Opinion: A Professor was outsmarted by a “drop-out”

Kisumu Governor Anyang’ Nyong’o had a bad day yesterday, as he early on the 29th March 2023 proclaimed in a press release that demos could be held in Nairobi and it was suspended in Kisumu.

The words he used was: “1. THAT all public demonstrations within Kisumu County have from today been suspended indefinitely so that we can join demonstrations in Nairobi” (Governor Anyang’ Nyong’o, 29.03.2023).

That was the words of the professor earlier in the day. Which stipulated all demonstrations and protests was banned in Kisumu County. Certainly, done to block and silence demonstrations in his County. However, the professor didn’t think it would back-fire to takeaway the constitutional rights to protest.

So, the Governor of Nairobi retorted to him in a message called “return to sender” where he said: “The Governor of Kisumu’s idea that he can export his demonstrations to Nairobi and make our County the capital of demonstrations and associated mayhem is preposterous and totally unacceptable” (…) “In the spirit of devolution, I would advice the Governor of Kisumu, Prof Anyang’ Nyong’o’, to keep his demonstrations to his County. It has been decided that further protests and demonstrations shall similarly no longer take place in any part of the city” (Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja, 29.09.2023).

After a few hours and possible talks behind scenes in Kisumu. The Governor Nyong’o made a u-turn and changed his mind. This time opening again for protests and demonstrations in Kisumu.

As his second press release for the day stated this: “We are encouraged by the resolve of our people to continue the demonstrations tomorrow, we have therefore been urged to continue with peaceful demonstrations tomorrow and we shall do so. We know goons have been hired by our opponents to cause chaos and loot property. Our people must not provide the goons and criminals the opportunity to do so. We therefore urge you to turn out in large numbers and join other Kenyans in the liberation struggle” (Governor Anyang’ Nyong’o, 29.03.2023).

It is just funny how someone who never finished at the University of Nairobi and who took online courses (allegedly) at a educational facility in Kampala is able to outwit a professor. Professor Nyong’o should feel ashamed by yesterday. He should feel humiliated and played out.

The Professor should know that it’s within the peoples right to peaceful demonstrate. That’s bound by law and the constitutional right. It isn’t just for Nairobi, but every single county of the Republic. The idea of suspending the demonstrations from a county government standpoint is mute. Since, it has no rights to do so, unless it is violent or breaching the “peace”. Until that happens and its endangering society. The County and the Authorities shouldn’t suspend or block it.

It is just funny that a guy like Sakaja played Nyong’o like a sting. He just had fun retorting and no putting much thought into. This should be a lesson for the governor of Kisumu. Next time he has to come correct, because this is just dumb. Peace.

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