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UNMISS: Extension of the pre-transitional period a sign of goodwill between the parties in South Sudan (04.05.2019)

South Sudan: Is the R-ARCSS extension only to buy time?

Today, I have to ask this question, because there been so many fault-lines, so many bothering revelations along the way. Since the Khartoum Declaration last year to the R-ARCSS agreement that was supposed to be initiated and finalized by May 12th 2019. However, this is not happening, as the stakeholders, parties and all sorts of functions are keeping pushing it away. If not the TGoNU is currently also paying lobbyist in the United States not to put pressure on them finalizing one piece of it, the Hybrid Court. Alas, there is the mere question from me today. Was it all built on the wrong foundation, on a false pretext and a false hope?

By all means, I wish it isn’t so. Because the Republic of South Sudan. Needs peace, needs diplomatic efforts and need to be rebuilt. This will be painful, as the suffering and time of warlords are in the veins of the current leadership. Where everyone who disagrees starts their own armed rebellion and besiege any given territory, instead of building up a function and institutionalized state. Maybe, the stakeholders wasn’t interested in that, if they were, maybe they wouldn’t have invested so much in guns and training of personnel, right?

This is what it all seems, that the ones steering the ship has been buying time. Establishing networks for trade of resources, to again secure the ability for more prosperous warfare. Because, why the hassle of talk, when you can get rid of the person your supposed to talk too. I know it is sinister, raw and brutal, but for a Republic to have such vast amounts of people in Refugee camps in the neighbour countries, for Protection of Civilians (PoC) sites and Peacekeepers. Surely, they are amass in issues, which needs to be resolved. Not only knit-picking illegal gold smuggling for the heist of the stakeholders at this current day. But the whole system created by the warlords, the ones who used their armies and their rebels. Who are all now nearly together, accept a few chosen groups who isn’t there or saying it is dying already.

I don’t know, but if this seems like buying time. It seems more likely now. That the ones who are getting their spears, their shields and the cash-flow for more possible violence later. Who knows right? But why didn’t the TGoNU work harder with the stakeholders like SPLM/A-IO, SPLM-FD, SSOA or anyone else.

Let me say this again. I hope I am dead wrong, that they are really serious and want to finalize the implementation of the R-ARCSS. Since, it seems like this. The only good is that they are together in Addis Ababa declaring the resolution today, but does it has any value? Or is the asking for money for implementation the key aspect of it all?

Because, the state was together with all parties was supposed to be finished next week, but now has postponed it six more months. This is really a sign to come, unless there are some signals and proofs of implementation, that is showing pure intent. Not just paying Gainful Solutions or anyone to stifle the process. Having illegal deployment of foreign forces in parts of the Republic. Therefore, there is enough warning signs, which isn’t only the lack of will to implement it.

So, lets hope this is not to buy time… not to buy time, but to actually do this correctly. Peace.

South Sudan: IGAD – Resolution – Meeting of the Parties to the R-ARCSS 2018 on the Status of Implementation of the Pre-Transitional Tasks and the Formation of the RTGoNU (03.05.2019)

South Sudan: IGAD – Draft Resolution – Meeting of the Parties to the R-ARCSS 2018 on the Status of Implementation of the Pre-Transitional Tasks and the Formation of the RTGoNU (May 2nd – 3rd 2019)

Joint local statement on restrictions to freedom of Expression and Assembly in Uganda (03.05.2019)

The South Sudan Civil Society Forum: Civil Society Calls for Renewed Commitment and Allocation of meaningful National Resources for Implementation of R-ARCSS (01.05.2019)

Troika statement on South Sudan (30.04.2019)

The members of the troika (Norway, the United Kingdom and the United States) have made a new statement on the South Sudan peace process.

OSLO, Norway, April 30, 2019 – Read the statement here:

The members of the Troika (Norway, the United Kingdom, and the United States) express their appreciation of IGAD’s role in advancing the South Sudan peace process. The September 2018 Revitalized Agreement on the Resolution of the Conflict in the Republic of South Sudan (R-ARCSS), represents an opportunity to build peace and stability in South Sudan.

The R-ARCSS is at a critical juncture, with the scheduled date for the formation of the transitional government days away. The parties to the conflict and in the region need to redouble their efforts to move the peace process forward. To demonstrate political will, we urge the parties to work together in a spirit of compromise to build trust among South Sudanese leaders and the South Sudanese people.

The agreement has brought a welcome reduction in violence in most parts of the country; but civilians are bearing the brunt of continued fighting, and a troubling pattern of sexual violence persists.

The implementation of the R-ARCSS is behind schedule and key benchmarks have been missed. We urge the parties to agree on priorities and implement their commitments. Any decision on forming the transitional government as scheduled or delaying to a later date should be made through consensus of the parties. If the parties come to a consensus that a delay is required, they should develop an achievable plan to resolve outstanding issues and move forward in a defined timeframe. An open-ended delay could slow momentum and put the peace process at risk.  Regardless of a delay in the formation of the transitional government, elections should be held by March 13, 2022, as originally scheduled under the R-ARCSS.

We support IGAD’s Special Envoy Ismail Wais in his efforts to engage non-signatories of R-ARCSS. It is crucial that all South Sudanese support this opportunity for peace and make the process inclusive. IGAD will also have a key role in overseeing discussions about the formation of the transitional government, including at the forthcoming summit in Addis Ababa. We appeal to IGAD to appoint a permanent chair to the Revitalized-Joint Monitoring and Evaluation Committee, which monitors the agreement’s implementation.

The Troika reiterates its commitment to the people of South Sudan and urges the parties and the region to seize this opportunity for Peace.

South Sudan: IGAD letter to SSOA – “Re: Invitation to a Meeting of the Leadership of the Parties to the R-ARCSS” (24.04.2019)

Sudanese Professional Association: The Situation Regarding the Dialogue with the Transitional Military Council (22.04.2019)

On yesterday, the 21st of April, the Forces of the Declaration of Freedom and Change (DFC) announced that they are stopping all forms of communication with the Transitional Military Council (TMC). This happened after the TMC called for a meeting to question the intention of the DFC forces to announce the names of its candidates for the civilian sovereign council and the transitional cabinet. The TMC conveyed that it received over a hundred proposals on how to formulate the the interim government and it will study all of them to proceed forward. The TMC clearly expressed that it does not recognize the DFC forces as the representative of the protestors in the sitdown strike (sit-in) and that it considers other forces – forces that include allies of the deposed regime – as legitimate partners in the transitional period. We in the SPA categorically reject this manipulation of the dialogue process and consider it a wicked play from the political committee assigned by the TMC to run the dialogue. This committee is comprised of members who are figures from the previous regime, and its head (Omer Zain Elabdin) was the head of the National Congress Party (NCP) within the army. Zain Elabdin is trying his best to bring back the deposed regime from the window after Sudanese people rejected it in the widest popular referendum. The committee also includes Jalal Eldin Elshiekh the deputy director of the infamous National Intelligence and Security Services (NISS) and Eltayeb Babiker, the force behind the infamous public order framework.

Another trick attempted by the TMC political committee is the false framing of the DFC forces as being not ready and fragmented. However, the DFC forces have discussed the three tiers of government and submitted a full proposal of transition to the security council and discussed the proposed names. Many of the political forces in the DFC coalition announced that it will not participate in the interim government and will be committed to nominating a list of professional qualified names for the cabinet.

The main issue of conflict with the TMC is the nature of the sovereign council. While the TMC insists on a fully military council, the DFC forces propose a civilian council with military representation to act as the sovereign head of state in the country.

This statement is to convey the current situation of the current political process in Sudan. The dialougue process is being manipulated by the political committee of the TMC in an attempt to circumvent this revolution and preventing it from achieving its full objectives, but we assure the Sudanese people and the world that as we were victorious in our battle, we shall be glorious in our times of peace.

The foreign relations committee

The Sudanese Professionals Association

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