporations might tap into your struggles and your fights to get justice in society. Than you up next homie. Your definition of understanding, of justice and freedom, liberty and fight for better society might be portrayed in a sugarcoated reality by Coca-Cola, will you accept it?

There is healthy reasons to question PepsiCo and their management for their use of demonstrations, which has inflicted pain and suffrage for many, as they have been there because of the violent police force, who has brutally used weapons and tactics to disperse fellow citizens. Around the globe, the police use all sort of methods to keep the demonstrations at bay and detain unlawfully citizens. Still, that was not in the sweat dreamy portrait of Pepsi.

We do not have to wonder, to know that the PepsiCo tried to tap into protest movement and be more edgy, as the world have become more fragmented and use of international model and reality star in Kendall Jenner would peak interest. Therefore, she jumped on the project in the faith of the PepsiCo as she considered this a good move and secure move to get even more exposure. Something she did, but not on the purpose as she anticipated. She anticipated the sort of glare and glory as Nespresso commercials does for George Clooney. That she should be an iconic commercial and a game-changer. Instead, it all has boiled down to controversy!

The misuse of public anger and of injustice in trying to sodas does not seem like a good idea, but for one or more in the boardroom of PepsiCo, it did for a brief moment. The ideals behind the demonstrations and the acts against violence on fellow citizens was supposed to tap into with persisting a message, if you drink Pepsi, there will be peace. That story no one else believe, than the ones stuck inside the boardroom.

Therefore, when a multi-national enormous corporation as Pepsi tries to sell their soft drinks, they should consider the stories they are sending! It is not rocket science. It is very simple; do your drink supposable taste better than the competition? If YES, sell that; is the drink more affordable than competition? If YES, sell that; is the drink more environmental friendly packed or produced? If YES, sell that; but a product and a company of this magnitude will never be symbol a protest. They are the same establishment that the Occupy Wall Street in 2011 would go against. Not only the Merrill Lynch‘s of this world and the other banking buddies, but also the core food and beverages producers as well.

So next time Pepsi tries to start a campaign, go back to the basics, the reasons why you still exists was that you became the cheap alternative to Coca-Cola and was the one for use in the kitchen. Time reconfigure out that message to the public! Peace

Red Pepper and the Pepper Publications defaulting on loans!

In the recent few hours more and more rumours of the Red Pepper Newspaper is having financial difficulties. Like they are losing money without having enough earnings, the Red Pepper is supposed to own the sum of 26 billion shillings. Earlier this month Red Pepper already had issues.

Take a look:

“The Pepper Publications recently suspended publication of Hello, Akapapula and Emulalu subsidiary tabloids after majority of staff left the company over accumulated salary arrears. As the publication grapples with collapsing copy sales and dwindling advertisement revenues, Stanbic bank’s action could push the tabloid to the edge of bankruptcy. Sources are telling this website that the Pepper Publications sold its Shs 5bn Crane Bank loan to Stanbic before directors picking an extra Shs 2.5bn for luxury cars. Unfortunately, the tabloid has fallen short of honouring its financial obligations, compelling the bank to take drastic measures” (…) “Failure to pay means The Pepper Publications will have to get another bank to make over the loan. SOURCES said staff at the tabloid is worried about the future of the publication as most of the meager revenues coming in end up in the pockets of directors. “What we are witnessing now is milking a rock. We have gone six months without pay” (Xrated, 2017).

So the Red Pepper has tried to come with much different publication, but without having the funds to facilitate the expansion. Therefore we are seeing a meltdown in funds. So now the banks has lost their patience and now are in big trouble, even Stanbic Bank went further. They even sent debt collectors. Here is the story!

“On Monday morning, a group of debt collectors from Stanbic bank raided Red Pepper offices in Namanve, in an effort to get back their money the tabloid borrowed in to fund their expansion” (…) “Those who were already in tried to flee while those who hadn’t come got phone calls from someone called George, the chief security guard and they decided not to come,” said a source at the newspaper” (…) “Meanwhile, the long serving finance manager Bob Mahebewa threw in the towel on the very day, and he resigned in an effort to avoid future embarrassments. Muhebewa told his close friends that he was scared when he saw Stanbic debt collectors and he knows they must arrest the top five directors unless they pay all the money owed to the bank” (Guide Reporter, 2017).

We can wonder who will buy the Pepper Publication or if the papers and magazines will stop to be published. Pepper Publication and Red Pepper Newspaper needs fresh funds, since the trailing tabloid. Since they need more people buying their paper and read their stories since it seems like the people aren’t picking it up or if the investors has given it up. It is either or. Peace.




Xrated – ‘Stanbic Bank is set to recall a Shs7bn loan given to Red Pepper Publications as the tabloid’s financial woes worsen’ (10.03.2017) link:

The nominations of Mnuschin and Ross proves that Donald Trump is not ‘draining the swamp’!


The Economic Policies of any United States administration are usually bound by the people that are running two key positions; these are Secretary of Treasury and Secretary of Commerce. The Economy is bound by the decisions these ones do. This here will prove what kind of administration that Trump will run and what kind of regulations of trade, business and economy in general. Therefore the picking of personnel is central to how the state of affairs at the top of the food-chain in Washington.

Donald Trump the Presidential-Elect that has been all and mighty on draining the swamp. So he proves that it was just words during the campaign to sell to his supporters, he even pledged this earlier in the year:

“We have to give new voices a chance … so we can have a government that works again and can function properly …” Trump said” (Hughes, 2016).

Draining the Swamp:

“There is another major announcement I am going to make today as part of our pledge to drain the swamp in Washington. If I am elected President, I will push for a Constitutional Amendment to impose term limits on all members of Congress” (…) “Decades of failure in Washington, and decades of special interest dealing, must come to an end. We have to break the cycle of corruption, and we have to give new voices a chance to go into government service. The time for Congressional term limits has arrived” (…) “Not only will we end our government corruption, but we will end the economic stagnation” (Trump, 2016).

We will first see what the Treasury are supposed to do and what the department will do:

“Treasury’s mission highlights its role as the steward of U.S. economic and financial systems, and as an influential participant in the world economy” ( – ‘About – Role of Treasury’). So the Secretary of Treasury is important for the financial system, therefore it’s important to look at the nominee. So we have to look into the nominee who has influence of the financial systems.

Also, we have to see what is special about the Department of Commerce: “The Department works with businesses, universities, communities, and the Nation’s workers to promote job creation, economic growth, sustainable development, and improved standards of living for Americans. Through its 12 bureaus and nearly 47,000 employees located in all 50 states and five U.S. territories and more than 86 countries worldwide, the Department administers critical programs that touch the lives of every American” ( – ‘About Commerce’). So we can see the importance of the person leading these 12 bureaus that should make it possible to create jobs and commercial business in the United States, therefore the person leading here has to know how to improve the economic growth.

With this knowledge the persons acts before and their economic framework together with the economic platform; that means their faith in the markets or the regulations. That he will give way to free regulations for the financial markets instead of regulating them.


Steve Mnuchin is the nominee for Secretary of Treasury:

Mnuchin worked at Goldman Sachs for seventeen years, where he eventually became an executive vice president. According to the Wall Street Journal, he left in 2002 “at the age of 39 with a reported $46 million stake in the bank.” He was recruited by his Yale roommate, Eddie Lampert, to join ESL, a hedge fund, as vice chairman. A few months later, he jumped to SFM Capital Management as its CEO. But within a few months he changed jobs again, leaving SFM to co-found Dune Capital with his former Goldman colleagues Daniel Neidich and Chip Seelig” (…) “In 2009, Mnuchin helped assemble a group of investors (including computer capitalist Michael Dell, financier George Soros, private equity investor Christopher Flowers, and hedge fund titan John Paulson) to buy IndyMac Bank from the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) as part of a sweetheart deal. They renamed it OneWest Bank and kept its headquarters in Pasadena” (Dreier, 2016).

Relativity bankrupt:

Relativity explicitly blames the bank, founded by Steve Mnuchin, who until recently was one of studio founder Ryan Kavanaugh’s best friends and a company director, for violating bankruptcy procedures and for delaying the release of a movie recently considered to be the studio’s savior, a letter and an email from the company obtained by The Post reveal” (…) “ OneWest’s hoovering up of the $50 million, revealed in court papers, included $32 million drained from the studio’s library and $17.9 million from two other accounts” (…) “The bank’s actions placed Relativity in a precarious financial state, forcing it to largely “stop paying many vendor bills, to postpone production of certain film projects and to postpone the release of certain completed films,” Blackstone’s Tim Coleman, Relativity’s financial adviser, said in court papers” (McCaulay, 2016)

Foreclosure from OneWest:  

“According to Gudiel, when she tried to make the $2,500-a-month mortgage payment two weeks late in November 2009, OneWest refused the payment and instructed her to pursue a loan modification, a long process that ultimately ended in rejection in January” (…) “OneWest referred questions to the public relations firm Sard Verbinnen & Co., which said that Fannie Mae, which holds about one-third of the mortgages in the country, had not authorized them to modify the loan” (… ) “OneWest is pleased that it has been able to work with Fannie Mae, the owner of the loan, to authorize it to offer the Gudiels a loan modification that would allow the family to stay in their home,” the firm said in a statement” (Huus, 2011).

Fraud from his bank:

While the Rigalis were negotiating on the mortgage modifications, IndyMac Federal Bank failed in what would be the fourth-largest bank failure in U.S. history. What was left of IndyMac was acquired in March 2009 by a Mnuchin-led group of private investors for $1.55 billion” (…) “The Rigalis’ court filings “alleged they were led to believe, by representatives of several banks over a period of years, that their $560,000 loan would be modified. They believed they had entered into several forbearance agreements with several but related banks.” (…) “Crandall wrote in his denial of the motion that “the facts before the court are sufficient to defeat summary judgment” of most of OneWest Bank’s assertions, and he concluded that the Rigalis produced enough proven evidence to show that they could prevail in a jury trial. OneWest quickly offered a settlement, sources said” (…) “Recent legislative measures “provide an important lens” for the court to look through, wrote Crandall in denying OneWest’s motion” (…) “The judge was referring to the banking practice of dual tracking, in which a borrower in default seeks a modification while the institution continues at the same time to pursue foreclosure. By the time the borrower learns what is happening, it is usually too late to prevent the foreclosure” (Blackburn, 2013).

Just as he has become the nominee certain board positions he had to give up:

“NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–CIT Group Inc. (NYSE:CIT),, a leading provider of commercial lending and leasing services, today announced that Steven T. Mnuchin has resigned from its Board of Directors, effective immediately. His resignation follows President-elect Donald J. Trump’s announced intention to nominate Mnuchin as the next Secretary of the Treasury” (…) “On behalf of the entire Board, I want to thank Steven for his contributions to CIT,” said Ellen R. Alemany, Chairwoman and CEO. “Steven has been a valued member of our Board, and we wish him well in this monumental role.” (, 2016). He also stepped down from being a board-member at Sears.

So the OneWest CEO Steve Mnuchin is becoming the Secretary of Treasury in the Trump Administration. He been a board-member in CIT and Sears, as well as been speculative in foreclosures in people’s homes as well as Relativity studio or Film Company became bankrupt because of the loans and structure of funding through OneWest. So this speculative actions can be assured of will happen, but not with just one hedge-fund Wall-Street banker bravado, but now with the economic policies as underlining from the newly nominated Munuchin.

Than we have the other nominee that will lead 12 important bureaus that is now being delegated through the financial heavy weight Ross; which also have long history on Wall Street.


Wilbur Ross is the nominee for Secretary of Commerce:  

Wilbur is another fellow with a spreadsheet that is impressive, but also sees the cynical side of the economy, where the importance of business is profits; not actually creating work. Therefore his nomination is more about securing equity is the reality than the person who actually earns those fortunes. Therefore the way he salvaged the businesses and made profits on them, as well as the reality of the man behind those transactions and how many settlements for fraudulent acts from his companies and subsidiaries. Here is a little look!

Wilbur Ross is best known for his ability to find distressed companies and turn them around for a large profit – it is a talent that has given him an estimated net worth of more than $2 billion. And in recent years Ross’s sights have been firmly set on financial companies. Since 2008 he has invested a reported $1.8 billion into banks.  But now he has had enough. NBNK Investments, the investment company in which Ross took a 30% stake in 2013 and that tried and failed to buy TSB from Lloyds, is closing. In 2010 NBNK had raised £50 million in an IPO with the aim of financing European banks. Six years later, it didn’t have a single investment to show for it” (Avery, 2016).

WL Ross & Co. LLC, a Delaware limited liability company, is a private equity firm that was founded in 2000. WL Ross registered as an investment adviser with the Commission in April 2007. WL Ross is headquartered in New York, New York. Since 2006, WL Ross has been wholly owned by Invesco Private Capital, Inc., a subsidiary of Invesco Ltd., a publicly traded company (collectively, “Invesco”). WL Ross provides investment advisory services to the WLR Funds and other private equity funds, as well as to separately managed accounts and co-investment vehicles. According to its most recent Form ADV filing as of April 21, 2016, WL Ross has approximately $4.6 billion in assets under management” (Service Exchange Commission, 2016).

“Between 2001 and 2011, WL Ross adopted a Transaction Fee allocation methodology that resulted in WLR retaining a significant amount of those fees for itself rather than allocating them to the WLR Funds for the purpose of offsetting the management fee. Specifically, WL Ross allocated Transaction Fees that it earned from portfolio investments to the WLR Funds based upon their relative ownership percentages of the portfolio company without disclosing this practice. As a result, WL Ross retained for itself that portion of the Transaction Fees that was based upon co-investors’ relative ownership of the portfolio company, without subjecting such fees to any management fee offsets. WLR did not disclose to the WLR Funds and to the Funds’ limited partners that it would allocate Transaction Fees according to the above allocation methodology, and that WLR construed the ambiguous provisions in the relevant LPAs in its own favor rather than the WLR Funds’ favor. If WL Ross had instead adopted a methodology requiring the allocation of all Transaction Fees pro rata among the investing WLR Funds (and other WLR funds that also had offset provisions) and offset the WLR Funds’ management fees accordingly, the WLR Funds (and other WLR funds that also had offset provisions) would have received the benefit of all Transaction Fees received by WL Ross. WL Ross received approximately $10.4 million more in management fees using the selected methodology than if it had allocated Transaction Fees pro rata among the WLR Funds for management fee offset purposes during the relevant time period” (Security Exchange Commission, 2016).

Earning money on failing business:

“In May the board of NBNK, made up of private equity firm WL Ross & Co’s senior vice president Stephen Johnson, and Labour life peer and barrister Lord Brennan, voted in May to make the payment to WL Ross & Co for the “recovery of legal fees and other due diligence costs.” (…) “The vehicle’s most recent accounts revealed a loss for the year of £271,000, from a loss of £182,000 the previous year” (Bambrough, 2016).

“Billionaire investor Wilbur Ross has reached a deal to buy Nexeo Solutions Holdings LLC, a distributor of plastic resins and chemicals, for roughly $1.6 billion, including debt” (…) “Nexeo is currently owned by private-equity firm TPG, which purchased the company for nearly $1 billion from U.S. specialty-chemicals producer Ashland Inc (NYSE: ASH) in 2011. The deal is expected to be announced on Monday morning” (…) “WL Ross Holding will pay $500 million in cash and fund the rest of the purchase with debt, the sources told the newspaper. TPG will roll over some of its equity into the new public company, one of the people told the Journal” (DiSavino, 2016).

“The Securities and Exchange Commission said on Wednesday that the group failed to disclose its fee allocation practices, resulting in investors overpaying by $10.4m between 2001 and 2011. WL Ross was not allocating transaction fees to the funds to offset management fees, the SEC said” (…) “WL Ross also agreed to pay a civil penalty of $2.3m, but neither admitted to nor denied the SEC’s findings” (…) “We are pleased to have arrived at a resolution around historical management fee disclosure in a subset of our funds,” said Jeaneen Terrio, a spokesperson for Invesco, which bought WL Ross in 2006. “This resolution reflects a proactive approach to handling the matter and our commitment to exceeding the expectations of today’s private equity market.” (Sampson, 2016).


Fixing Irish Economy:

As an investor in Bank of Ireland, it would be a surprise if Ross thought otherwise – after all he needs to recoup his investment and more. But he is one of the world’s most successful turnaround financiers – his involvement in the turnaround of over $200bn of distressed assets worldwide has earned him the nickname ‘king of bankruptcy’. So his words will be a boost to Ireland’s international standing” (…) “In the past few weeks of financial turmoil, Ireland has seen some faith in the international money markets restored, with 10-year bond yields down from 14% in mid-July to around 9%.” (O’Carroll, 2011).

So Donald Trump’s way of cleaning up the swamp is giving the idiom or a myth, because Wall Street connections with Washington D.C. cartels were not supposed to happen under the presidency. With the knowledge of the men he has picked in charge of the Economy, this proves that it was never a part of plan. If so Trump has a rare way of sending of the message with hiring and nominating Steven Mnuchin and Wilbur Ross.

These men have worked up fortunes and earned monies on the destruction of the American Dream. They have taken people’s hard-earned monies and created profits overnight. These men have used sophisticated limited liabilities companies, hedge-funds and transactions to earn monies on failed houses and companies. With ease the men and woman could be stifled even the government banks Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and the foreclosed homes has even been a bargain. These men are supposed to create industry and the regulations for the finance industry. Together with the creations of consolidation funds and the roll-over money from the government; so that the debt could be staying longer as Mnuchin believes even can be put into 100 year bonds. That could create an unknown inflation of funds and also of the regulations of the combined currency in the market. Something that Wall Street people sees it as an opportunity.


Donald Trump has seeking to revamp the economy with men who are connected with the biggest investors of our time, with the families and using all kind of tricks to earn coins for themselves. Even the SEC has fined the companies of Mr. Ross for misbehaving with funds and with commissions, these men that has used ways of loop-holing the finance industry; the finance industry they now will steer. This can only be for the freedom of the giant companies and the wealth they have created in the market place on other people’s misery.

Trump has picked and nominated men who’s greed extend nearly no boundaries, these men will not drain a swamp or even follow up the promises on the campaign. They will continue and less regulates the economy. That might bring back the recession or even depression as the richer get wealthier and the poor will not become the middle-class.

These men has surely will secure the class there are set in and want to be part of. The one that they have been parts of and will secure the future of. These are not working-class friendly men who connect with the Indiana, Minnesota and Mississippi. So Trump clearly only a one-man show for the façade and not the real deal, sort of like a government acting on the Trump University philosophy: “You’re selling a feeling, not a product” and the same does the Trump Organization and now the Trump Administration.

The lie this time is the draining the swamp, the corporate parts of Washington D.C. politics and elites, as Trump chooses the same or even more wealthier businessmen who has more connections inside Wall Street and has more conflict of interest than before. The Trump Administration in the White House will be filled with men who have their business at heart and not the citizens who voted for him. Peace.


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Opinion: The American people now have to live on the philosophy of Slim Charles; Actually fight for the lies of Trump!


Slim Charles: “Don’t matter who did what to who at this point. Fact is, we went to war and now there ain’t no goin’ back. I mean, shit, it’s what war is, you know? Once you in it, you in it. If it’s a lie, then we fight on that lie. But we gotta fight” (The Wire, Season 3 Episode 12 – “Misson Accomplished”, 09.12.2004).

Why do I start off with Slim Charles as he is talking about fighting a war over corners with Marlo Stanfield in Baltimore and Avon Barkesdal lost his companion and comrade Stringer Bell after he was ratted out… but what I will talk about isn’t the Wire, but it has been the same way with the Campaign and Phenomenon of Donald J. Trump.

Today, I made realisation while taking public transport to work. I thought to myself what has been the main component of Trump’s game-plan. It seems to show as little as possible of policy, as little as possible of political framework and being part of the establishment. But also transparency and accountability has been like aids to the Candidacy of the Republican Candidate Trump.

Another key part of the accountability and transparency is that he has constantly lied. The lies has been staggering and at massive levels. Like the ice that hit the Titanic, it should have sunk the ship of an ordinary campaign, but the American couldn’t care less. Trump lied about his past, his wealth, his education, his lifestyle, his previous ethical background.


He has lied to public about his wealth, he is not as rich as he claims; if he we’re so he would have given the public the IRS Tax Returns. Because there we would see the real value of the Trump Organization, the golf-courses and the value of ‘the Art of the Deal’; because the toilet paper of stated wealth and ownership is oversaturated. If it we’re the true deal and not a play of cards to the public, since if it we’re true value than it would been given the same value of the estates, businesses and royalties. First lie!

Second lie, must be the portrayal of success in general; is with the bankruptcies in Casinos’ in Atlantic City, Trump Institute and University, Trump Steaks, Trump Vodka, Trump Magazines, Trump Airlines and so on. The success now has been “the Apprentice” on the Television with a dozen of seasons. The rest he has earned money on is stifling his costumers and with dozens of law-suits. Other than because of shady reputation because of that the way of earning revenue hasn’t become of building houses or high-raises, instead it has become a licensing operation. So his name is what makes the money, not his achievements. People are buying into the Trump name, but not the real value of premium products or quality service.

So when he is not as rich as he says he is, another lie; then you have the business-savvy point that settles with a licensing operation and not a true, yet another lie.


That is the most important parts of his project, as he was a successful businessman who wasn’t a politician. Well, he is more flip-flopping politician and also a cruel one at that. The Political play has been to use the others past against them. Since he wasn’t really a politician; still the Trump has lied about Ted Cruz, John Kasich, and Jeb Bush.

The other lies are is stances, at one point in life he was a very aligned with the Democratic Party, siding with Bill and Hillary Clinton, defending his infidelity and claiming that Hillary was a fine woman. At one point he was defending and saying that the U.S. should go quickly in to Libya and get rid of Col. Gadhafi. Another point where he defended George W. Bush and his father for their wars in Iraq; while on the Campaign Trial he has dined all of this asked for the tapes, asked for the evidence, but the clips are accessible and online for anybody who wants. His Video-Logs are there too, where he speaks of the similar matters too.

The lies are endless, and his image is a lie, his persona and his attitude to. Because he change as needed be, he is said to have a moral flexibility. Well, he has been structured on hatred for immigrants and for foreign interference, he is an isolationist. That is it! The rest hasn’t been steady, on basic minimum wage his stance has changed, on deportation force it has change and the stances are endless.

The worst part is that American Electorate apparently didn’t care, or not enough of them. They have bought into a cobb-web of lies and deceit. They ate it all up and bought into the sellers tale.

I wouldn’t believe the words that come out of his mouth, he only says what he need to say or told to say. He talks against the usage of Teleprompters, but used it freely when it benefitted him. He claimed Mitt Romney released his tax-returns too late, but till this date he hasn’t dropped his and I doubt he will. So his states and statement are pointless, are just needed for his own stature, but not for his character.


The Character of him only known by his close family and whatever friends he has; to rest of us it is lies upon lies. Deception of who he might be and what he stand for, except for his blatant racists spurges of vomit. Trump has been able to sit in golden chairs and licence out products with golden letters, but his true delivery is his lies. The lie that he is good and want to “Make America Great Again”. He wants to make himself great again, back in the day when he was great and built the Trump Tower with the help of the Mafia. He doesn’t care about the working-class in Wisconsin or Mississippi.

Trump lies and will continue to lie for the benefit of himself and his cause; the cause being himself and his fictions lifestyle. Therefore he wants to spend more time at Mar-A-Lago in Miami, Penthouse in New York, than at the White House. Because he want his loyal minions to work out the perks, while he carry the title. He doesn’t care about anybody else than himself, he wants to spend time on the golf-course and eat the benefits of the Public Office. Not actually work for living, he has lied for living already and wants to relax as President.

Just wait and see, he will spend less time in office than Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, he is more concern about the benefits of being President for his donors, rich wealthy elite; which happens to be the establishment and not the common-man in Michigan or North Dakota.

The man that based his life on lies and built his current business on more lies; the lies that are deceptive and deconstructive to him and to society; that now is the true state of affairs. Trump has the choice either to destroy or rebuild.

But he went to war on that lie like Slim Charles said and now they have to continue to fight on that lie. The lie that Trump had something to deliver other than his own self-constructed bloated ego. Peace.  

Trump University: the ultimate fraud from the Donald, as it was never licensed and famous for bait-and-switch tactics of the students!


“Anticipate change and embrace it; change can affect the entire picture. Recognize new developments you can capitalize on, profit from and use to open new doors” – Donald J. Trump

The Donald Trump continues to blatantly lie about his role and the ambition of the Trump University (TU), I feel the need to drop certain knowledge from the paperwork that is openly distributed and fearlessly showing the true narrative of the matter. I have looked at lots of corruption, lies and deceit over the years, and I will let the court documents and the other leaks speak, not my own narrative… because I already despise the man and his methods, there no honor or real pride in the man, all that matters is the earned profits by any means.

The main objectives if don’t know as the excessive petitions and court documents says, is that he was owning and running a University without a License, enrolling students, promising Education and Programs that will create wealth, while promising to handpicking teachers and mentors; while all of the mentors and teachers was handpicked from Mr. Sexton and not Trump, the school was not official, since it hadn’t license, neither the teachers or mentors, so the educations did not have a value; while the students was enrolled and tried to get to sign-up them for expensive programs and max-out credit-cards. All out of this happen while Sexton and Trump, knew that they didn’t meet up to standards of both NYSED and New York Educational Laws as Educational Facility. So the value of any degree or certificate wouldn’t have value, as the institution for the student, we’re not paying or getting value for the money spent on their “education” there. So take a look at the viable truth of the TU!

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Attorney General of New York Petition on unlawful acts of Trump University:

“From 2005 through 2011, respondents operated an unlicensed, illegal educational institution from their headquarters in New York City, which purported to teach each student’s Donald Trump’s real estate strategies and techniques. Until May 2010, respondents operated their program illegally as “Trump University” because they were not chartered as a university as required New York law and were even notified by the New York State Education Department (“NYSED”) as early as 2005 that their use of the word “university” violated New York Law” (…)”Respondents repeatedly claimed that prospective students would be taught by successful real estate “experts” who were ”handpicked” by Donald Trump. In fact, respondents lacked  substantiation for the claims that their instructors and mentors were successful real estate entrepreneurs. Not one single one was “handpicked” by Donald Trump” (…)”Though their deceptive and unlawful practices, respondents intentionally misled over 5000 individuals nationwide, including 600 New Yorkers, into paying as much as $35,000 each to participate in live seminars and mentorship programs with the promise of learning Donald Trump’s real estate investing techniques” (…)”In 2004, Donald Trump, Michael Sexton, and Jonathan Spitalny formed Donald Trump University LLC as a New York limited liability company. The original business plan focused primarily on long-distance learning through they were “experimenting” with a variety of formats, including some live programs” (…)”Ultimately, for more than five years, respondents failed to take any steps to rectify the legal violations raised by NYSED” (…)”To the present day Trump University has never obtained or even applied for the proper licensure to operate as an educational institution in New York State. Neither Trump University nor any of its employees or representatives ever applied for any other licenses, certifications, or approvals for NYSED for its teachers, directors, or sales agents. Trump University never submitted any materials to NYSED for approval in compliance with the Educational Law. In addition, Trump University never paid any tuition assessments to NYSED to fund reimbursements to students” (…)”In fact, Donald Trump netted  about $5 million in profit from Trump University. Notwithstanding this fact, instructors claimed that the costs of Trump University programs were designed to ensure that students would feel invested in them. Similarly false claims were made again when instructors  regarding the Trump Elite programs” (…)”Donald Trump holds his stake in Trump University through two closely held corporations, DJT University Members LLC and DJT University Managing Member LLC, together giving him control of 92% of the equity in Trump University” (…)”The sole signatories of the bank accounts of Trump University are Donald Trump, his three adult children, and Allan Weisselberg, Trump Organization’s chief financial officer. None of these signatories were ever employees of the Trump University LLC” (Attorney General of New York, 2013).


What the key points from the Attorney General in Texas:

“Defendants engage in false, misleading and deceptive practices in promoting and selling their real estate investment seminars in Texas. Defendants target Texas consumers eager to earn additional income during the economic slowdown by promising to teach them dubious real estate investment strategies that will score them big profits in virtually no time. Defendant Trump University (Trump U ) advertises free investor workshops on real estate investing in various newspapers throughout Texas to the general public. The advertisements promise consumers that if they attend the free workshops they will have the opportunity to [l]eam from Donald Trump’s handpicked experts how you can profit from the largest real estate liquidation in history , how to profit from the billion dollar bailouts and to teach foreclosure investing from the inside out” (…)”Defendants falsely assert at these “free workshops” that the classes are approved continuing education· credit for realtors. The Texas Real Estate Commission has not approved any Trump University courses for continuing education credit. Defendant Trump University is also not an accredited institution of higher learning and does not have a certificate of authority to use the term “University” in the state of Texas in violation of TEX Enuc. CODE § 6.313. Trump University has also not complied with Secretary of State registration or tax requirements necessary to do business in Texas or paid sales tax on any of their sales” (…)”the Trump U representatives tell attendees that the 3-day seminar is being offered at a special reduced price (1,495) for workshop attendees even though the 3-day seminar is primarily marketed to free workshop attendees at this regular price and rarely, if ever, marketed at the inflated rates quoted to attendees. However, Defendants fail to tell the attendees that the instructors are paid a commission by Trump U for every student who signs up for the 3-day course” (…)”Defendants’ representatives also ask attendees, on the morning of the first day of the seminar, to call their credit card companies, banks, and mortgage companies and ask for an increase or extension of credit so that they may finance the Gold Elite package purchase. Defendant Trump U will even ask attendees to call their bank during these one-on-one sessions while the representative waits. The primary goal of the 3-day seminars appears to be more high pressure sales tactics in an attempt to induce them into purchasing Defendant Trump Us Gold Elite package for $35,000” (…)”Moreover, the so-called strategies that are taught are highly speculative and maybe tantamount to encouraging attendees to sell real estate without a license, which is illegal in Texas” (…)”There have been approximately 57 free Trump U workshops conducted in Texas, with approximately 50-100 attendees per workshop. Approximately 450 Texas consumers have purchased the $1,495 three-day seminar, the $35,000 Gold Elite package, or other courses or products” (…)”The total, all in, we would recommend for settlement· at this points $3,750,000, plus injunctive relief. We recommend a starting point $5,430,884, all in, to begin negotiations. Next week, on May 19, 2010, at the settlement conference, we will present our case to Defendants’ attorneys in more detail and if we have approval will give them copy the draft petition. At that time, we would like to set forth our demand with the all in number $5.4 million. We have already advised Defendants’ lawyers that any settlement will run into the seven figures” (Abbott, 2010).

So even the State of Texas had issues with the TU and the their way of business, they had similar acts against the business, as the school, we’re not registered, we’re not open and legal entity, was set a “foreign business” in the State of Texas; the amount of clients or students shows the reach of the “University” as the workshops hooked Texans to it and the promise of learning from Trump. Something that didn’t happen and therefore the AG of Texas expected that the Trump Organization facilitated the refunds and give back to the ones who bought into the “product” sold in Trump’s name in Texas, interesting, right?

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Important Passages from Trump University Playbook:

Here is what the Speakers and employees of the “Trump University” was told to look after the first day of lessons in the three day course: “Identifying Buyers: Once you have the completed profiles, the team should go through each profile and determine who has the most and least liquid assets and rank them using the following scale:

E1 – Over $35,000 of liquid assets

E2 – Between $20,000 and $30,000 of liquid assets

E3 – Under $10,000 of liquid assets

E4 – Less than $2,000 of liquid assets

401ks and IRAs should not be considered when using the ranking system since these are not liquid, available cash.

*Prior to Day 2, the team should review One-on-One/Making the Sale in the Sales Playbook, along with Objections & Rebuttals” (Trump University Playbook, P: 36, 2010)”.

The buyers are the students who has signed up for the first 3-day course, so the employees and hired men of the Trump Organization to the facility was looking out for the people with cash so they could sign up for more and longer programs.

Here is more from the special curriculum from the Trump University Playbook:  

“TO ALL EMPLOYEES, MENTORS, COACHES, SPEAKERS AND CONTRACTORS HAVING CONTACT WITH TRUMP UNIVERSITY CUSTOMERS (ATTENDEES AND BUYERS):” (…)”  You are specifically prohibited from speaking with any journalist, reporter, author, blogger, newspaper, or media outlet with regards to Trump University, Trump Organization or Mr. Trump” (Trump University Playbook P: 71, 2010).

So the employees and mentors where told directly not to market or talk about their work and what they do, even as their owner are constantly in the media and tries to be kept relevant at some news-outlet at any given time. But this is not the worst, but proves the issues with the school, because an ordinary educational facility or higher Education usually wants their name out and knowledge of their teachers to get articles in the press with their studies and research. There is more:


  • If an attorney general arrives on the scene, contact April Neumann immediately.
  • By law, you do not have to show them any personal information unless they present a warrant; however, you are expected to be courteous” (Trump University Playbook P: 82, 2010).

So the Trump Organization had expected issues with the law and even with the lawmen, as they knew very well that they were acting without license so any Educational Facility or School without license is not allowed to teach, as none of the mentors or teachers had license to teach either. Attorney General had to have warrant, if not they had to contact central persons in the Trump Organization.


Here is more:

“SURVEY PROCEDURE: Please note: If at any point one of the below individuals is out of the office, the surveys will skip to the next hand-off point” (…)”Brad Schneider will pass surveys onto April Neumann (Director of Operations). April will review and address any pertinent issues with the Program Coordinator, Sales Coordinators, and Speakers. Any scores of less than 90% will be deemed below standards and addressed through a mandated post-conference call with the team to review compliance and event expectations” (…)”April Neumann will return surveys to Denise Ong to be filed accordingly” (Trump University Playbook, P: 86, 2010).

Here are some outtakes from an testimony for the case ‘Art Cohen, et al. vs. Donald J. Trump’ that are United States District Court, Southern District of California, where he said this on tape about the Trump University on the 10th December 2015:

(A: Donald Trump, Q: Attorney General)

Mr. Sexton’s sworn testimony to the Office of the

New York State Attorney General.

  • · · · · · ·If you could, please, direct your

attention to the second page, which is page 157.

  • · · · · · ·At line 10, Mr. Sexton is asked:
  • · · · · · ·”QUESTION:· And were any of those —
  • · · any of these other speakers at any of those
  • · · events handpicked by Donald Trump?”
  • · · · · · ·Mr. Sexton’s answer:

“ANSWER:· None of our instructors at

  • · · the live events were handpicked by Donald
  • · · Trump.”
  • · · · · · ·Do you have any basis to dispute

Mr. Sexton’s testimony in this regard?

  • · · A.· · ·No.· That’s correct” (Donald J. Trump, 10.12.2015).

There are coming more to answers from Donald Trump in his affidavit:

“Q.· · ·Do you recall Mr. Sexton bringing to

your attention in 2005 issues with the New York

State Department of Education regarding the

legality of using the name “University” in the

State of New York?

  • · · A.· · ·Very vaguely, but I thought he had

it all worked out.

  • · · Q.· · ·So you remember the issue coming up

back then, but you thought he worked it out?

  • · · A.· · ·I thought he worked it out. I

remember the issue, but I thought it was all

worked out”  – A bit later he was more cross questioned in court about the 2005 and University license:

Were there any repercussions for

Mr. Sexton once you found out that it had not

actually been worked out?

  • · · A.· · ·Well, I think it was years later

that I actually found out.· Yeah, I was not

happy.· I was not happy.· Because it’s so easy to

work out.· It’s not like a big deal”

(Donald J. Trump, 10.12.2015).

So for Donald J. Trump there are no big-deal to own a unlicensed school, that takes in intuition and enrolls “students” to a school with so-called “handpicked” mentors and teachers, where the is no big deal, as it was not worked out with the New York State, and New York Law, when it comes to an educational facility, that is a big deal, because without the license the education is fraud and not worth the money the student fueled into it.


Here is some from one his former employee’s declaration:

“I worked for Trump University from May 2007 through October 2007. My title was Manager of Events Department. I worked at Trump University’s headquarters located at 40 Wall Street, New York, New York, which is also where Trump Organization is located” (…)”In my experience, the focus of Trump University was on making sales rather than on providing quality educational services. Trump University would lure consumers into the initial free course based upon the name and reputation of Donald Trump, and then once they were there, Trump University personnel would try to up-sell consumers to the next course using high-pressure sales tactics. Far from providing a “complete real estate education,” as advertised, Trump University personnel only provided enough information to get students to sign up for the next seminar or program. I recall instances in which consumers had paid for a class to learn how to make money investing in real estate, ask for more information, and the teacher would say, “if you want to get that, you have to buy the next package.” (…)”I am aware that instructors were trained to, and witnessed them, asking students during the $1,500 seminars to call their credit card companies and raise their credit limits two, three or four times so that they would be able to invest in real estate. They would tell students to max out their credit card because they would make their money back. They couldn’t raise their limit and use it the same day” (…)”While Trump University’s advertisements claimed it wanted to help consumers make money in real estate, in fact, based upon my experience, I believe that Trump University was only interested in selling every person the most expensive seminars they could possibly buy on credit” (Sommer, 19.09.2012).


Court order to allow the release of the Trump University Playbook of 2010:

“First, even under a lower “good cause” standard, Judge Gallo found that the majority of the information was either not confidential or only “arguably trade secret” when taken together as a compilation. The contents of the 2010 Playbook have since been publicly disclosed on the Internet, and the disputed material in the 2009 Playbook and the Field Team Playbook is largely duplicative of that in the 2010 Playbook. Thus, to the extent that the disputed material’s trade secret status rested on how it was compiled, the release of the entire compilation vitiates the argument that the compilation constituted a trade secret. Second, Defendant makes only conclusory assertions as to why the disputed material should be considered a trade secret, and upon review of the material, the Court agrees with Judge Gallo that it is largely “very routine and commonplace information.” (ECF No. 176, 27.05.2016). As the Trump University and Trump Organization didn’t wanted the Playbook released as the Playbook of 2010, would prove how the TU was made to sell most courses and programs to their students, instead of teaching them real-estate strategies of Donald Trump.

He is so well-organized that the TU was never licensed and never official educational facility, not in New York or any other State they had work-shops, the teacher set-up so they could get people to come to free workshops and buy 3-day courses, if not get them also to buy into the Gold-Elite Package of the Trump U. That proves the values of the man, as the bait-and-switch, the empty promises while not delivering any.

The man who shows a lot’s of empty promises, screaming wolf, without seeing any, and continues to scream wolf. So when the wolf arrives, people like me will not believe in him, as the only thing he delivers are lies. It doesn’t matter if he has dozen of good ratings, this was never an official or legal entity for education, the material was to sell classes and mentoring, not giving away educational material in the Real Estate business, so the vast evidence of conspiracy, says “fraud” and “lies” and “rubbish”. There are reasons for why you accredit schools and teachers, why they are educated and why you have NYSED who credits schools, as they are setting curriculum and books for the set teaching and the Educational Facilities so the people who pays intuition and get degree’s that they actually have a value and not sold like candy or even like hawkers selling papers on the street.

Here is also a tactic used to sell the products to the students: 

The Art of the Set - Trump U. P1The Art of the Set - Trump U. P2The Art of the Set - Trump U. P3The Art of the Set - Trump U. P4

You should watch this one: 

One of the Promo Video’s: 

One more clip about it: 

I think that is enough for now and should be settled. Peace.


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