Opinion: The Ugandan State Officials tries to Torpedo the #PoliceBrutality Case of IGP Kayihura!

Makindye Court 09082016 P2

The Ugandan Officials cannot help themselves even if they are drowning in Lake Albert; they will still claim: “There isn’t any WATER here!” That is just the way they are for the moment. They are just for the moment more focused on the brown envelopes from the Executive, than actually taking care of the neglect of service towards the citizens. That is the key for them at the moment… why do I say that?

Well, the Police Brutality and the questionable behaviour of the Police Force in the recent months and for a long while finally ended in a petition and a Court Case at the Makindye Magistrate Court. Something that first got the impunity of the Police Commanders and the Head of the Department IGP Kale Kayihura to disobediently smooch with fellow compatriots from Algeria than show up in Court that day.

After that we’re the violent supporters of Kayihura and the Police a lawyer’s car and also closed of the area to seal off the petitioners against the lawmen. The demonstrations and their behaviour we’re sanctioned by the Police, while the Police has on the same acts of the Opposition or ordinary citizens acted with violence or detaining fellow citizens. So the ironic staged affairs are openly showing the blatant disregard for equal laws for the people. The Police Force and their commanders are apparently above the law.

So tomorrow the Police Commanders are supposed to answer for their brutal affairs and misconduct in service as civil servants. They represent the people and they are supposed to create a safe society. Instead they are the once that have a monopoly on violence against innocent citizens. At the same time before the weekend the all but famous for justice and just understand of law. Honourable and Deputy Court Justice (DCJ) Stephen Kavuma kind of thinking of cancelling it or disperse it. This happens days after DPP Mike Chibita wanted to control it and now even the DCJ Kavuma even drops his few cents. So that the Makindye Magistrate Court becomes second fiddle to the other Government Law Officials who want’s to torpedo the case.


The DCJ Stephen Kavuma who has fought against the Forum for Democratic Change during the early year and suspended the party who answered the fraudulent election and cast of ballots. So the Defiance campaign we’re shut down with Interim Order, so again the Justice Officer showed his gallant ways to counter normalcy to please his fellow Executive. Because the Executive is above the law and the men who shield him can do what they please. The rest have to beg for mercy even when the Police go against the law and detain people without any warrant or just cause. If they are detained days upon days for wearing wrong T-shirt or being a part of Consultation meeting for the wrong party. Even when they are detained days upon days when the local judge have ordered them free, the Police Commander still let the linger in jail without any charge. That can be supported, but a Police Brutality case against the Police Commanders and IGP Kayihura proves that the law is not similar to them all.

The FDC and their men have battled court and have to take every precaution when they are detained and released from prison. And if they don’t show up on time to court, than they are sanctioned and house-arrested even when the warrant or charge is non-existent towards them. So when the Defiance Campaign we’re a problem they we’re on them like they we’re a disease and needed quick remedy.

But when it comes to his case and the case against the Police Commanders he can show disregard. He disgraces the court and the basic lawfulness. As he is on the top and sanctions other citizens and political opposition he acts without any caution. Still, with that in mind his men and leadership acts without honour or bravery.

IGP Kale 03.05.2016

While he had “supporters” around the Makindye Magistrate Court last time who violently and closed off the area where they tormented the petitioners. Now, today there a celebration and rally for Crime Preventers who are most likely going to protest the case in Kampala and Makindye tomorrow. As the shipped pocket-changed loose-police affiliated organization will be used as a tool to oppress the opinion of the police brutality. As they will be day after left behind in Kampala as the Uganda Police Force doesn’t pay them to travel home to whatever district in Ankoli, Acholi, Busoga or Toro they really are from. The same they did during the campaign period… The NRM and the Police Force cannot help themselves when it comes to this.

When just comes 24 hours to Kampala, the Crime Preventers as they have to fight extreme crime in the City just before Court case happens. Just as they think people are stupid and can’t put two and two together. They come to claim the legality and shut down the citizens who might want to show up and question the behaviour against the state and their top-officials. Something IGP Kayihura and his top Police Commanders are. They are top-officials and men who supposed to be regarded and leaders. The Uganda Police isn’t above the law, even if the lawmakers and justices are letting them go off the hook right now. Because the reality is that the citizens and the ones watching knows that the Police Brutality will be torn in the flesh. Not only to the ones who we’re beaten for “just being on the wrong street at the wrong time”, but also the leaders who sanctioned the behaviours of the Police Officers to do so!

They will not be forgotten, all the live-bullets, killings, the hurt people after the mambas and the beatings after political rallies. They will be victims that will be on the CV of IGP Kale Kayihura. This will be words in the remembrance of the Police Commander, that I’m not so sorry to say: “he didn’t give a fuck about the lives of the citizens of Uganda”. He only cared about his own position and the ruling party existence, but not justice for all men under the law. That is what this case and the actions of all parts of the state shows disregard for decency and justice. The other people are acted upon as they are guilty before proven innocent. While the IGP Kayihura and his Police Commanders are innocent and above the law, before proven guilty; which is the disregard of the law. If you think otherwise you have to get your mind corrected. Peace.

DCJ Stephen Kavuma Interim Order on IGP Kale Kayihura #PoliceBrutality Case (25.08.2016)

DPP Kale Kayihura Doc Aug 2016 P1DPP Kale Kayihura Doc Aug 2016 P2

Uganda: Letter – Withdraw of the Case Against Gen. Kale Kayihura (25.08.2016)


Opinion: The NRM Government are a bunch of cowards as the IGP Kayihura case has changed hands

Makindye Court 09082016

The Police Brutality case that we’re recently at Makindye Magistrate Courts, where the Police Commanders and Police Officers we’re no show. Also the main Police Commander, Inspectorate General of Police (IGP) Edward Kale Kayihura wasn’t there either. As the Police Commander we’re summoned by the courts. The spokespersons for the Uganda Police Force tried to defend the matter, but this proves their intent of not questioning the Police for their actions of violence without mandate against the random citizens.

The reports now that Director of Public Prosecution Mike Chibita has issued control of the case. Now we just waiting for Chief Justice Bart Katureebe to do the judgement in the case and dissolve the matter. As the National Resistance Movement does whatever it can to stall their associates from any kind of behaviour at this point. With the same mind stall the judgements for the opposition as the blasting cases against Forum for Democratic Change bigwigs are lingering in courts after the fraudulent election of 2016.

But before I blaze the glory of the grand election; let’s be clear the change of guards and the change of prosecution is to totally control and leave it out of the hands of the Makindye Magistrate Court. They want to centralize the evidence or destroy the affidavits, get the witness to silence and the men who beaten to whiskered away. Though the footage and video-clips of the clear violence without any aggression are clear indication of the system of oppressive behaviour from the Police Force; as they famous remedy of Political uprising and meetings is live bullets, tear-gas and Mambas with a dozen Police Officers ready to battle innocent citizens attending opposition party meetings, campaign event or consultant meeting.

This here is just the epitome of the problem as the IGP Kayihura is the one who are on top and orders. Fix the opposition and get them in line with the Movement. If the population don’t then they are protesters who need to be silenced by any means. That means beating innocent citizens on the sidewalk. So the people are by definition by the Police Commanders guilty before proven innocent. That is injustice into a system. A system created by the cowards of the Movement.

IGP Kale 03.05.2016

It’s hard to call the militarized political organization National Resistance Movement (“the Movement”) cowards, but in this instance they are. They so cowardly that they cannot handle to defend their violent behaviour or even listen to the witnesses they are bribing to silence. The actions of the weakness of character is so evident that the IGP Kayihura uses time with Algerian Police on visit and now Rwandan Police on visit; instead of defending the brutality of his officers on his command.

The Movement under their policing is proven now to be branch of the Political arm, instead of a State Security Organization that secures the safety of all citizens. The violence and brutality for waving the hands to Besigye is a crime; while the IGP Kayihura own demonstrators at Makindye Magistrate Court sealed of the Courts and wanted to lynch the defence of petition against him. This happen while his Police Officers we’re looking or just barely making sure they could leave the gates of Courts. Even of the Lawyer Abdalla Kiwanuka car was destroyed outside the Court.

When even today the Minister of Internal Affairs Jeje Odongo says “Kayihura is not a person but an institution and an institution cannot appear in Court”; a Hon. Jeje Odongo is a coward defending cowards without any sense of justice. The Internal Affairs are a barking dog together with the DPP Chibita who tries to subdue the citizens. The Citizens who deserves be innocent proven guilty. Right now that only applies to the IGP Kayihura and his organization, even some of the Movement cronies who defend the petition at hand.

The change of hands proves the administrative behavior to silence the Courts and control the cases that depend on the ethical backbone of the Movement. Which is to keep the loyal men around the Executive at any cost; IGP Kayihura is a loyal man to the Movement therefore he can do as he sees fit as long as this keeps the Ruling party at bay. The cowards use any methods and by any-means the courts, the legislative and the Police Force to silence the Republic. This case and the choice after the trial process are now in the hands of the DPP, instead of the judges residing at Makindye Magistrate Court. What a pleasant and coincidence that the man just took over the case and the evidence before really trying it through the courts. The validation for doing so is questionable, as the IGP and his subordinates we’re not there either.

Time for the cowards to get a reality check and question their behavior against their citizens as they acts as expected rulers instead of men and woman who are there on behalf of the citizens; if they acted so they wouldn’t accept to beat up and brutality attack the citizens. Because if they we’re a legitimate government they would acts as men and woman who cared about the citizens and not use them as pawns when they are needed; but when they are not needed they need to be silenced like they are doing now. Peace.

DP Press Statement on current affairs in Uganda (26.07.2016)

DP 26.07.2016

Kampala July 26th 2016The Party seeks to inform all Ugandans that we are ready to participate in the forthcoming elections of the newly created districts particularly Omoro where we have received Applications from four excellent candidates. The NEC has in consultation with the branch been assessing the suitability of the candidates. The process will be concluded today afternoon and a Press Statement will be issued unveiling the Party candidate for the seat of Woman MP, Omoro District. We are still committed to working with other opposition friendly forces and we shall support the opposition candidates whenever and wherever possible.

The Democratic Party is greatly concerned about the state of the Health Sector in the country. We are disheartened that the few erected structures have no personnel and equipment; where the personnel and equipment exist, the facilitation is meager while the equipment has no technical personnel well conversant with its operating. However the regime despite such shortcomings isn’t ashamed to attempt to bail out phony businessmen who claim to be wallowing in debts yet they live a life of showbiz. Provision of health services in the country continues to be described by social class and political affiliation discrimination yet we have a regime that prides itself in surviving courtesy of peasant class support.

Last month our Vice President- Buganda region MP Betty Nambooze was in South Africa seeking better treatment. She is improving and we thank all those who have been there for her especially the FDC Chapter in South Africa. The former Woman Leader Mrs. Maxensia Takirambule has been bed ridden for several months and needs USD140000 to go to USA for surgery. There is also a Fundraising Dinner scheduled for August 12, 2016 at Hotel Africana. What the above cases show us is that the Ugandan Health Sector itself needs diagnosis. We can’t go on living life normally when we know that minus the capacity to seek foreign treatment, death is an assured deal whenever one is diagnosed serious ailments. The amount spent on treating government officials and their close of kin abroad should be invested here to build a vibrant and competent health care system. This is a call that all Ugandans should embrace regardless of our political affiliations and other divisions that may exist among us.

Prisoners’ Rights
The Party also seeks to address an issue most people tend to ignore until they find themselves faced by the same. That is the issue of Prisoners’ Rights vis a vis the right of access to information. Last week, Mr. Abdallah Kiwanuka, an eminent Party member while from visiting Mp Bakireke Nambooze happened to use a road passing by Ronald Kibuule the Government Minister’s home and came across a group of uniformed prisoners doing manual labor at the Minister’s home. He took a photo of them that was to ‘spoil’ his whole day. Road blocks were laid to ensure he didn’t get to the city. This was followed by abduction by the police and an attempt to force him to offer apologies to the person of Ronald Kibuule.

What the fracas that was a circus indeed revealed is that some people have the ability to use the police like one would use a personal walking stick. Involved was a one Ssonko the Traffic commander for Mukono, the Mukono DPC Fred Ahimbisibwe and the OC station Mbalala Police Station in Mukono. These Officers must know we consider Individual Responsibility for Individual Crimes and they will be taken on as individuals.

We do therefore condemn this use of the country’s security apparatus by some individuals just as if they are their personal militia; they indeed might be when we all along haven’t known. We do ask Ugandans to take the issue of Prisoners Rights as an issue of importance. Kibuule’s attempt to stifle the information about the use of prisoners’ labor at his home shows there was something wrong going on. We as a Party therefore will continue striving for the application of Truth and Justice as tenets that will help our country get back to the road of reason and rationale.

Kakande Kenneth Paul
Publicity Secretary