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Mogadishu on fire: Farmaajo is aiming at his “enemies”

The “expired” and “incumbent President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed aka “Farmaajo”. His term has already ended and there was mentions of talks and conference to handle the stalemate on the procedures of the up-coming elections. Now, his not accepted and legitimized by the Lower House and the Council of Presidential Candidates Union’ (CPC). Therefore, after the ceasing of his term. There was questions how things would be.

However, now we are seeing how hostile things are. There is all guns-out and Farmaajo have been close to assassinate several Presidential Candidates and two former Presidents. That is unprecedented. That he does this and usher in the violence. It is not a sign of strength. This is a sign of weakness, as he got no real popularity or prospects of a second term. As he has to ambush and block everyone else from getting elected. That is how it looks from the outside.

A man who has to grab the guns, block demonstrations and stop people from dissenting. When you have not reached or been able to fix an election. Then you know you are the losing one. All of the reports from Mogadishu this Friday is worrying. There is no light in the end of the tunnel here. Only bloodshed and macho-ism with pulling guns and intimidate.

Somalia’s government blocks main roads in Mogadishu. Special training forces were deployed all approaches to Daljirka Momentum where anti-government protests were planned to happen today” (Mowliid Haji Abdi, 19.02.2021).

Somali army reportedly attacked Maida Hotel, where former presidents Sharif Sheikh Ahmed and Hassan Sheikh Mohamud were staying. While the army have also attacked a procession on Airport road done by former Prime Minister Hassan Ali Kheire, Abdirahman Abdishakur and Abdikarim Guled.

Ambulance sirens could be heard and plumes of smoke rose from the area the gunfire near Mogadishu airport, which had been continuing for at least 30 minutes” (Garowe Media, 19.02.2021).

Foreign diplomats located in Mogadishu airport are evacuating to Nairobi as the country descends into new civilstrife. Mortars landed on the airport during heavy clashes” (SomaliaNews, 19.02.2021).

UN Statement on the current

The UN in Somalia is deeply concerned by armed clashes in #Mogadishu overnight and on Friday morning, calls for calm and restraint by all parties involved, and urges that open lines of communication be maintained to help reduce tensions. The UN in Somalia notes that the clashes in Mogadishu underscore the urgent need for Federal Government and Federal Member State leaders to come together to reach political agreement on the implementation of the 17 September electoral model” (UNSOM, 19.02.2021).

All of this here is tragic. It is a travesty. This is how Farmaajo will go out. He will not go out as a noble man, but he used forces and violent tactics to change the Speaker of the Lower House too. This man used all his means to get his people in office across the Republic. So, it is not shocking that he goes to this now. That he doesn’t get his way in the up-coming elections or getting his stipulations for total control ahead of the polls. Because, it seems like he fairs his losing and that’s why rather wants things in the limbo. Hope people give way to his violence…

This is no good. It is just worrying and we can wonder where this is taking the Republic. As the leadership are willing to do this and support it. While the stalemate continues and Famaajo doesn’t back down. Something got to give, but at this point Famaajo is so invested. That his willing to let bullets fly at his enemies. We are just lucky that none of them is deceased by the live-bullets. That shouldn’t be a thing… but it is … because it is clearly the game that Villa Somalia is playing with the rest of the Nation. Peace.

Opinion: Afwerki wants to re-write the planned invasion of Tigray

This month the Eritrean President Isias Afwerki had an interview on State-Owned Eri-TV on the 7th February 2021. The broadcast is intended to be a piece to “whitewash” and be “good reasons” for the involvement of Eritrea in the Tigray conflict. As one of the allies of Addis Ababa after the leadership of Mekelle. That is clear that Asmara and Addis had co-operate in time and held meetings to prepare for the warfare in the region. This has been reported on as well.

Afwerki is doing the same bidding as Prime Minister Ahmed Ali Abiy. Who has used same sort of story to validate the attacks. While it has later been proven that the Ethiopian troops suddenly moved across to Eritrean bases. There was also proven reporting from Addis Standard in January 2021 that Amhara regional government and actors was prepared ahead of war. Not like they we’re suddenly ambushed and hadn’t stationed troops ahead of the early November attack by Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF). Who they are making as the devils here.

Yes, to set the record straight. TPLF have been the tormentor of old, they have been vicious, vindictive and destructive. The TPLF as a government has atrocities and blood on their hands. I been a vocal critic of how they operated as a key part of the Ethiopian Democratic People’s Revolutionary Front (EDPRF) coalition government. However, that does not stop me from attacking the injustice and lies of the present day government (Prosperity Party) and its Eritrean allies. Wrong is wrong, no matter who does it. That is how I see the world. So, don’t think I am in favour of TPLF, but I call out lies when I see them.

President Isias Afwerki highlights:

That President Isaias had expressly asked Debretzion, Acting President of the Tigray Region – in the brief meeting in Omhager, why the TPLF was making huge preparations for a senseless war; Against this backdrop, no body imagined that the TPLF would resort to such unprecedented and reckless move to attack the Northern Command of the Ethiopian Defense Forces (EDF) in early November. This was inexplicable and mind boggling but borne out of miscalculation as is often the case with most wars. TPLF plan was to neutralize the 32,000 Contingent – one-third of which were affiliated with the TPLF and topple the Federal Government. Part of this plan was subsequent invasion of Eritrea” (Shabait – ‘Highlights of Interview with President Isaias Afwerki’ 18.02.2021).

We are seeing his playing the same game as the Prosperity Party and PM Abiy have said in the past. They are holding on to the same narrative before the invasion and direct attacks in Tigray. Tigray was already ostracises and been shunned by the Federal Government in the months ahead. They had even called the September election 2020 “unconstitutional”. While the state “suspended” theirs and had started their unconstitutional 6th Year in the House of Federation (HoF). So, it is always rich of them say this.

However, there are more evidence that Afwerki and Abiy is lying about how it started. As these stories doesn’t connect with reporting. Both what Mesfin wrote in December 2020 and what Addis Standard stated in January 2021. That is why I taken passages from there to prove my points.

Eritrean Involvement in Tigray:

Abiy did not disclose to the Ethiopian public and international community that even more federal troops were airlifted into Eritrea following the outbreak of conflict on November 4. In the 48 hours before TPLF’s bombing of Asmara on November 14, local sources counted close to 30 military airplanes flying in thousands of soldiers from Ethiopia. Subsequent flights transported more soldiers into the Eritrean seaports of Massawa and Asseb. The Prime Minister also hid from the world the Eritrean military’s direct involvement in combat along the entire border that Eritrea shares with Tigray regional state as well as inside Tigray. The following information is pieced together from three different sources: first, reliable sources inside the Eritrean Ministry of Defense; second, Eritrean opposition intelligence sources in Sudan and Ethiopia; and finally, anecdotal pieces communicated from friends and relatives, including some academic researchers” (Mesfin Hagos – ‘Eritrea’s Role in Ethiopia’s Conflict and the Fate of Eritrean Refugees in Ethiopia’ 04.12.2020, World Peace Foundation:

Commissioner Abere Adamu said:

Because it is history let me tell you what happened during this time. At the time, Amhara region police and Temesgen [Tiruneh] who was the president of the Amhara Region, already knew that this thing was going to happen, especially TPLF’s preparation, as they were next door to us. Therefore we have already done our homework, and accordingly deployment of forces had taken place in our borders from east to west. The war started that night after we have already completed our preparations” (Addis Standard, 04.01.2021)

As Adamu continues:

““What we have talked about was, because it is now in the past, let me make it clear for you today: what we discussed was that we had communication with those from within; with whom we had close relations, especially with those members of the Mechanized Forces stationed near Humera; we had relations with them and we have already studied how to retrieve the force to come to us if something happened. So when I and Assistant commissioner Biset say “according to what we discussed” we understand what we were saying. So he told me “things are going as we discussed.” What it meant was to make members of the steel-clad mechanized Special Forces to come to us under the protection of our Special Forces, and after they reached us, to commander them to turn back to face the enemy. So he asked me “they are coming, what do I do with them?” so I told him to divert them back face the enemy; he did it. The armored mechanized members that we provided protection and retrieved from there provided protection for our forces and the foot soldiers marched in. You all know what happened next. This is how the war started; this was the day” (Addis Standard, 04.01.2021).

For me as I see it. The reporting on the flights across with troops from Ethiopia into Eritrea tell me it was preplanned ahead of time. You cannot move troops in the blink of an eye and especially not 30 planes in-coordination. Also, the mechanized brigades and soldiers-on-foot in Amhara region as well. Both of these manoeuvrers proves there was underlying intent. Either the TPLF would attack the Northern Command or not. The Ethiopian National Defence Force (ENDF), Amhara Para-Military (Fano) and Eritrean National Army (ENA) was all prepared ahead of time.

Therefore, the blame-game of TPLF is just a fitting one. Because, to make the previous tenants of power the villains is easy. As they have done so much and caused so much horrific harm in the past. That they can easily be transformed to devious people now too. Even, when the most cunning ones are the one currently in power. That is the reality of it all and Afwerki trying to sell that story. Which the Prosperity Party and Addis has been selling for months. Since that fits them in a glove and gives them a reason. Though, when you look into it. It isn’t that truthful and its a lie. A lie they deserved to be called out for. Especially, when there is such proof of their ways. Peace.


Addis Standard – ‘NEWS ANALYSIS: AMHARA REGION POLICE CHIEF REVEALS HOW REGION’S POLICE FORCE GUIDED FEDERAL STEEL-CLAD MECHANIZED FORCES TO JOIN “WAR” IN TIGRAY’ 04.01.2021 link: https://addisstandard.com/news-analysis-amhara-region-police-chief-reveals-how-regions-police-force-guided-federal-steel-clad-mechanized-forces-to-join-war-in-tigray/

A Warlord reasons not to kill: General Museveni “weird” tale at Rev. Luwum Commemoration Day

Me I don’t fear anybody, whoever you are, if you are wrong, I will tell you. If you are confident about your position then there is no reason why you should kill people or intimidate them” – President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni (16.02.2021).

Well, we are now in February 2021. The Warlord and General Yoweri Tibuhaburwa Kaguta Museveni spoke yet again at another Commemoration Day for Rev. Janani Luwum. Still, the legacy remaining for the deceased is still being altered by the men in power. Just like the days after his death in 1977. When the state wanted it to look like car-accident, when it was an assassination.

Now in 2021, the President is using the day to try to mask himself as better than Amin. Not a new trick. That trick is as old as this regime. Museveni has always tried to reflect himself in a better light and as “liberator” of the old. However, he now uses all the tricks they did. His regime is ushering the same violence, has the same reputation and kills civilians without any sort of punitive action. The state is abducting, kidnapping, torturing and dumping bodies on a regular. It is not like his record is vastly different from Amin now. He just have had more years to do the damage and get rid of more naysayers and enemies. That is the tragic realities, as massacres of 1980s and as late as November last year is left without any consideration of the lives that was taken. So, it is not like this Presidency has changed a lot. Except for the self-belief of being better than in the past. When in reality. His doing practically the same for his own end.

Here is some quotes from today:

I am proud that our generation avenged the death of these innocent people, there was no need for Amin to kill the Archbishop, why kill a person because of criticizing you? That means you’re insecure, when you criticize me, I also criticize you” (Museveni, 16.02.2021).

There was no reason for Idi Amin to kill Bishop Luwum, even if he was criticizing him. He could have just ignored him but Idi Amin was also illiterate and yet he was managing state infrastructure” (Museveni, 16.02.2021).

Archbishop Janani did not die in vain, he took the martyrdom road. Amin was shallow, what would killing a person benefit you? That shows you are a coward and lazy, unless it is a war but for someone who is unarmed, use counter logic” (Museveni, 16.02.2021).

It is rich for someone who uses the “Panda Gari’s”, a man who promised to not have a government, which take away lives and kills without knowledge about it. It is really rich by someone who knows perfectly well the rights things to do, but does the opposite in power. A man who has gone to war in several of nations.

A man who has burned villages, towns and taken lives to gain power. There are only estimates about how many lost their lives in the Luweero Triangle, but some estimate about 250,000. A man who burned Northern Uganda for years just to prove a point. A man who continued his warfare in Rwanda, Democratic Republic of Congo and South Sudan. A man who has send soldiers to Central African Republic, Equatorial Guinea and Somalia. This man knows about killing people and does it deliberately for his own ends. It is not like Museveni doesn’t know the price of winning wars and destroying his enemies. He knows that perfectly well and has enjoyed the spoils of war.

This man has violated people’s rights to assemble, gather and be democratic active. A man who has used his power to constrain the public by law and by arms. There has always been an excuse and “reason” to do so. However, it has by all means, benefited him and his cause.

So, for Museveni to say these things today. Is like the man thinking his living in a vacuum. Where people don’t know what his done and know how he got there. A man who wouldn’t have power, if it wasn’t for 27 guns, foreign support and ability to cunningly take power away from other men. That is what he did and he has held this capacity ever since. A man who used his position to trick it into a better one. That is what he has done ever since he joined UNLA in Tanzania. After joining the Military Commission in 1979 and going to the Bush-War. This man has always found a way and method to get ahead. Even using negotiations and deals to buy “peace”, but later bury the ones he made agreements with. That is the sort of man Museveni is.

One day, maybe not as a mortal. Maybe one day, he will answer for all them skulls. Maybe one day he will answer for all the fallen, the deceased and the ones who suffered as a result of his greed for power. One day, the God Almighty will keep him to account and let him answer for it in eternity. That is all up to him. As it seems, there will be no answer for his deeds in the Courts of Men. That is why we got to hope he will answer in the Courts of the Creator and the Devine Power who also resides on planet. To give credit, where credit is due. So, that there can be served justice and the lives can be accounted for.

As at the end of the day. Museveni is just a man of flesh and blood. When his soul is bare-naked and he has no office. God will see him for who he is and give his verdict. To give justice to all the other souls who was taken, because it was the price for the life liven by Yoweri.

He call murderers cowards, what is he then? A mass-murderer and warlord. He must be one of the biggest cowards walking on planet earth. That is if his words has any value. Peace.

Cameroun: Ministere de la Defense – Communuique de Presse (15.02.2021)