Opinion: Will Smith was both acting right and wrong at the same time at the Oscars…

Los Angeles Police Department statement: “LAPD investigative entities are aware of an incident between two individuals during the Academy Awards program. The incident involved one individual slapping another. The individual involved has declined to file a police report. “If the involved party desires a police report at a later date, LAPD will be available to complete an investigative report.”” (Lois Beckett, 28.03.2022).

On the evening of the Oscars or the Academy Awards as Stand-Up Comedian and Actor Chris Rock was dropping a few jokes before he was giving out an Award on stage. He was able to anger and set acts in motion. Where he mocked Jada Pinkett Smith with a “Jada, can’t wait for G.I. Jane 2” pun and that triggered Will Smith. In such a fashion that he bitch-slapped Chris Rock directly on stage and said afterwards to him “keep my wife’s name out of your (expletive) mouth”. Before the comedian got back to his senses and continued his part of the Award ceremony.

We can understand the sentiment of Will Smith. It all makes sense that he defends the sickness and illness of his wife. However, he is a public figure and so is Jada Pinkett Smith. These are two figures who are in the public eye and who has their dirty laundry for the public consumption. They are even monetizing their affairs and “entanglements” in their home. Things that should be kept private, but instead is directly for entertainment.

This is why Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith has decide how open and what sort of life they really wants to live. These two are very open in interviews. They are speaking of deep personal affairs and intimate details, which should be kept between the partners. That shouldn’t be broadcast for everyone to hear or see. However, that is what they do and the family should lucky that Rock didn’t come with an August joke of some sorts. Because, he could easily have dropped an entanglement pun of sorts.

In his acceptance speech after winning an award, Will Smith said this:

I know to do what we do, you gotta be able to take abuse, and you gotta be able to have people talk crazy about you. In this business, you gotta be able to have people disrespecting you and you gotta smile and you gotta pretend like that’s OK. But Richard Williams, and what I loved, thank you D. Denzel (Washington) said to me a few minutes ago, he said, “At your highest moment, be careful. That’s when the devil comes for you.”” (Smith, 27.03.2022).

I got to say this… Smith is right in defending the honour of his wife, but wrong for acting upon it in front of the whole world to see. It is a juxtaposition where he could never win. That’s because of how the family has sorted out their life-style in public. Neither I nor anyone else knew that Jada Pinkett Smith had that illness. I had no clue. However, we do know about the Red Table Talks and the intimate interviews, which brings to much detail. Where again the dirty secrets and inner-works of their relations is left for public scrutiny.

That’s why the joke now is that Rock cannot come with a remark in public, but August Alsina can have an affair and later he wrote a song about it too. Just so the whole world knows how much he loved Jada while she was married to Will. I shouldn’t have to know about it, but I do, because this sort of thing was everywhere and Will was dunked on as well by anyone.

So, we know that he will defend the honour of his wife. However, the wife will not defend his honour. She capitalize on the affair and made Will look foolish. Jada just made the clip and it went viral. Became meme’s and the stories ever since has been about it. Where the interviews has turned to it and how Will regrets several of things as well. It is just like the yearly “I miss Tupac” from Jada too. Admitting that Will is clearly not to compare to the late rapper. Therefore, she has mocked him plenty of times and never saved the face of Will.

Now, Will being the man did it and stood tall. No matter how wrong or outrageous it was. He still defended her in the public. Just like all the messy stuff, which should have been behind closed doors. We shouldn’t have known all this, but they aired it out and now… you cannot put the lid on the jar anymore. It is already in the open and for the whole world to see.

Will Smith cannot be Jiggy and be private. His either one or the other. The same is to said about his wife. This is a life they have chosen. That’s why it’s easy to understand the sentiment, but at the same time not accepting the manner of which he displayed it. He could have spoken to Rock after and such. However, he couldn’t contain his anger and went all out. That is clear. The ego of him got to him. Which is a common trait among men. While Rock has the right of free speech about public figures too. So, this part comes with the territory and lives they are living too. It is not like they are in the caves, but living in the lime-light, enjoying the perks of stardom.

This is why yesterday is a reminder of how people clash. Not righteously, but as men. Instead of squashing it behind the scenes. Will Smith addressed for the whole world to see. He checked Rock. Some call that fine and other call it deplorable. That’s why this isn’t an easy one to call. Nevertheless, Smith should start to consider how things are playing out in the public. Because, their whole lives has been broadcast on their own free will and that is not looking good for him. Peace.

The Similarities between fictional President Camacho (Idiocracy) and Tom Dobbs (Man of the Year) Versus the real Presidential Candidate Donald Trump!

Trump Idiocracy

Let me take a quick look to the similarites between the fictional characters of President Camacho of ‘Idiocracy’ and Presidential Candidate of Tom Dobbs of ‘Man of the Year’ compared to the way GOP Presidential Candidate Donald Trump, who is not fiction, but a real life candidate who we are supposed to take seriously. Let’s take the similarities and they are very alike and in the real world shouldn’t be the same as fiction. I do not want Mordor or the Evil Eye looking and monitoring everything I do. So let’s remind ourselves that we are still kicking it in the real world.


From the President Camacho of Idiocracy:

Today, I solved the biggest bummer in the history of America.  How?… (not a rhetorical question, actually forgot) Uuuh… remember when I hired. Secretary Not Sure?  He thought of a bunch of science involving uh,… water and uh… electrolytes…” (…)”And Not Sure did that science to the plants.  So now, there will be crops! The problem is solved! And all that other stuff will stop too, like the dust storms, the starvation, the ambulanches and the economy” (…)”And I’m gonna be going up in the polls!  And I’m gonna be gettin’ my pole up – ya’ll know what I’m talkin’ about?!  My pole!”

Trump broken flag

Donald Trump said in an interview in March 2016:

“TRUMP: No, not while I am president. No, not while I’m president. That is two phases. Right now, look, you know, I went to a great school, I was a good student and all. I am an intelligent person. My uncle, I would say my uncle was one of the brilliant people. He was at MIT for 35 years. As a great scientist and engineer, actually more than anything else. Dr. John Trump, a great guy. I’m an intelligent person. I understand what is going on. Right now, I had 17 people who started out. They are almost all gone. If I were going to do that in a different fashion I think I probably wouldn’t be sitting here. You would be interviewing somebody else. But it is hard to act presidential when you are being … I mean, actually I think it is presidential because it is winning. And winning is a pretty good thing for this country because we don’t win any more. And I say it all the time. We do not win any more. This country doesn’t win. We don’t win with trade. We don’t win with … We can’t even beat ISIS. And by the way, just to answer the rest of that question, I would knock the hell out of ISIS in some form. I would rather not do it with our troops, you understand that. Very important. Because I think saying that is very important because I was against the war in Iraq, although they found a clip talking to Howard Stern, I said, “Well…” It was very unenthusiastic. Before they want in, I was totally against the war. I was against it for years. I actually had a delegation sent from the White House to talk to me because I guess I get a disproportionate amount of publicity. I was just against the war. I thought it would destabilize the Middle East, and it did. But we have to knock out ISIS. We are living like in medieval times. Who ever heard of the heads chopped off?” (Washington Post, 2016).

When you read both of them you see the similarities, they both speak simplified, but that is not my main focus. Both President Camacho and Presidential Candidate Trump speaks in a tone and way that is not really speaking with knowledge. That is why he speaks about how smart he is, but at the time spending the time on his Uncle, not himself. Before continuing on winning, but not explaining how he is supposed to win anything, the same way President Camacho is explaining how his minister fixed the crops, he is certainly not sure how the Minister fixed it. The same way President Camacho says because “he fixed” one issue that going to initially fix everything else, it is in the same sense that Trump seems to fix the world issues and go into his own history as a way to show he could fix something. But let’s take the second fictional character and think of the similarities between him and Trump!

Tom Dobbs

Presidential Candidate Tom Dobbs of ‘Man of the Year’:

Tom Dobbs: [on his decision to run for President of the US] “I’m fed up with party politics, tired of the whole Republicans versus Democrats thing. Because there’s no real difference; they’re all Mr. Potato-Head candidates. Basically, the operative word is party. Behind closed doors, they just have a good time. What do you think the Secretary of Defense means when he says, “I think there’s an open bar somewhere?”.

 Trump debate quote CNN

This is what Trump said this in January 2015:

 “And I’m a conservative, actually very conservative, and I’m a Republican.  And I’m very disappointed by our Republican politicians.  Because they let the president get away with absolute murder.  You see always, oh we’re going to do this, we’re going to–.  Nothing ever happens; nothing ever happens” (P2016, 2015).

The similar words of Tom Dobbs the Comedian turned Politician, and the Billionaire turned Politician are striking alike. They both saying that Politicians does nothing, one is saying they are Potato-Heads while Trump says they are getting away with Murder. That is an initially saying they let nothing happens. As Dobbs says they just drinks at the bar, while Trump is straight forwards saying that the President is killing and at the same time doing nothing. Something that should be seen as impossible, either your capable of killing a set person or idea. If not, your able to do nothing. You are doing something if you are actually doing a killing, a subject has to have a motive and actually act upon the killing. That is just stating the double edge of what Trump is saying and how he is contradicting himself. The Tom Dobbs quote says does the same as Trump as saying they does nothing, but goes to the bar having a wonderful time. So this is a mix that fitted.

Fitting right? "Do not do what I say, not what I do" - Is the paradime of Trump.
Fitting right? “Do as I say, not as do” – Is the paradime of Trump.

I have been thinking about this for a while and seen it. Not only the arrogant, narcissistic and racist rhetoric in the Donald Trump Campaign of 2015/2016. This here is just a proof of how he can be so alike to famous and well-known fictional characters. And that his speech is so similar says it all. Soon will Trump praise “Electrolytes for their tremendous power in body”. Just wait and see. Peace.


P2016 – ‘Donald Trump Iowa Freedom Summit Hoyt-Sherman Place. Des Moines, Iowa (January 24, 2015) link: http://www.p2016.org/photos15/summit/trump012415spt.html

Washington Post – ‘A transcript of Donald Trump’s meeting with The Washington Post editorial board’ (21.03.2016) link: https://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/post-partisan/wp/2016/03/21/a-transcript-of-donald-trumps-meeting-with-the-washington-post-editorial-board/

Got to be kidding me – ‘Get the slave look’!

(the picture is from Independent.co.uk article)

Sainsbury’s in the UK say they “offer a huge choice of groceries and products for your home to suit all budgets as well as a great selection of tasty recipes”. But this is so distasteful and flabbergasting. People should seriously boycott the shop for this alone. That the idea of dressing up as the slaves in ‘12 year as a slave’. So here are we in the 21th century where Chiwetel Ejiofor played Solomon Northup who got sold as a slave. I am sure that Steve McQueen the director would be pissed, if he’s not already sold the rights for a clothing-line and earning a slice of it, but even then he should be a bit angry. This is not cool! I can understand if it was a Halloween costume party, but seriously this is the fit as a slave for an ordinary day! Let’s all go Amistad or if we’re really going insane let’s get the style of Schindlers List. We’re all known that the last one is bad taste, extremely bad taste so bad taste that Peter Jackson vomit. I am just mentioning it, because well for me the slave trade and does not see anything romantic in slavery. The use of people and exploiting them for added currency is not hot – it’s on the other side of where it all is disgusting and disrespectful!

So dear people out there, dear Sainsbury’s in the UK. Get sense, please some common sense! This is insane and just terribly wrong. Who had the idea of get the ‘Slave look’ first should seriously get a spanking or at least get their mind correct? Salute to the hustle for trying to squeeze another buck out the movie. But we all know it’s wrong! The good thing is that the store put the display down. That they put it up in the first place is totally wrong! Hope this is the last time somebody does this kind of stunt, a Sainsbury’s spokesman: “We can only apologise.  It’s been taken down from the Heyford Hill store and clearly should never have gone up in the first place”(Hooton, 2014).



Hooton, Christopher – (Independent.co.uk) Sainsbury’s shows shoppers how to ‘get the slave look’ with 12 Years A Slave display mannequin: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/sainsburys-offers-shoppers-chance-to-get-the-slave-look-with-12-years-a-slave-display-mannequin-9395708.html



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