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South Sudan: The Political Opposition Forces – Communique (19.10.2017)


Position of South Sudan Council of Churches Regarding the Revitalisation of the Implementation of the Agreement for the Resolution of the Conflict in the Republic of South Sudan (ARCSS) – (13.10.2017)

Jubilee Party’s Press Conference on NASA’s contempt of Court (19.10.2017)

ICJ Kenyan Section: “Step Back from the Brink! An Open Letter to President Uhuru Kenyatta and Rt. Hon. Raila Odinga” (19.10.2017)

NASA Statement: “Akombe, Chebukati Revelations Confirm October Elections is a Sham” (19.10.2017)

Age Limit: Government crackdown is now nationwide!

Police has banned joint age limit consultative meetings organized by the opposition MPS. Police says the meetings are no longer consultative meetings but avenues used by the opposition to incite the new directives, an MP is not allowed to move from his constituency and attend a rally of another MP” (Kampala Metropolitan Police Commander Frank Mwesigwa on NTV Uganda, 19.10.2017).

This news reel is a lot of smaller stories that gives you an added picture into the day of oppression and police crackdown on free speech, opposition gatherings and in general contempt of justice. This by the state and the by Police, who at free will are causing havoc, shooting live bullets and arresting, whenever and wherever. There are nothing that is not going to far!

Dr. Kizza Besigye and Patrick Amuriat Oboi have both been arrested on their way to Kisoro-Kabale, as they convoy of cars was blocked by the Police Force. The block of cars happen and both of the Opposition Leaders are arrested and taken to an unknown location, even not sure where they are detained and for what reason. Unless, they are using the order of earlier this month to stop all consultations outside of their constituency.

While a 77 year old man who was collecting signatures to recall Igara West MP Raphael Magyezi. Has spent days in prison for doing so. He was released on 17th October 2017, but that is on bond while awaiting trial that will be on 20th October 2017. This proves how foolish the state is when coming to the Age Limit. Even a peaceful old-man has served days in Bushenyi Police Station and now awaiting new trial for the acts collecting signatures. The offense being possible violence and creating riot. Like the ink on the paper will make the Igara West go into fire. Seriously?

In Kampala, Lubaga South as MP Kato Lubwama’s Consultation Rally was about to appear and other MPs we’re blocked from entering. Gunshots we’re heard and Police blocked the venue. This was at the Lorry Park of Natete. So at the Consultation Rally as the MPs was not allowed to attend. The Public who gathered in the Lorry Park we’re consulted by their local councilors. Clearly, the state is suffering from the Presidents tolerance and democratic worldview, that he delivered on Independence Day this year. These we’re blocked: “MPs Ibrahim Kasozi Makindye East and Muwanga Kivumbi MP blocked from accessing Natete Lorry Park where Kato Lubwama is consulting” (Uganda Radio Network, 19.10.2017).

While Robert Kyagulyani aka Bobi Wine met in Court as he is banned from performing and being the MP who is also a musician. He has sued the state for 300 million shillings in hurt for loss of revenue from the blocked performances.

Meanwhile Democratic Party President Norbert Mao has written to the National Resistance Movement Caucus, asked for a minute or two consult with the NRM Caucus over the lifting of the age limit. The bold move is clearly trying to come with dialogue. While the NRM Party is split on the matter, there been a Anti Age-Limit Party for the suspended NRM MPs and the ones who stand against it. Also, the National Resistance Movement Youth League have written to the NRM Deputy Secretary General and explained at their extra-ordinary Conference, that they will discuss the Constitutional Amendment, even if the NRM Secretariat is against it. The NRMYL will not be intimidated by the Central Leadership.

Richard Todwong spoke to NTV:

NRM secretariat denies being sidelined in Age limit debate. Todwong also noted that it is worrying for MP’s to seek money for consultations yet they are paid enough money” (NTV Uganda, 19.10.2017).

While the opposition of the lifting the Age-Limit are wearing red, red-ribbons and red hats. The NRM are planning and releasing pictures of yellow ribbons to counter this. They are trying to counter-attack the people’s reactions and use of red-ribbons to show their dismay with the possible life presidency of Museveni. That is natural, 31 years and counting.

Soon, the Police will arrest anyone on any charge. As long as there are dissidents and people standing up to it. They will be taken by the authorities. This will not stop, as the NRM are trying to put forward their positive campaign for the life presidency, as they want to silence the opposition and the ones against the change in the Constitution.

This here will continue until the Constitutional Amendment are put for vote in Parliament and that the Legal and Constitutional Committee have sent the law back to the Plenary Session for vote. Clearly, this will take time as the state are looking for the money and the pay-offs of the cronyism.

Clearly, the President are awaiting results and surely will use all means to get this through the Parliament. Even blocking all of town and dispatching the army to make sure the vote goes in his favor. This here will not be left to chance, this isn’t some spoiled shillings on a road development, this is the future of his presidency, that is the most important of all.

We can just wait and see, we will know there will be more developments, more arrests, more deaths and more intimidation, more harassment. No stone is left unturned. Peace.

“Prado’s For Principal Secretaries” – Office of the President letter: “Request for 4WDS” for Jubilee Campaigns (16.10.2017)/Disclaimer letter to Nation Media Group (18.10.2017)

Presidential Pledge Bonanza: The High Court has ordered the “Delivery.Go.Ke” as unlawful!

The pledges and promises site of the supposed achievements of the Jubilee Administration, which is the works and policies done by Government of Kenya (GoK). The National Government that has done this has broken codes of conduct and the laws, as the violations of the Election Offences Act of 2016. The same state has also broken the codes of law, when using the state resources to support and make the web-site. The order today from the High Court ordered that if any person, proxy or any other acting person to not under direction of the order to stop making state advertisement, to restraining the web-site and the public banners or other equipment to advertise the advertisement page of the GoK.

That the President Uhuru Kenyatta and his ruling party has impressively broken codes and laws he has sanction in his own time. The President has used state resources and advertised in a way that is not legal. The Delivery.Go.Ke is unlawful. Its impressive the arrogance and the possible acts of the ruling regime. That they have no trouble putting it up and trying to make themselves look successful, but has to do it in unlawful way.

The High Court used this part of Election Offences Act article 14:

(2) No government shall publish any advertisements of achievements of the respective government either in the print media, electronic media, or by way of banners or hoardings in public places during the election period” (Election Offences Act, 2016).

The issue is clear and the law is not hard to understand. Even layman can understand the issue and grasp the intent. That the respective government, in this case the Jubilee Party and the Jubilee Administration, the State House who supported and build the web-page clearly broke this law. They used this and made this page with intent of the election period. This sort of digital portal of achievement, wasn’t to show transparency or their efforts of holding up to standard of the pledges of previous election. Instead, an advertisement of Kenyatta and his closest associates.

That the page is made by the President’s Delivery Unit (PDU) and a team led by Andrew Wakahiu. The others are: Lee Kyonze, Eliud Lelerai, Nyamu Githaka & Cindy Kuria. The PDU is: “Established in 2015, The President’s Delivery Unit is a centre of government function based in the Office The President. Its primary remit is to improve the coordination of National Government flagship programs, monitor, evaluate and report on and the timely fulfillment of H.E. President Uhuru Kenyatta’s key development priorities” (Delivery.co.ke – About PDU). The whole web-page is mixed together with the Office of the President and Government of Kenya. Clearly, it is like a phenomenon of adverts.

Therefore, the judgment of High Court seems fair, thinking of the use of applied law and the structure of the page. It would be different if the President had this as a single rich Milk-Magnate and supported it with Brookside side-cash, but this is facilitated with government resources and built out of the State House and the Office of the President. This is all part of the government structure and high-level bureaucrats who is hired to promote their President. That is why this page becomes illegal and misuse of the adverts in electronic media. Peace.

Kenya: Joint Statement by Fifteen Professional and Civil Society Associations and Organizations on the Current Elections Deadlock (19.10.2017)

Cameroun: “Une manifestation prévue à Douala par le SDF à l’appui du Cameroun anglophone a été interdite” (19.10.2017)

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