USA: Elijah Cummings letter to VP Mike Pence – “To Produce the Security Clearance Application of Michael Flynn for the FBI” (18.12.2017)

Opinion | Flynn could have been charged with worse. That should worry Trump. (Youtube-Clip)

“Lying to the FBI is bad, but fired National Security Advisor Michael Flynn was accused of worse. Post editorial writer Quinta Jurecic on what she thinks motivated the Trump ally to plead guilty in Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation” (Washington Post, 01.12.2017)

Russian Probe: Michael T. Flynn Statement (30.11.2017)

Russian Probe: Special Counsel Mueller Charge Michael T. Flynn with False Statements (30.11.2017)

Rep. Elijah Cummings letter to the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform on Michael Flynn subpoena in the Russian Probe (22.05.2017)

Michael Flynn’s Councel’s Letter to the Senate Intelligence Committee – “Re: Subpoena to Lieutenant General Michael T. Flynn (Ret.)” – (22.05.2017)

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