Mzee doesn’t feel the Calvary can protect the election anymore; therefore he changes guards and get the Army to flex for him

IGP Kayihura Gen Katumaba M7

There been news that Mzee have ordered the Uganda People’s Defence Force to be in-charge of the security during the rest of the election-time, because in the previous elections the people or citizens of Uganda have been sleeping. They we’re sleeping so well and misunderstood by Mzee. He must have forget the reactions to the recent General Election in 2011 that ended in public display and post-election violence; at the strange past, where the now Presidential Candidate Dr. Kizza Besigye and other politicians started the demonstrations with the group of Activist4change and “Walk to Work”.

Mzee have a little amnesia and even have forgotten that have got so much money to spend on post-election violence. But why postpone the violence when you can intimidate the public in 40 days before the Election Day and polls. That sounds so much sweeter, right? Why wait to be hit and the international media on your agenda when you can do it more in silence now.

Mzee have the plan since he is seeing the Go-Forwand/TDA and FDC Presidential Candidate during better than expected. While Mzee and his party is like ferrying more people than the ordinary safari company in the country and especially countryside where he have lost support. So the easy way is to rent buses and get people from other districts to look like you still have the power and suction in the country.

Mzee have issues, strong issues with opposition; that’s why when he looks back in time. He remember with joy the times between 1986 to 2005; when there wasn’t anything else than his own built Movement Political System. That went away with the 2005 referendum. That has opened the gates for other people then Mzee to actually rule! While Mzee did apparently around the same time he did take away the Presidential Term Limits, that why still Mzee have executive powers and campaigning for yet another term.

Mzee have seen the rise of people lately and that people aren’t eating of his hand and enjoying his speeches as they once did. While the Uganda Police Force and IGP Gen Kale Kayihura doesn’t make the people fear Mzee and his folks enough. Not even Mzee’s Wife’s grin and speeches can’t beat the lions into shape, the people are to touchy with the Leopard’s anus. So he has to switch up.


Mzee has already switched up in the UPDF and gotten his loyal friend Chief of Defence Forces Gen Katumba Wamala. Since IGP Kayihura haven’t played this well enough and his spokesman CP Fred Enanga looks foolish. That makes Mzee looks like dumb-dumb and he can’t have that. To look dumb isn’t respected and Mzee need all respect and honor to man.

Mzee can’t have this and the way Hon. Amama Mbabazi of the Go-Forward his new arch-nemesis and former arch-nemesis Dr. Kizza Besigye of the FDC is making is life and election campaigning so hard. The Police can’t even beat them enough or the block their campaign rallies. They are not creating enough havoc so that the people lose hope in them. The police aren’t even jailed enough FDC people or Go-Forward to secure Ugandans from them. Because Ugandans are NRM; Mzee is that right or have I misunderstood you? No wait, Ugandans are the ones that will work for you and under your executive power.

cadets10 UPDF

Later today he released this through State House of Uganda:

“President Museveni has assured Ugandans that no one can disrupt Uganda’s hard earned peace and security. President Museveni said: “The Army and other security agencies are strong enough to handle anybody who attempts to interrupt the peace that is prevailing in the country.”

The Security Agencies went into collaboration before the election as they made 40 Units consistence of Uganda Prisons, Internal Security Organization, External Security Organization, Uganda Police Force (UPF) and Uganda People’s Defense Force (UPDF). This was in the middle of 11th November 2015. So this measure seems now in beginning of January 2016 to not be enough, together with the Electoral Commission’s not use of UPF as much as they have done to now during this stressful time.

Gen Katumba Wamala

Now that the letter between President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni the executive power of Uganda have ordered the Chief of Defence Forces Gen Katumba Wamala to deploy troops around the country to secure the election. So that he will take over for IGP Gen Kale Kayihura is following the Presidential Candidates and other ones trying to get voted in for the general elections in February this year. Just 40 days before the Presidential polls happens. It must be a tactic of fear. The power of anti-riot police following Go-Forward Presidential Candidate Convoy isn’t enough. The stressful movements of the police towards the Forum for Democratic Change Presidential Candidate Convoy that have done what it could even violence when it has to. For Mzee that is not enough and safe enough; Bukwo District against the FDC and Northern districts policing of Go-Forward. That has not been cutting it. The defiance and struggle of the opposition is not enough.

Mzee need bigger guns to control these vile political parties that he didn’t really wanted. That is why he had elections for it twice. Not only in 28th July 2005 where the “Yes” for Multi-party system against the Movement System where 92, 44% versus 7, 56%. They had a previous try out before the election in 2001. That was in 29th June 2000 when 90, 71% voted for the Movement System versus the Multi-Party System who got 9, 2%. So Mzee got one less election with more parties then NRM, I am sure he wished the result in 2005 could be reversed since there is so much work with elections after releasing UPC, DP, PPP, PDP, TIC, TDA, FDC etc etc. To keep the NRM people secure because the true Ugandans are NRM.

NRM 13.11.15 Kole South

Mzee and have enjoyed in silence the words of his chairman. The man he employed in the Electoral Commission who said that he would call on the military if needed to keep the elections peaceful. You have ensured that he doesn’t have to do that. Mzee have done it today!

Mzee, this is ironic, it’s your people who are violent, most likely the Police and Crime Preventers are the ones who usually are behind the issues. The NRM Primaries we’re the King-Kong Cadres who came with security agents and took the paperwork and results to clear it before delivered to the NRM Electoral Commission for review. The same is happening here, the NRM is initiating together with the Police or the Police alone after orders from the Electoral Commission. So the opposition convoys are in the field not knowing what kind of police are there or what kind of crime preventers who enters the area of campaigning. That is why the violence has not erupted at Mzee’s Campaign Rallies; instead it is just poster perfect and wonderful yellow flowery smiles. Up to a point where it looks unrealistic and the perfection is just like Insta-DAMN. Well, that is not enough for Mzee, he doesn’t like that. Because FDC and Go-Forward campaigning is big and without ferrying voters from districts that is from other ones than where Mzee actually campaign giving them a bus-ride and paying for support. That must hurt after 29 years and nobody giving you love!

Mzee, you must be desperate to see the people going to FDC instead of you, even to Mbabazi then you! Therefore you have to use the trick of old since you haven’t learned any new. UPM is reacted. Uganda Patriot Movement; is resurrected through National Resistance Movement. They need to go to the bush, this time they are the UPC and have the UNLA in new name and state govern facilitated through the now UPDF! The generations have moved on and there new people in the army, still some old leaders from Luweero, though very few are still there. Mzee has kept a few of his men close and other have scattered like the ones who are his main opposition. So they know the Movement system and the way Mzee thinks. Still they try!


Mzee needs the army and bush-war tactics again, because he doesn’t trust anything else. Since he can’t produce any moral fiber or make anything worthwhile. Mzee lives and strides on the fear and not on the actual political platform or agenda since that is rewind from former elections; Mzee is not committed to deliver to the Ugandan people anymore, therefore he needs the army to secure that the Electoral Commission and Uganda Police Force is necessary tools for Mzee to get his will. That is so he can continue being the Executive Power and His Excellency President of Uganda. Mzee can’t trust the Uganda Police to deliver anymore and since it getting closer to the General Election in February 2016. That is why he trust now more in the advanced weapons then the Police to secure that he get the prize again, even if the opposition looks like it’s winning over the people this time around. Peace.   

#Kony2012 Pt.2 – Kvakksalvere!

Endelig gav de rett fakta om hvor LRA holder til. Som er i en trekant mellom DRC – CAR og Sør-Sudan. Endelig kom en sannhet frem. Om virkelig like mange mennesker har begynt å støtte denne organisasjonen forsett sin kamp. Selv om den har gjort det på feil måte.  Ikke at LRA er en hyggelig gjeng med mennesker som deler ut planter til mennesker som de møter. Men metodene og målet til organisasjonen har ikke vært korrekt. Derfor med denne tredje videoen på kort tid. Kan jeg forsatt ikke støtte dem. Ikke fordi jeg ønsker LRA eller andre militser til å drive med forferdeligheter. Når man alrede vet at UPDF leter og jakter mannen. Samtidig som NRM styret gjør i disse dager all poltisk handling i offentlighet forbudt. Med å bannlyse A4C: eller Activist4Change. Som gjør fredelig aksjoner mot regjerningen for å kvitte seg med korrupte og uærlige ledere i parliamentet. At dette skjer samtidig er magisk for Museveni.

Fordi verden vil bare se på #Kony2012. Ikke på hva som skjer i Kampala eller i selve politiske landskapet i Uganda. Våkn opp! Se! Les. Hør! Ikke at LRA er .. snille og fredselskende personer. Fordi det er en annen ting som vile vært feil. At Touareg har tatt over nordlige delen av Mali, rett etter at oberster har tatt kontrol i Bamako i Mali. Viser forsatt makten i geværet. Selv med små styrker rundt omkring. Ikke så mange årene siden Guinea ble tatt over via ett kupp. Dette er jo det virkelig Museveni frykter etter å holdt makten siden 1986. Men ikke av Joseph Kony, men av FDC, UPC og DP. Som er sammen om å gjøre fredlige markeringer i Uganda via Action4Change. Noe som ingen støtter eller bryr seg om. Så please oversee eøøer være litt ærlig med seg selv. LRA er drit. UPDF leter etter dem. A4C er forbudt. Fritt demokrati er bullshit i Uganda. Ikke minst gjør Museveni det samme som Obote gjorde. Så nå er det spennende å se hva som blir det neste! Ikke minst. Hva er det neste stuntet Invisible Children vil gjøre. Deres forsvarsvideo var forferdelig. Denne er ikke noe særlig bedre. Bare husk: Støtt A4C og UPDF sin leting etter LRA.

Hvis du lurer på noe eller ikke har fått nok svar av meg nå. Kommenter og jeg vil svare. Fordi dette er uverdig og begredelig. Helt feil fokus. Feile poeng. Ikke minst driver ikke organisasjonen arbeid andre plasser enn i Nord-Uganda. Hvor LRA for lengst er vekke i fra. Skjønner du hva jeg skriver? Vil du forstå. Disse er er kvakksalvere. Akkurat slike som selger spesial forskringspremier og alt andre med avtaler som høres bedre ut en det de i virkeligheten er.

Dette skjer idag:

Politiarbeid, tåregass og bli ordnet med “fredlig!”. Her er det en klart svar fra en broder:

Kommer med mer senere, når jeg er i humør til å slakte hele saken. #Kony2012 er bullshit. Vrakgods og fantasihistorier. Som gjøres for å gjøre en amerikaner fet eller noe slikt. Fordi dette er ikke ett bra arbeid. Dette er slett arbeid! Peace.

Så: Stop at Nothing to stop this #Kony2012 scam! Please!