Opinion: Orbán cannot outsmart the DNA..

We [Hungarians] are not a mixed race, and we do not want to become a mixed race either” -Prime Minister Viktor Orbán (23.07.2022).

The Hungarian history from the Huns to today is filled with mixing with neighbours and other tribes. The Hungarian legacies is far beyond the shores that is known as Hungary. This is just show that blind nationalism is forging history and the ethnic background of a people. Orbán should study his own people and how the state became an entity. Heck, the whole population should take reliable DNA tests for ethnicity and the results would shatter the minds of Fidesz. Because, it’s isn’t as he believes or anyone else.

I will therefore show you two texts, which shows how multi-ethnic Hungary is and how mixed it is. The historical accuracy and the knowledge of how Hungary became how it is today. Only proves that. The populist in Fidesz might dismiss that. Since that doesn’t fit their narrative or belief-system. However, like all Central European nations. They are mixed and filled with multiculturalism. That’s natural because of the borders, the wars and all the migration that happens over time.

Just read these two quotes from two different articles on the matter and they really settle it!

Immigration to and emigration from Hungary, both temporary and permanent, have been a reality to reckon with since the birth of the country. Hungary is situated in a geographical and geopolitical zone deeply influenced by the economic, political, social and religious conflicts between East and West, North and South, and by efforts to equalise these differences. From early on, immigration created a sort of multiculturalism in Hungary. This became self-evidence in the Habsburg Empire, when Hungarians cohabited and mingled with Germans, various Slavic groups, Italians, Romanians and Jews for centuries” (Frank Tibor – ‘MIGRATIONS IN HUNGARIAN HISTORY – PART I’, 12.01.2016, Hungarian Review)

To start with, the Magyars installed themselves in what is today Hungary, together with peoples who were already in the area. Others – from both east and west – joined them after the conquest and began to settle in the country in the 10th–11th centuries. This pattern continued with several settlement campaigns later on, for example in the 13th–14th centuries and in the 17th–19th centuries” (…) “Acting as the proverbial bridge between east and west secured Hungarian culture an eventful and colourful history and genetic mix, similar to the average European. Were you to set out to find a Hungarian without a mixed genetic background, it would be a challenge, to say the least. Most people, not just Hungarians, share a good part of their ancestors down the line. Sharing a common language and, via the language, its literature and sense of history, would fulfil the criteria of homogeneity for some cultures” (Zsuzsanna Ardó – ‘The paradox of ethnic homogeneity – a Hungarian example’ 13.03.2014, OpenDemocracy,net).

Some might say that the speech of Prime Minister Orbán is controversial. I beg to differ. I would say its delusional and utter garbage. The Hungarian Prime Minister might feel like this and say the Hungarian people isn’t mixed. However, that doesn’t make it true. By default, the ancestors and their actions in combination of the migration of both the Maygars and the other tribes are all collectively a part of how Hungary looks today.

That’s why its really foolish and lack of knowledge to come with a statement like this. This racial purity stuff is far-right nonsense, which isn’t based on facts and historical patterns. The PM can say these words, but it doesn’t make it true. It only shows his open ignorance and lack of concern of his own heritage and how multi-cultural Hungary is.

I shouldn’t have to write these things. As it is set in stone, but someone has to counter the stupidity and acknowledge the fact. Unless, Orbán and Fidesz will do mass DNA testing to prove a point, which he cannot win. Because, the DNA will not lie and Orbán knows this. Peace.

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Opinion: A little lesson in pre-colonial history of Algeria [and that’s all thanks to the French disgrace of Mr. Macron]

Was there an Algerian nation before the French colonization? That is the question. There were previous colonizations. I am fascinated to see Turkey’s ability to make people totally forget the role it played in Algeria and the domination it exercised. And to explain that we are the only colonizers, it’s great. Algerians believe in it.” – President Emmanuel Macron

The French President Macron have again showed the world the arrogance of the French. The President should clearly go back to the school bench and learn something from history. Since, he shows the ignorance and arrogance of the Paris elite.

Macron is married to a teacher, but it seems like she has given other types of bed-time stories. The President should know about the Maghrib and the Berber dynasties. However, he thinks all history starts when the French occupies a territory. Not like the Algerian or the North African could have made states or even a viable nation.

The Almoravid movement made it possible to conquer areas from as far east as Algiers, today’s Morocco and up to the Ebro River of Spain. That was done by the time of 1106. After that the Almohads took control of Morocco by 1146 and continued by capturing Algiers around 1151. The Almohads had completed the conquest of central Maghrib. After 1999, the Zayanids founded a dynasty at Tlemcen in Algeria, which they controlled the Maghrib for 300 years and made the Tlemcen the “pearl of the Maghrib”.

This is just to name a few and shows there been people doing vital things in Algeria long before the French arrived and colonized Algeria. Heck, the Romans even took parts of Algeria as they occupied Tunisia and the Charthaginan state. The Punic wars waned the Romans power and the defeat of Carthage by 146 BC, which made Berber leaders influence grow in the hinterlands and with that loosely administered Berber Kingdoms that had emerged. Therefore, even back to this time there was civilization to reckon with, which wasn’t there before French arrived.

I have mentioned all of this without even mentioning military commander Khair ad Din and who became provincial governor of Maghrib in 1518, It was the Ottoman Sultan who gave him this role and Algiers became the centre of the Ottoman authority. This military commander is considered as the founder of modern Algeria. That is not a French man, but a man of their own.

The French started their blockade of Algiers in 1827, which lasted until 1830, but because of that failure. The French used that as an excuse for a military expedition, which later tuned into more expansive and by 1848 the northern parts of Algeria was under the French control. The Second Republic of France declared Algiers, Oran and Constantine as “integral parts” of France.

Franz Fanon wrote in ‘The Wretched of the Earth’ (1967) on page 210 he wrote:

Colonialism is not satisfied merely with holding a people in its grip and emptying the native’s brain of all form and content. By a kind of perverted logic, it turns to the past of the oppressed people, and distorts, disfigures, and destroys it. This work of devaluing pre-colonial history takes on a dialectical significance today” (Fanon, P: 210, 1967).

That’s what Macron is doing and it’s disgusting. He should know better, but maybe French arrogance is this way. Algeria has a rich history before the French colonized it. The French was brutal, killing Algerians and Berbers. The French had a bloody war to stop them from getting independence. Secondly, the French didn’t serve or help Algeria during the famine of 1930s neither. So, the French civilization isn’t that great, unless it unleash death outside of it’s own soil.

Macron should pick up a book and get some knowledge about the previous colonies before he opens up his mouth. Unless, he wants to be neo-colonial brat from the Paris elite. Who doesn’t value the pre-history of Françafrique countries. The French President is clearly not caring or valuing this. He still has the overlord mentality. It is tragic, but isn’t shocking. As this man has said disgraceful things before. Peace.

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Opinion: Marcos Day shouldn’t be a thing

To celebrate the former President and the Dictator Ferdinand E. Marcos doesn’t make sense to me. The Filipino Nation, the Philippines has such great heroes that deserves dedication and get their credit. They are all deceased and gone, but their memory can live on. The most recent dictator doesn’t need a day or be celebrated in glory.

It makes sense that the dynasty, the family and the remaining family members wants to clear its name. However, the name will be remembered for the looting, the martial law and the oppression. Which let the republic revolt and had their EDSA, the People Power Revolution of the Philippines, which removed Marcos from power in 1986, who had been in power since 1965.

The man kept the republic under a control with an iron fist. With 1st and 2nd Term, the second martial law period from September 1972 to January 1981 and the final “Fourth Republic” from January 1981 to February 1986.

Therefore, I have hard time to see people celebrate a thief, a kingpin and a grand dictator. People shouldn’t forget the man and his whims. They should never forgot who he controlled and misused the government to his benefit. No, that should be remembered. So, that it doesn’t happen again and get repeated by someone else. That is how you can remember Marcos.

Instead of celebrate Marcos, the state could instead give days to the like Andrés Bonifacio, Emilio Aguinaldo and Jose Rizal. They could even celebrate a man who got assassinated by Marcos. Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino Jr. a man who stood up against the Marcos regime and lost his life doing so. He deserves praise and being important in the revolt against Marcos.

This is why Marcos shouldn’t be celebrated. There are so many victims, families hurt and people who lived under the tyranny. This man doesn’t deserve the honour of a day in his name. A public holiday. He deserves to be part of history as a warning to what power can do to you and how it can corrupt you. However, not be a celebration of his persona and his life.

That is make glitz and glamour for a man who misused his office and took the Republic for granted. Used the seal and the good faith of the Filipino to his advantage. A man who used the military forces to keep a hold on the public and not allow them their freedoms.

Marcos doesn’t deserve this. If so, then why celebrate the EDSA every year? Why remember the People Power Revolution? When you remember the man who caused the need to revolt?

EDSA is celebrated every 25th February 2020 and rightfully so. A reminder of the power of the people, but also the popular demonstrations against Marcos.

Even if this is supposed to only be celebrated in the province of Ilocos Norte and Laoag City. It is still a reminder of what Marcos did for the whole Republic. It is a travesty to celebrate this every 11th September somewhere. While also celebrating the revolution who toppled him.

Marcos Day shouldn’t be a thing. Rather celebrate countless others who sacrificed themselves for the Republic. The ones who lost their lives for a democratic Filipino Nation. Not celebrate the men who took away. Peace.

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