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Maldives: Dunya Maumoon resigns as the Minister of State for Health (27.02.2018)


Maldives: LAM raises concern over the effect on Tourism due to political issues (21.02.2018)

Trouble in Paradise X: A new Illegal extension of the State of Emergency!

Today, for yet another day, where the Constitution of the Maldives has no value for the President Abdualla Yameen. Since he had a vote, where many of the opposition Members of Parliament are still behind bars. This after the Supreme Court ruled against the President on the 1st February 2018. Therefore, the attack recent attacks on the Majlis and the Supreme Court. The President clearly doesn’t mind the constitution. If he did, he would have done today’s action differently.

That is proven with the Constitution saying this about any vote in the Majlis, In article 87 says: “Despite the provisions of Article 86 of this Constitution, voting on any matter requiring compliance by citizens shall only be undertaken when more than half of the total membership of the People’s Majlis are present at the sitting at which the matter is voted upon” (Constitution of the Republic of Maldives, 2010).

So if the state wanted the extension legally out of 85 members, they need at least 43 MPs to vote for the State of Emergency, even if it was illegally enacted. Since I have already shown that when it occurred. President Yameen did it illegally last time. So he could have used the legal ways, but he has been busy detaining opposition and silencing media who questions him.

Maldives Independent reported it like this: “Only 38 MPs were present for the vote, which took place hours before the state of emergency was due to expire, despite 43 lawmakers being needed for the vote to take place as required by the constitution. All 38 were from the ruling party and all 38 approved the extension” (Maldives Independent, 20.02.2018).

Therefore, the President and his party has again illegally put forward the State of Emergency, as he continues to a dictator, who silence opposition and detains them for any reason. The list of MPs, former Presidents and other political prisoners, who are against the President himself.

It is weird that the Official Statement of the President said this today: “Nonetheless the declaration of the State of Emergency is not included as a matter which requires compliance by citizens as per Section 38 of the Regulation of the Parliament. Hence, the sitting was preceded taking into view that the quorum needed to pass the Presidential Decree declaring the State of Emergency and the consequent amendments were that which is stipulated in Article 86 of the Constitution. The Parliament at session also decided to seek legal advice of the Supreme Court under Article 95 of the Constitution in relation to the questions raised by some of the members of Parliament with regard to the Parliament’s quorum” (The Presidency of the Republic of the Maldives – ‘Official Statement on Parliament confirmation of The President’s Proposed Extension, with amendments, to the State of Emergency’ 20.02.2018).

So, the State trying to prevent an issue as the demonstrations are still in the street. The violations of the Judiciary earlier this month, also throwing two Supreme Court judges in jail. We can certainly imagine, that ones remaining will make favors and make sure the legality, even if its all seemingly countering the law itself. Just like the weird statement from the President. Who knows he is wrong, but trying to counter with something else, as the people are not represented or had their voice. Because they are either barred from entering or detained. However, that is how it is when you act all gangster and not as a man who respects the law. Now the outlaws are ruling with impunity. Peace.

Maldives Police Service – Press Statement: “Their view of Opposition Demonstrations” (17.02.2018)

Maldives: “Joint Opposition Statement: The Joint Opposition Requests the UN Secretary General to Mediate in All- Party Talks” (15.02.2018)

15 February, Male’: The Joint Opposition has requested the United Nations Secretary-General to initiate and act as mediator for all-party dialogue in the Maldives.

The Joint Opposition’s request follows a statement by the UN Secretary-General on 2 February, reiterating the United Nations’ offer to facilitate all-party dialogue.

In a letter sent to the Secretary-General this week, the Joint Opposition, while welcoming dialogue in principle, expressed concern that the Government’s call for talks is an attempt to ease international condemnation over its recent actions.

The Joint Opposition is also concerned that the appeal for dialogue is a cynical attempt by the President to buy time in order to consolidate his illegal grip on the State — a tactic the President has employed before.

The Joint Opposition believes that only internationally mediated and guaranteed talks are acceptable. The Joint Opposition believes that for meaningful talks to take place, the Yameen administration must halt its full-scale assault on democracy, the rule of law, and the Constitution.

In its letter, the Joint Opposition urged the UN Secretary-General to urge the Government of Maldives to create an acceptable environment for dialogue. In order to create a conducive environment, the Government of Maldives must:

● Immediately and fully implement the Supreme Court ruling of 1 February, and release the political prisoners;
● Release the Chief Justice Abdulla Saeed and Supreme Court Justice Ali Hameed;
● Release President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom, MP Faris Maumoon, MP Abdulla Sinan, MP Ilham Ahmed, and their families, including Mohamed Nadheem and Siyad Qasim, and all others detained following the purge on the opposition;
● withdraw the military from Parliament, and allow the opening and full functioning of the Parliament.

On 14 February, President Yameen stepped up his assault on the democratic institutions of the Maldives, by ordering the military to seal off the parliament to prevent MPs from entering.

Five opposition MPs were physically removed from the parliament compound by the armed forces, who were acting on President Yameen’s orders.

Joint Opposition appeals to the international community to use all means available to peacefully resolve the crisis and hold President Yameen accountable to Maldives commitments under international law. Past two weeks is a strong reminder of the regime’s blatant refusal to respect Maldives Constitution and international law and that the government will not relinquish power at any cost.

Trouble in Paradise VIII: President Yameen is silencing the media and the MoD warns people not to disclose information!

Police Service has handed over 2 individuals, a British national and an Indian National to Immigration Authorities. These individuals were found to be working and reporting as journalists while on a tourist visa, in contravention to the Immigration Act and Regulations” (Maldives Police, 09.02.2018).

So the oppression in Maldives is continuing as the PPM Party are holding lavish rallies, while opposition are met with police brutality, journalists detained and more MPs behind bars. The State of Emergency is used to harass and control all parts of society. They are now even taking foreign nationals as they are covering the constitutional crisis and the implications it has. We know this has negative affect as the Republic need a positive perception as Tourism is a vital part of the economy. On the 8th February Maldives Voice reported that 40% of Guest Houses are facing cancellation because of the crisis. That is big number of tourists who will go elsewhere for their holidays and honeymoons. Which would have brought needed foreign exchange and work in general for the people. That is why Fitch Ratings, even has said the volatile could change their rating and degrade the economy.

Received information about an Indian national, Money Sharma, working as a journalist, who has been detained by the Maldivian authorities. We have asked our Embassy to get in touch with the local authorities to ascertain more details of the case” (India TV, 09.02.2018). There is also report that two Indian Reporters working for Agence France-Presse (AFP) who is also arrested today. While a Chinese Journalist has been allowed to take pictures of the protest happening today in Male.

You know it isn’t going well, when the Ministry of Defense are coming with this sort of statement:

Ministry of Defence and National Security has warned that action will be taken without prior warning, against those who disclose information that endangers national security. In a press release on Thursday night, the ministry said many are publishing content which endangers national security, regarding the state of emergency declared as per clause 253 of the Constitution. The ministry also stated that live programs broadcasted on various media platforms are creating discord and inciting fear in the hearts of the public” (Vnews, 2018).

And the Police Service saying this:

Maldives Police Service has handed over two individuals, a British national and an Indian National to Immigration Authorities. These individuals were found to be working and reporting as journalists while on a tourist visa, in contravention to the Immigration Act and Regulations. We urge all foreign nationals to adhere to immigration guidelines and acquire the relevant visa that corresponds to the purpose of their visit. We note that several foreign journalists are currently working in the Maldives and welcome all those who wish to do so in the future” (Maldives Police Service, 09.02.2018).

So the Army is saying people has to be careful with spreading news and information. Meaning, the Central Government and President Yameen wants to control the news and headlines. So that the tight-grip and the assault on the Judiciary doesn’t spin-off. Secondly that the State of Emergency doesn’t get into question, even if that is not following the Constitutional Codes itself. Since the Parliament hasn’t been notified or the proper reasons for issuing it hasn’t happen. Unless, that the President was afraid in his own skin about the Supreme Court Ruling of 1st February and had to revise it to save face. That is why the chaos has happen in the first place. Therefore, he is creating a police state, because Yameen cannot manage to loose face or power.

Yesterday, the Raajje TV was closed from Broadcast, that was the biggest Television broadcaster in the Maldives. So the government are working in full speed to takeover and silence dissidents. They are not accepting anyone else. That is why the Chief Justice Saaed is in jail, while MPs and such are there too. People who was ordered freed, but was overturned on the 8th February 2018. This was intended by the President to revise the order, but only solidify his attacks on the Judiciary.

A typical sign of oppression is while the government party PPM are having grand rallies and speeches, the opposition rallies are destroyed by the Police, even as they are acting peaceful in Male. So the gatherings are allowed for PPM and Yameen, but not the rest. That is typical sign of dictatorship, where government party has advantages, while the rest has to suffer for their freedom of expression. That is now shown by the state, with the army and police stopping media from working as normal. Even spreading fear to Raajje TV. They are not defending, but opposing free media.

While also keeping MPs and Opposition leaders behind bars, while stopping believing in rule of law or respecting the Constitution. That is worrying signs and proving how neglectful Yameen is at this point. Peace.


Vnews – ‘Defence ministry warns action for disclosing information that endangers national security’ (09.02.2018) link: http://vnews.mv/95358

Maldives: Raajje Television forced to suspend regular broadcasts (08.02.2018)

Trouble in Paradise VII: President Yameen has officially started his dictatorship!

Parliamentarians to be framed for planned arson attacks throughout [the capital] Malé”, says MP Mahloof

President Abdulla Yameen created a police state and a dictatorship, as he has interfered with the Supreme Court. Since he has not respected the Supreme Court that freed several of Opposition MPs and former President Mohamad Nasheed, who are in exile in Sri Lanka. Today Opposition MP Faris Maumoon was re-arrested again.

Other arrested was Chief Justice Abdulla Saeed. Supreme Court Judge Ali Hameed was hospitalized. Clearly the state doesn’t care about their own. They only serve the President. As the President Yameen ordered the State of Emergency on the 4th February 2018. Today it’s the 6th February 2018 and the President has no put the State of Emergency to the Parliament, which has been suspended. Therefore, another pile of proof that legality and rule of law doesn’t matter at this point. Maybe why the President is still arresting opposition and judges who has followed the Constitution. So we know that Attorney General Mohamed Anil are not following the law either.

There are reports of secret movements from allies of Yameen. Like in Male’s main port there are arrival of Chinese Arms to the government. While there is also insider reports of Pakistani Naval Vessel into Maldives sea. That is happening while former President Nasheed asked for military help to oust Yameen from India. Therefore, the international interference in the midst of the crackdown is appearing. That is happening as the government didn’t want any dialogue with European Union Envoys, neither wanted to go to India for dialogue. That is sign of where Yameen has gone for alliance in the troubling time. The Indian government has suspended Visas for Maldivian citizens and also arrival for hospital purposes. Therefore, government personnel are hit by this and has to go elsewhere for health care.

So after the Supreme Court was assaulted and the judges arrested. There was a revision of the previous order, as the Maldives Embassy in India proclaims on the 7th February:

The Supreme Court today revised the ruling and nullified the points in the original ruling that;

1. Declared that the Judicial Service Commission had no mandate over the Supreme Court Justices, overriding Article 159 of the Constitution which empowers the Judicial Services Commission to appoint, investigate complaints against, and give recommendations for dismissal of judges;


2. Ordered the executive to release 9 individuals (some of them having had their cases finished by 3 tiers of court, some of them having their cases of appeal and trial, and some of them under investigation.)” (Embassy of the Republic of Maldives, India, 07.02.2018).

So the people who was freed has suddenly gotten their fortunes turned, but that was expected after the Military and Police has assaulted the Supreme Court and the Judiciary. So many has been arrested and hospitalized. That is showing that the 1st February 2018 ruling was a danger for Yameen. Since he couldn’t stomach being question by the Constitution or the Courts who was respecting the law. Now they are continuing the crack-down and taking all power in his own hands. The international interference in favor of Yameen is also a worry. Since that is strengthening him and his fate. That is sealing him and making sure he becomes more vital. Especially, since the India doesn’t need more conflicts with Pakistan or China. They are already on edges because of other spats and border disputes. Which, could be escalated because of alliances and justifications to interfere in Maldives.

However, I have already scrutinized the State of Emergency, as it again has broken with protocol, as the President first didn’t have any of the reasons behind it and has now not had the review of it at the Parliament or the Majlis. This is proof that Yameen has no intention of running after the law, but creating the law for himself. That is why he interfered in the Courts and revised the Ruling of 1st February, that put forward this new crisis. Because Yameen cannot manage or stomach either the No Confidence vote in Majlis or the freedom of his opposition. He is a weak leader with an army and powerful friends. But he doesn’t understand the Republic’s Constitution or the rights of the State.

You know that Fitch is showing where this State of Emergency is really hurting the Republic:

The government’s fiscal position is also sensitive to tourism. More than one-third of government revenue comes directly from tourism and some of the revenue-generating initiatives that underpin the government’s fiscal consolidation strategy are also tied to the sector. The government has been attempting to bring down the budget deficit from -10.4% of GDP in 2016. Fitch assigned the Maldives a sovereign rating of ‘B+’ in May 2017. This was one notch below the score assigned by our sovereign rating model, reflecting low reserve coverage in combination with high dependence on one sector and an expected accumulation of external debt in the next few years from the execution of large infrastructure projects” (Fitch Ratings – ‘Fitch: Maldives Unrest May Test Economic Vulnerabilities’ (08.02.2018).

So the sensitivity is now hitting Maldives as the Chinese, Indian and United States has given stern travel warnings to their citizens. That must hit the tourism industry, as they need the foreign exchange and funds it brings.

This is happenings as the State of Emergency is used to obstruct party meetings of parties like MDP who had a meeting at the campaign center Haruge. While there is reported that former President Abdul Maumoon Gayoom been moved to the Maafushi prison.

You know how far the state has taken it today as this is reported to:

Maldives security forces threaten to take action against any media that broadcasts content that might be considered a risk to national security. This announcement comes at a time where Raajje TV has asked for protection against threats to torch the station”.

With all this information. You can see that the information from Maldives is worrying, even if Yameen trying to make it look better. As he is sending envoys to Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and China. We can wonder what is his plans with this, as the Maldives had already said they wouldn’t send to India. But however, the Maldives are saying they are sending anyways. That seems like damage control.

We have clearly seen that the Constitution and Rule of Law doesn’t matte to PPM or the Yameen government. President Yameen has interfered with the Judiciary and with the Parliament, as well as the public. With assaulting the two important arms of the government to secure his own position and worry as the Supreme Court judges was arrested and judiciary employees. Also MPs and others has been taken. The President want all power and not being questioned. Therefore, he didn’t accept that Nasheed also was freed by the Court on 1st February 2018.

Yameen has within a week destroyed his legitimacy and his ambition. He has shown his dictatorial side, his totalitarian side and his oppressive rule. Rule of Law has diminishing as President Yameen has proven his true identity.

Legitimacy and rule of law is gone, because of one ruling that questioned the judgment of the President. Peace.

Maldives: PPM – “Clarifying Misinformation Spread on India’s NDTV” (08.02.2018)

Trouble in Paradise VI: President Yameen declares an illegal ‘State of Emergency’!

The continued crisis that is growing because the Maldives President Abdulla Yameen haven’t respected the Supreme Court of the 1st February 2018, which the opposition politicians behind bars we’re ordered to be released. This order has not been kept, while he has instead arrested more Members of Parliament, used the military to seal of the Parliament. Where the Opposition MPs had plans of voting on No Confidence for the President, Attorney General and the Prosecute General. This was about to be hold and has now suspended the Parliament.

Therefore, the President Yameen and Attorney General Mohamed Anil must have now seen it fit the growing demonstrations against the oppression and aggression against the Supreme Court. That the President has issued a ‘State of Emergency’ however, it is illegal since the Parliament is suspended and military barricades. The Majlis isn’t open for business because of the actions of the President. The Constitution article 257, where the declaration of state of emergency shall be submitted to the Majlis within 48 hours. So the Majlis needs to be in session within 14 days for approval. That is if the President Yameen cares about the Constitution of the Republic of Maldives.

So when the President uses the article 253, that is conflicting and declaring a 15 days State of Emergency. Therefore when he restricts: “During this time, though certain rights will be restricted, general movements, services and business will be affected” (President Declares State of Emergency, 05.02.2018). So with the use of this article that says: “In the event of natural disaster, dangerous epidemic disease, war, threat to national security, or threatened foreign aggression, the President may declare a state of emergency in all or part of the country for a period not exceeding thirty days” (Republic of Maldives 2008).

Just to sum up key aspects of the misuse of the declaration today is that in the Maldives, there a no natural disaster. There are no signs of an epidemic disease, neither are the spiral of war with any nation. Neither a threat to national security and there are no signs of foreign aggression. So the reasons for declaring the State of Emergency is futile, it is a disgrace and disappointment of the man that supposed to uphold the law. President Yameen hasn’t in his declaration said either of this was the reason for using the Article. Since he didn’t do that, I am questioning why he hasn’t complied with the Article of 257.

Also article 254 are not complied with: “The declaration of a state of emergency shall specify the reasons for the declaration of an emergency, and include measures to deal with the emergency, which may include the temporary suspension of the operation of laws and infringement of certain fundamental rights and freedoms guaranteed by this Constitution in Chapter 2” (Republic of Maldives, 2008). The declaration from the President didn’t hold that information and only that certain rights were taken away.

We can see that President Yameen, has no intention of upholding the laws and codes of law. Only to hold power by any means. Especially now that the Supreme Court has freed the opposition and former President Mohamed Nasheed. Together with dozens of other MPs who was freed at the same order. However, they are all kept in prison and the court order hasn’t been respecting.

The Judiciary has already been under attack and hunted after. Today the Maldives Independent online page is down. That happen as the declaration came into effect. Therefore, the demonstrations and the questioning of power of the President Yameen is no illegal.

This chaos is created by the President and is all made by the one President. No one else.

As this continued the Maldives independent has reported this on twitter:

Army and special ops have surrounded the Supreme Court and locked the judges inside” (Maldives Independent, 05.02.2018). The Security Forces are breaking the gates to get in was also reported by the Maldives Independent. 

This is the seriousness of the aftermath of the ruling freeing opposition politicians. That hurt the pride and possible power-structure behind the President. So he now is extending his hand and trying to force his will with the use of the constitution, without the necessary reasons for a declaration. That proves how hungry for power Yameen is. Peace.

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