Ethiopia: Shabait’s shambolic rant against Secretary Blinken…

In a Press Statement yesterday (20th March), US Secretary of State yet again raised unsubstantiated and defamatory accusations against the Eritrean Defense Forces in relation to the two-year conflict in north Ethiopia triggered by the TPLF’s deplorable War of Insurrection and choice” (Shabait, 21.03.2023)

As on the Tripartite Alliance members, the Eritrean Defence Force has been active and a constant presence in Northern Ethiopia. The EDF is known for it’s brutality, destruction and war-crimes committed since November 2020. The war has shown what the EDF is willing to do together with the Tripartite Alliance members. No one should be shocked that the oppressor and the ones issuing these war-crimes won’t state that it did or does so. Because, who wants to incriminate themselves?

Secondly, we know the Shabait, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Asmara is willing to lie about anything. The Shabait is always aiming at their enemies and projecting their crimes onto them. That’s what it has done forever now and it’s getting old…

As it happens, the current cheap demonization campaign is designed to blackmail and intimidate Eritrea and the Federal Ethiopian government through fallacious accusations and keep them hostage while bolstering the TPLF to create further chaos. The ensuing mayhem would then create the pretexts and conditions for illicit and continued meddling and intervention” (Shabait, 21.03.2023).

The Shabait continues with their story of attacking TPLF and their credibility. While are supposed to forget the planned efforts, the armies on the border regions ready to assault and invade Tigray region ahead of the attack on the Northern Command. There was reports of troops flying into Asmara and Eritrea from Ethiopia. While stationed mechanic divisions and others in Amhara region, which was there in preparation of the invasion. Therefore, these words are hallow and shows the intentions of Eritrea to bury an old enemy, which was the whole idea of attacking the Tigray region…

Shabait continues: “The devastating war occurred because the TPLF launched premeditated, extensive and coordinated military assaults against Ethiopia’s Northern Command, killing more than 3000 soldiers in its initial blitzkrieg. TPLF’s war plans included massive long-range missile attacks against Eritrea in its initial phase alone, in violation of fundamental tenets of international law. Furthermore, the litany of TPLF’s crimes, including massive and forcible recruitment of tens of thousands of children in its human wave assaults in the Afar and Amhara Regions of Ethiopia, are too many to be recounted here. But they were deliberately downplayed and glossed over as US overarching objective remained salvaging the TPLF under all circumstances” (Shabait, 21.03.2023).

Here they are using the same rhetoric as in the past. The TPLF is the enemy and at fault for everything. They are putting in the spin, as this was a defence and righteous war. While we know the truth is more grim and dark than that. The EDF and the Tripartite Alliance was doing it to consolidate power, and annihilate an old enemy. That was the gist of the plan and the vilification of the region made more reasons to destroy it and go after them with lethal means.

I myself would not downplay the plights of the people of the Afar or Amhara region, which has also been caught in the cross-fire of this war. However, these bullets and battlefields has happened, because of the invading forces attacking the Tigray region. The Regional Government there had to answer back and also be on the offensive. Not only be defending itself. Therefore, this is a quagmire and a fault-line to attack the TPLF for that. When the EDF is responsible for massacres, possible genocide and part-take in a man-made famine with fellow allies. Yes, the ills, killings and plights of the other regions matters, but in the grand scheme of things. The biggest tragedy and the hugest loss happened in the Tigray region and it happened for a reason. This shouldn’t be understated or downplayed, which is what Shabait and others are doing. Just so they can clean their hands of the blood and call it a day…

This here Press Release from Shabait only proves what it is trying to do and the language or rhetoric it is spewing is doing themselves no good. The final nail in the coffin is this one: “Washington must thus extricate itself from duplicitous and cynical acts as well as illicit meddling” (Shabait, 21.03.2023).

It is just so rich and special of Eritrea to speak this way. When they are an invading force and a possible genocidal one. That it doesn’t want to have anyone to interfere or question its activity. We just know the Eritrean Forces wants to be able to do whatever it pleases on Ethiopian and Tigrayan soil. That’s the game plan here and they don’t want accountability or transparency about it. It just like any sort of Eritrean election, which is non-existent at this point. Peace.

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