RDC: Declaration des Deputes Nationaux de l’Union pour la Nation Congolaise suite a l’Arrestation Arbitraire de l’Honorable Vital Kamerhe, President National (08.04.2020)

Lucha: Communique – Poursuites Contre Vital Kamerhe (08.04.2020)

DRC: Vital Kamerhe transferred to Makala Prison [Did he offend the Don?]

The Director of the Cabinet of the Head of State in the Democratic Republic of Congo Vital Kamerhe, the leader of the Union pour la Nation Congolaise (UNC) whose one part of the electoral alliance with current day President Felix Tshisekedi (UPDS) who formed the “opposition alliance” Cap pour le Changement (CACH). They again went into a deal behind closed doors and become the successor of out going President Joseph Kabila and his Front Commun Por le Congo (FCC).

That after trial, that Kamerhe is transferred to the Makala Central Prison is a big deal today. His not just anyone. His the one who was the guy that made the FCC-CACH possible, the friendly face for Kabila. Because what is happening, something has happen behind the scenes, as he was in Court and temporarily arrested.

His arrested on alleged corruption. That is the latest report. This being the misuse of the 100-Day Emergency Fund, which was supposed to be $100m to cover lacking profits for the oil companies. However, $15m of these went to an unknown account of the Oil Price Monitoring Committee. Which the state wasn’t able to recover or resolve it.

Only in February, the UNC called Vital the “Password” so that CACH-FCC Could have power. What is clear this is a political move for the President. As there was reports on the same matters and same amount of funds in September 2019. Then Vital was cleared from it and Inspector General of Finance wasn’t able to find evidence of any misconduct. However, now in April 2020 they have been able too. In this concern, you know there something brewing underneath.

I wonder how he did offend the Don now? Didn’t he let Tshisekedi eat too? Or did he offend Kabila who is the backer of them and has the power in the National Assembly and most Provinces? Since, Vital needs Kabila still and Tshisekedi too. It wouldn’t be any CACH and neither any FCC-CACH agreement. So, he might have offended the Don or Kabila, because who knows why his getting into legal jeopardy now. Now, that he has the most power and sits so close to the throne.

That a big man like Kamerhe is behind bars for something he was cleared for in September 2019. Only shows that a original sin never goes unpunished, unless you have more leverage than the other party. Who wonder what the UNC and the other associates of Vital will do. However, this political drama is only beginning. Your not putting a man whose in such an important role without an aftermath. Vital is a sort of VP in the Republic. Therefore, this is more to this, than the things released today. Peace.