Ethiopia: The TPLF was a “terrorist organization” for 687 days…

“Addis Ababa, March 22, 2023 (FBC) – The House of Peoples Representatives of Ethiopia, in its extraordinary session, has decided with majority voice to remove Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) from its terrorism blacklist” (…) “Recalling the conditions that have forced the government to designate TPLF as a terrorist organization such as disobedience to the constitutional order and unlawful elections, its attack on the Northern Command of the ENDF, the Justice Minister said that the group has been contributing to the national efforts for peace. Themotiwos cited a willingness to disarm and demobilize its combatants as the positive steps taken by the TPLF based on the Pretoria Peace Agreement. TPLF’s collaboration for the establishment of transitional administration in Tigray region is also a positive step it has taken to support the peace process, according to Themotiwos” (Fana Broadcasting Corporate – ‘House Removes TPLF From Its Terrorism Blacklist’ 22.03.2023).

Today is a big day, as the House of Federation (HoF) is vindicating the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF). There is yet to end all hostilities in the Tigray region. Neither has the Tripartite Alliance backed down or retreated from the battlefields. The allies of the FDRE are still active in Tigray and all the government services is far from operating…

Therefore, today is mostly symbolic after 687 days since the House of Federation (HoF) designated the party as a terrorist organisation. That’s why there is a significant difference in today and the other day. It just shows how political and convenient it was the ones in office to do so in 2021.

If this is a lesson in how someone can be vilified, become a target and be endangered. The authorities and the state has crucified the TPLF. They have done whatever they could and used this terrorist designation to defend their atrocities and war-crimes in the region. Therefore, today is a vindication to everyone who knew this was bogus from the on-set.

Just read the news from 2021…

“ Addis Ababa July 23/2021 (ENA) The Federal Attorney General announced that it has filed charges against the leader of the Junta, Debretsion Gebremichael, and 61 others. The defendants were members of the Central Committee of TPLF and members of the regional government cabinet who were heavily involved in decision-making, according to the Attorney General” (…) “The charges are based on two criminal charges. The first is the overthrowing of a constitutionally established and legitimate regional government through violence and illegal ways. The second is related to crime to oust the federal government by organizing a special force called Military Commando and attacking the National Defense Force” (Ethiopian News Agency – ‘AG Files Criminal Charges against 62 People, Including Leader of Junta’ 23.07.2021).

“On 5th May, the House of Peoples Representatives, in its 13th regular session, unanimously approved the resolution passed by the Council of Ministers to designate Shene and TPLF as terrorist organizations” (Ethiopian Embassy in London – “TPLF and Shene designated as terrorist organisations” 07.05.2021).

The news of the wind of change must certainly hit the pride of the PFDJ and the Eritrean Forces, which still roams at large in the Tigray region. The same as the Amhara allies and the militant “Fano” who still there too. These two allies of Addis Ababa are certainly in the crossfire here and unhappy with the changes. Because this gives them less reasons to undermine, attack and continue the hostilities in the Tigray region. Alas, we know there is more to this, and this is only done to show goodwill to the TPLF. Certainly, this sort of designation could easily be returned. Since it is the same majority that made them a “terrorist” outfit to begin with.

The House of Federation giveth and taketh away, apparently. Peace.

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