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USA: Attorney General Jeff Sessions – “Memorandum for Federal Prosecutors along the Southwest Border – Subject: Zero-Tolerance for Offenses under 8 U.S.C. § 132(a)” (06.04.2018)

USA: Congressional Black Caucus letter to President Trump on the elimination of the Diversity Immigration Visa (DV) – (12.02.2018)

USA: DHS Announces Implementation of Travel Restriction Provisions (29.06.2017)

Joint statement on behalf of the Government of Uganda and UNHCR: ‘Breaking Point’ imminent: Government of Uganda, UNHCR say help for South Sudan refugee inflow urgently needed (23.03.2017)

This year alone, more than 172,000 South Sudanese refugees have fled to Uganda, with new arrivals in March averaging more than 2,800 daily.

GENEVA, Switzerland, March 23, 2017 – The Government of Uganda and UN High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grandi today jointly appealed to the international community for urgent and massive support for the thousands of South Sudan refugees who continue to arrive to Uganda every day, fleeing brutal conflict, compounded by the limited availability of food.

Uganda currently hosts more than 800,000 South Sudanese refugees. Among them are some 572,000 new arrivals who have poured into Uganda in desperate need of safety and help since 8 July 2016. With present rates of arrival, that figure will surpass a million before mid- 2017. This year alone, more than 172,000 South Sudanese refugees have fled to Uganda, with new arrivals in March averaging more than 2,800 daily.

“Uganda has continued to maintain open borders,” said Rt. Hon. Ruhakana Rugunda, Prime Minister of Uganda. “But this unprecedented mass influx is placing enormous strain on our public services and local infrastructure. We continue to welcome our neighbours in their time of need but we urgently need the international community to assist as the situation is becoming increasingly critical.”

“We are at breaking point. Uganda cannot handle Africa’s largest refugee crisis alone,” said UN High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grandi. “The lack of international attention to the suffering of the South Sudanese people is failing some of the most vulnerable people in the world when they most desperately need our help.”

Chronic and severe underfunding has reached a point where critical life-saving help risks becoming dangerously compromised. Transit and reception facilities are rapidly becoming overwhelmed. Significant challenges are being faced in providing refugees with adequate food rations, health and educational services, and sufficient clean water; a dire situation further compounded by the onset of heavy rains. Currently, UNHCR urgently needs more than a quarter of a billion US dollars to support South Sudanese refugees in Uganda in 2017.

Uganda’s approach to dealing with refugees has long been among the most progressive anywhere on the African continent. Upon receiving refugee status, refugees are provided with small areas of land in settlements integrated within the local host community; a pioneering approach that enhances social cohesion and allows both refugees and host communities to live together peacefully. In Uganda’s Mid and South-West, land for these settlements is provided by Government. In northern Uganda, where the vast majority of South Sudanese refugees are being hosted, the land has been donated by the local host community, an outstanding display of generosity towards people fleeing war and conflict.

As a result Uganda was chosen as a role model for pioneering a comprehensive approach to refugee protection that complements humanitarian responses with targeted development action, benefiting both refugees and the communities hosting them. This was adopted as part of the New York Declaration on Refugees and Migrants at the UN General Assembly last year, and is now also being rolled out in other displacement crises – offering hope to millions of refugees worldwide. However, in the face of severe underfunding and the fastest-growing refugee emergency in the world, Uganda’s ability to realise a model that allows refugees to thrive now risks being jeopardized – and the future of the new comprehensive refugee response framework thrown into question.

Opinion: Eric Trump are right, under the Trump Administration, the US is becoming a “Third World State”!

It’s really sad that we’re in an environment where tax returns are leaked by whoever it may be” (…) “Just think about it. Think about how dangerous that is, how third world that is on a practice that happened. When personal information is put out by people for political agendas. As a civilian, it’s actually scaryEric Trump on Fox News (Tani, 2017).

It is just one of these days where the sons of President Donald Trump speaks their mind and hits the nail. The nail is in the coffin, with the knowledge of the plans to make the republic less attractive, less business-friendly, more lassiez-faire and more focused on army than on progressive financial instruments and regulation to create growth. Trump Administration is busy with deporting millions, building a wall and starting trade-wars. The U.S. Government does not need to be transparent or accountable while doing so. Especially, not in the minds of one of his sons. That claims something unique and special. I have claimed in the near past that under President Trump, the U.S. Government could turn the Republic into a Banana Republic, a sort of style government that could be described by others as a third world one. Therefore, let the dictionary explain that!

Eric Trump needs a definition of the Third World:

1: a group of nations especially in Africa and Asia not aligned with either the Communist or the non-Communist blocs” (…) “2: an aggregate of minority groups within a larger predominant culture” (…) “3: the aggregate of the underdeveloped nations of the world” (Merriam-Webster).

So the United States can itself soon be fitted, not that it is an Asian or African nation, neither Communist, but still it is getting underdeveloped by the way the financial framework and industry is set-up under the Trump Administration. Where the Industry and Financial industry has the Administration by the balls and no eager of taking care of nature or the resources, except for eating the profits without giving anything back to the Republic. Just like the Oil Industry in Nigeria or in Ghana. The same as the mining and mineral industry in the Democratic Republic of Congo. So the United States under President Trump, will be similar. Eric Trump is not so far off, just not the way he thought he would be.

Another man’s vision:

This brings about complete dysfunction. It makes everything — economy, politics, roads, bridges, police, school — broken and shitty. Those who can leave do. Making it worse. This leads to more extremism, and more corruption, and more cynicism. And sometimes extreme violence. Because the other side becomes evil” (…) “The US has been shifting towards all four of these over the last 30 years, with inequality leading the way. We are more divided, economically and socially, then we have ever been (we are less divided racially. But only marginally so.)” (Arnade, 2016).

So when you have a system on the brink of collapse, a wealthy elite eating of the government plate and settling score to not pay their bills to the public, while the citizens and middle-class cannot build a steady life or afforded needed services, you know there are something wrong with the system and the state. That makes the Eric Trump words so right, that United States is becoming more like a third world country, with a sophisticated army, but cannot afford health care, schools or infrastructure. Just like the countries President Trump doesn’t want to affiliate with or been seen with. Since him and his advisor Bannon are supposed to be superior, and like a dictator in a Third World country, he believes he is always right and isn’t wrong.

So one smudge of evidence of his fathers Tax Returns from 2005 leaked to MSNBC Rachel Maddow, proves the realization of the state, that the Trump Administration would dislike. As they are not capping the debt, neither taking into account their ideas of taxation and tax-releases, as much as their will to deregularte industry and financial institutions. Therefore, leading the space of more expenses and negative environmental policies, that damage earth and only gains profit for a slim elite. Just like a Third World Country.

This is degrading for the United States, but the harsh truth, the ideas and policies in the making, the killing of health insurance, the idea of building the giant nuclear silos, while not paying for food for the starving. Proves that the U.S. Government are no closer to countries it does not want to be affiliated with, but still can be consider to be assimilated with. President Trump and his administration is clearly not wishing to be differing from chauvinistically taking charge and not caring what effect it has. Clearly, it is only his image that matter, just like any big-man and authoritarian leader.

So, soon we can say that the United States is underdeveloped and need aid, as their waters are daft, the industry is lacking technology, the roads are more potholes than tarmac, the bridges are weak, their railways not working and often not trusted. The United States has soon more expensive foreign imported goods, than what they produce and is losing money on their export of cash crops as soya and other grain. Therefore, President Trump leading his Republic to become underdeveloped or become a Third World Country.


Arnade, Chris – ‘USA: A Third World Country in the making’ (05.10.2016) link:

Tani, Maxwell – ‘Eric Trump blasts Trump’s tax return leak on Maddow: ‘Think about how dangerous…how third world that is’ (19.03.2017) link:

Merriam-Webster – ‘third world’ link:

U.S.: AG Sessions and DHS Secretary Kelly letter argues for the ‘Muslim Ban’ (06.03.2017)

Oslo Symposium 2017: Politisk Kristne Konservative i Norge er langt fra medmenneskelig, mer arvesynd enn noe annet!

«Det er synd mennesker ikke kan bytte problemer. Alle vet nøyaktig hvordan de skal løse andres»Olin Miller

Jeg er anser meg selv som kristen og konservativ når det gjelder min tro og mine etiske vurderinger i livet. Det jeg anser meg langt vekk fra Oslo Symposium og Fremskrittspartiet som prøver å kuppe de kristne konservative. Akkurat som det skal passe hånd i hanske. At man har fryktens voktere og de som legitimerer sin dekonstruktive holdninger i samfunnet.

Det at disse menneskene som sprer frykt og usikkerhet, de som prøver å lage murer og segregere menneskegrupper, der en tar vekk deres fødested i pass, ekskludere statsborgerskap og ikke minst stoppe innvandring av alt fra kvoteflyktninger til ordinær arbeidsinnvandring. Fordi det skaper dilemma og problemer vi ikke er klare.

Det er disse menneskene som omgir seg med kristne og konservative, med de som skal være menneskene som bryr seg om nåde og nestekjærlighet. Likevel, deres politiske overbevisning er snarer tvert imot. Hvis er en har gjort en synd eller forsnakket seg for 20 år siden. Så kan UNE og UDI med dagens lov-verk rive ned alt en har bygget opp og det livet en har karret seg til. Sønnene og døtrene vil også miste sitt bosted, sin omgangskrets og sine mulige studier. Fordi vi lever i en tid hvor staten tror og beholder sjansen for å straffe mennesker for deres arvesynd. Hvis Mor og Far har løyet eller jukset for 25 år siden, så kan staten ta vekk statsborgerskapet og få sendt menneskene ut av riket. Sammen med alle andre familie medlemmer.

Er dette kristnet, slik vi nå realiserer ved vår tro og i handlinger. At vi relanserer arvesynd og at mennesker ikke har foreldete saker når det kommer til immigrasjon eller asyl. Der en hendelse som skjedde i ens barndom og der en flyktet med massive problemer, som vil i ettertid bli satt spørsmål om, hvis andre indisier sier noe annet. Selv om stater der personen er fra indikerer at disse nye indisier er også feil og ikke eksisterende. Likevel, vil styresmaktene opprettholde sin dom og ikke gi grunnlag for opphold. Dette krenker både forståelse er juridisk grunnlag og av vår allmenne rettsforståelse.

Det vil være som naboen påstår på grunn av samtale med venner på puben at han har rett til naboens jord, på grunn av tidligere avdød slektning eide og ikke overførte dette. Dette kom i retten og den samtalen ble sett som bevis. Da nye eieren av jorden ville miste landet, ikke fordi papirene og overtakelsen ikke var gjort korrekt, men fordi naboen hadde rett fra gammelt av. Dette ville blitt latterliggjort og blitt forkastet ettersom saksdokumentene til naboen ville blitt stående. Men i dagens immigrasjonssaker og asylsaker så kan det virke som snakk og mulig indiser kan gjøre at man mister sitt opphold og mulighet til å bo her.

Denne dekonstruktive holdninger som tar kontroll, der kristne konservative bruker støttespillere og alle mulige kanaler, der de tar eierskap i restriktiv immigrasjonspolitikk, uten å tenke på hvilke signaler dette sender. Denne mystifiseringen av asylsøkere og deres opprinnelse, denne magnetiske frykten ispedd med kors og litt glamour. Det iscenesettende preget av frykt og fremmedgjøring av våre naboer.

Hva er kristent ved det? Er det som står i bibelen til disse politikere og samfunnsaktører: «elsk din neste, bare om de er som deg selv!».

Jeg blir bare tvilende og lei meg, at disse representerer sånne som meg, at disse er spydspissene, at disse blir sett på som kristne. Med deres hovmod og vage utspring i alle mulige fora. Der en kan kritisk se at de misbruker den naive tilliten og trangen til makt. Der alle mulige konflikter og anstendige løsninger blir kastet til side. Fordi, disse kristne vil godta dobbeltmoralen, vil godta at en viser en hard hånd og overbærer seg om de viser ekte nestekjærlighet.

Det er ikke så nøye. Så lenge man viser flid og underdannelse for systemet som konsekvent moralisere og kritisere andre, uten å komme med nyttige løsninger for de problemer som allerede er der. Fordi, det er integrering er problemet, asylsøkerne er problemet, immigrasjon skaper bare dilemma og kostnader. Disse menneskene kommer bare hit for å ta jobber og ikke skape noe. De kommer ikke hit for å søke ly eller få starte et nytt liv. Nei, det er en myte, de vil alle gå på NAV og bli trygdemisbrukere.

Det er slikt som kommer frem, det er så lite kristnet, det er så lite omtenksomhet og tanker bak. Man angriper og åpner ikke for at ting tar tid. At mennesker fra krig og sult, at mennesker som har lidd over lang tid som er kvoteflyktning trenger tid til avklimatisering. Nei, disse menneskene skal rett i arbeid, selv om man har opplevd krig og flyktet fra katastrofer vi selv ikke forestille oss. De skal ikke få avbalansert seg eller få ro.

Det er dette som kommer frem av kristne immigrasjonspolitikerne, de har fremstilt disse som snyltere og mennesker som skal utnytte systemet. Selv om de samme politikere har ingen problem at de lager lover og skatter som deres næringslivstopper vil nyte godt av. Nei, det er ikke så nøye, de er jo som de kristne konservative er. Gi til de rike og stoppe de fattige. Litt motsatte av Robin Hood, hei, det er ikke nøye.

Disse i Høyre, Fremskrittspartiet og Kristelig Folkeparti som alle har brukt posisjonen sin, gitt plass til dette i større og mindre grad. Som har støttet og satt i verk dette. De har gitt grobunn for slike moraliserende holdninger, dekonstruktive moral som underbygge prinsipper om OSS versus DE. Der de kristne konservative har rett til nedverdige og bryte ned alle forutsetninger for å være borger i samfunnet. Dette fordi de selv er redde for skygger, for regn og tåke. Selv om de ledes av tåkefyrster og snart inn i løftes land. Så lenge andre mennesker lever med arvesynd og skammen av foreldrenes valg om å komme til et land i fred. Fred og frihet er ikke gratis, sa Gatas Parliament.

Sannelig, Sannelig, jeg sier dere: «ta dere i vare for de som forteller hvordan andre skal intrigeres eller bli en del av samfunnet, samtidig som de setter enorme krav. Fordi de vil ikke at disse skal bli en del av oss. De vil segregere og underbygge påstander om at de upålitelige og uærlige». Sannelig. Sannelig, jeg sier dere: De som sier dette om andre er seg selv som dåren, som har underkastet sin egen ideologi, der de glemmer at disse er medmennesker som bare har håp om et daglig brød og ordinært liv. Dette er mennesker i ytterst nød og trenger hjelp etter flukt fra krig og katastrofer. De er ikke terrorister eller skattesnytere, de er som meg og deg. Sannelig, Sannelig, jeg sier dere: «om noen forteller noe annet og sprer frykt, bruker Jesu navn og andre kristne forutsetninger for å spre frykt, vik fra disse menneskene, de vil bare bruke din tro som verktøy for ta din naive stemme og også profitere på din frykt for det ukjente».


Another Proposed Anti-Immigrant Executive Order from Trump; where he offers a Deportation Force and aggressively attacking the Non-U.S. Citizens!


Some would think that Five Executive Orders on Immigration would be enough, even if only two of them is signed already, yet another leaks from the White House, which proves the hatred in the Alt-Right Government for the foreign workers and immigrants arriving in the United States of America. Republican Party under President Donald J. Trump will be unfriendly to anyone who doesn’t fit his perimeter of decent vetted immigrants. So with that in mind, there been another one. Just like DJ Khaled, here is another one!

“Sec. 2. Policy. It is the policy of the executive branch to:

“(b) Make use of all available systems and resources to ensure the efficient and faithful execution of the immigration laws of the United States;

(c) Ensure that jurisdictions that fail to comply with applicable Federal law do not receive Federal funds, except as mandated by law;

(d) Ensure that aliens ordered removed from the United States are promptly removed; and

(e) Support victims, and the families of victims, of crimes committed by removable aliens” (White House, 2017).

The ones that will be sorted out by this executive order:

“(a) Have been convicted of any criminal offense;

(b) Have been charged with any criminal offense, where such charge has not been resolved;

(c) Have committed acts that constitute a chargeable criminal offense;

(d) Have engaged in fraud or willful misrepresentation in connection with any official matter or application before a governmental agency;

(e) Have abused any program related to receipt of public benefits;

(f) Are subject to a final order of removal, but who have not complied with their legal obligation to depart the United States; or

(g) In the judgment of an immigration officer, otherwise pose a risk to public safety or national security” (White House, 2017).

As there we’re another one where the Aliens and Immigrants we’re not supposed to be a “public-charge”, here if they ever stole a bottle of milk or has committed wrongful parking, they can be deported. Certainly the drug-dealers and drug transporters through Arizona, New Mexico and Texas will be taken, but there are others who have committed less crimes and less of frauds than the President himself. The clear definition if they are has committed crimes, they are deemed to be seen as illegal criminals. Therefore the Trump Administration can give them a FINAL ORDER of REMOVAL, which by all definition means deporting the fellow human being from the Republic.

Just to make sure the State has people enough to deport them:

“Sec. 7. Additional Enforcement and Removal Officers. The Secretary, through the Director of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, shall, to the extent permitted by law and subject to the availability of appropriations, take all appropriate action to hire 10,000 additional immigration officers, who shall complete relevant training and be authorized to perform the law enforcement functions described in section 287 of the INA (8 U.S.C. 1357)” (White House, 2017).

Because 10,000 Federal Deportation Force will bring back the good old days, where they will start up their own Deportation Agency and find the aliens in their homes and get them evicted. First detained, registered and then sent away to where they fled from. Even if US Government does this, it will be own system of oppression as of who is the rightful alien and who is the subject that the U.S. government can remove.

“Sec. 9. Sanctuary Jurisdictions. It is the policy of the executive branch to ensure, to the fullest extent of the law, that a State, or a political subdivision of a State, shall comply with 8 U.S.C. 1373.

(a) In furtherance of this policy, the Attorney General and the Secretary, in their discretion and to the extent consistent with law, shall ensure that jurisdictions that willfully refuse to comply with 8 U.S.C. 1373 (sanctuary jurisdictions) are not eligible to receive Federal grants, except as deemed necessary for law enforcement purposes by the Attorney General or the Secretary. The Secretary has the authority to designate, in his discretion and to the extent consistent with law, a jurisdiction as a sanctuary jurisdiction. The Attorney General shall take appropriate enforcement action against any entity that violates 8 U.S.C. 1373, or which has in effect a statute, policy, or practice that prevents or hinders the enforcement of Federal law.

(b) To better inform the public regarding the public safety threats associated with sanctuary jurisdictions, the Secretary shall utilize the Declined Detainer Outcome Report or its equivalent and, on a weekly basis, make public a comprehensive list of criminal actions committed by aliens and any jurisdiction that ignored or otherwise failed to honor any detainers with respect to such aliens.

(c) The Director of the Office of Management and Budget is directed to obtain and provide relevant and responsive information on all Federal grant money that currently is received by any sanctuary jurisdiction” (White House, 2017).

So with this in mind, the ones who don’t follow Attorney General Orders and will sanction the state that does not comply with the new regulation and law concerning deportation of aliens. So they cannot get federal grants for security and law enforcement in the states that don’t follow procedure. The State and Federal State will from now on inform the public on the comprehensive list of illegal activity that the aliens are doing.

The Immigrants and Aliens are the one they are searching for indeed, when seeing this:

Sec. 14. Privacy Act. Agencies shall, to the extent consistent with applicable law, ensure that their privacy policies exclude persons who are not United States citizens or lawful permanent residents from the protections of the Privacy Act regarding personally identifiable information” (White House, 2017).

United States Citizens or lawful permanent residents are the one not connected with this Executive Order. The U.S. Government can and will use identifiable information to inform the public of the existence of aliens and immigrations, illegal and the ones who are criminal intent on U.S. soil. These are the ones that new 10,000 deportation force agency is working to use the new applicable law.

The 10,000 officers will also secure this:

“Sec. 16. Transparency. To promote the transparency and situational awareness of criminal aliens in the United States, the Secretary and the Attorney General are hereby directed to collect relevant data and provide quarterly reports on the following:

(a) the immigration status of all aliens incarcerated under the supervision of the Federal Bureau of Prisons;

(b) the immigration status of all aliens incarcerated as Federal pretrial detainees under the supervision of the United States Marshals Service; and

(c) the immigration status of all convicted aliens incarcerated in State prisons and local detention centers throughout the United States” (White House, 2017).


So with that in mind, the Attorney General will also make sure all Aliens and Immigrants in prison are reported off, surely for the purpose of deportation. Not to make sure they could be a positive influence on society. If that was the cause and reason, they would not be singled out so significantly and also punishing the states with less federal grants for law enforcement if they didn’t comply with the Executive Order.

With this in mind, this is the Executive or President Trump keeping another promise. If it is any good or justified, I don’t think so. The beneficiary of this one will not be law enforcement or the states. The black-market and industries benefitting from illegal immigrants are the ones hiring day-to-day farm labour and other businesses, these will lack the uneducated workforce that they have today. This might give work to more America citizens; still this is low-payed jobs without unions and is rapid, seasonal even. Low payed that are based on tips and not hourly paid. Would the American public go for these, when they are used to aliens and immigrants taking them so they don’t have to. Peace.