Opinion: Muhoozi’s “popularity” is artificial at best…

Lt. Gen. Muhoozi Kainerubaga and his MK Movement/Army is a castle made on sand. The waves will overtake it and the sand will end up in the ocean. The seas will over time take control and return things back to “normal”.

The castle that MK and his handlers are building looks shiny. The gates, the water-ways and the astute guarding towers. Nevertheless, it is a pointless exercise, when it is all based on a lie. MK have no real popularity or sense of what the public wants. His trying to act youthful and be the “next” in line. Though it is a futile enterprise, because he has no charisma and no message to sell.

Unless, his trying to act holier than thou. The militant and brutal soldier who is trying to convene messages of faith and belief in the future. A man who is trying to succeed and copy his father. Though his father has reasoning and knows how to spin an agenda. His son looks like a fish out of water. Muhoozi just cannot stomach or has the cognitive ability to convey it.

We know the team who is buys with their gig will do what they can to sell him. If it is on the social media platforms. If not in the newspapers and wherever you can read about it. They will make it seem like he has “real” crowds and engagement. Though people are ferried, paid and fed to be there. They aren’t there out of love or support, but getting there for a free t-shirt.

While others has build parties and tried in the political landscape to fight for their rights. For MK it is a right of passage. Since others are blocked, silenced, tortured and not allowed to enter the arenas. The whole state machinery and every little minion is preparing the feasts for MK. From his birthday bashes to now “clean up” Sundays. The state are just ushering him in and kissing his feet.

That’s why MK starts to believe his onto something. Even when his far from it. When you are living on a lie. The lie will sooner or later catch on to you. Especially, when his surrounded by “yes-men” who won’t dare to question him or challenge him. They don’t want the avenger to leave them in a dungeon like his done to others over the years.

MK is a soldier at heart and not a good one either. It is easy to win battles over unarmed civilians and humiliate opponents who are mere mortals. That’s what he has done and it’s been relatively easy. He has gotten away with murder and with human rights violations. As a commander of the Special Forces Command. He has done things that are despicable. Therefore, thinking his loved and genuinely popular is naive.

Muhoozi will not achieve his goals on merit or by a popular vote. It got to be rigged, because his artificially created and made up. The token Manchurian candidate and not the true definition of populist. No, his just a brother who would have been a butcher or mechanic, if it wasn’t his father being the tyrant since 1986. That’s why he thinks his all of that and he got the juice.

There is no juice and no mental gymnastics that can make him a “winner”. Since he doesn’t have it in him. A politician and a popular leader needs certain characteristics…. Which MK doesn’t have and never will. First of his father had some of it and he was able to sell his lies for years. Secondly, MK doesn’t have the time or want to go to the bush for his “rights”. His already old and isn’t built that way. MK is the elite and the product of the patronage of the NRM. That’s why his like this… and he won’t change. Peace.

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