Ethiopia: Ezema says the TPLF got rectified too early…

“It is only possible to solve problems through discussion and resolution if the parties with different opinions are willing wholeheartedly and there is confidence that the government’s power will not be taken by force. The TPLF did not want to accept these facts and declared war, on the contrary, Ezema firmly believes that the survival of our country is the priority, so both the party and its members stood by the side of their country and made sacrifices. We take great national pride in doing this. Today’s decision-making process is not timely and correct, and it does not bring lasting peace, relief and acceptance to the entire Ethiopian people” (Ezema, 22.03.2023).

No one should be shocked or in awe over the Press Release from Ezema party yesterday. Where the Ezema Party explain its position and how it dislikes the House of Federation revocation of terrorist organization status of the TPLF.

The Ezema Party has been a vocal supporter of the war in the North. Ezema has been a loud-mouth and didn’t want the war to stop. They wanted to prolong the conflict and continue to assault the region. Maybe the Ezema party wanted to revenge the TPLF over the 2005 election. Because there is old grudges and the party leader of Ezema has all the reasons to be bitter, because he lived in exile until Prosperity Party took away “Ginbot 7” terrorism label as well. Therefore, Dr. Bernehu Nega should understand this better than most. However, he rather wants to be on a warpath.

Just continue to read… from the Press Release:

“We would like to state that the ruling Prosperity Party and the government will be the main ones responsible for the national damage caused by the TPLF. The council did not confirm that the obligations according to the Pretoria agreement were not fulfilled, the TPLF is not responsible for the crime of treason committed against the people and government of Ethiopia, and those who have experienced the brutality of the TPLF’s war of arrogance, especially in Tigray, Amhara and The decision to delete the group from the terrorist list without giving justice to our people in Afar is a judgment that history will not forgive” (Ezema, 22.03.2023).

“It is this organization called TPLF that has made the people of Tigray region to be separated from their fellow Ethiopians and to destroy the country’s economy. To remove a group that has committed such a great crime from the list of terrorists unconditionally. It is an abuse of justice and national sovereignty. Freeing individuals and groups who have committed the crime of treason from terrorism without accountability and trust is a shameful act that cannot be expected from the powers that be in charge of the country” (Ezema, 22.03.2023).

The Ezema continues with the rhetoric and the dogmatic belief that the TPLF started the conflict. A story that Tripartite Alliance has been busy selling. Though the proof of planned troop movement, mechanical divisions, and other deployment around the borders of Tigray proved it was planned of the November 2020. Because no one was supposed to know that and that’s why the attack on the Northern Command just happened out of nowhere. Which is all a lie and something the Tripartite Alliance has been busy selling.

Yes, in this conflict and war, innocent people has lost their lives and plight on third party people. That has happened in the Amhara region and Afar region. Though the biggest pain and suffering has happened in Tigray. Where the battlefields, massacres and the steady conflict has been going on since the start of the “Operation Law Enforcement”. We are just supposed to forget the journey there and how this was all to consolidate power in Addis Ababa. Also, a means to retaliate and revenge old grudges from Bahir Dar and Asmara as well. That’s why Ezema is acting like this and doing it in the name of “Unity”.

If Ezema had gotten its way. The CoHA wouldn’t exist and the peace agreement wouldn’t have happened in the first place. Because the likes of Ezema wanted the war to be prolonged and settle old scores. That is the gist of things with the prior statements during the war from Ezema. They have been all out and defending the war. That’s been their gig, as the part of the government and ally of the Prosperity Party.

Ezema is just showing their spite and will for revenge. They are part of the political sphere, which wanted TPLF to be defunct and non-existent. Peace.

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