Ethiopia: The TPLF says the Eritrean forces and Fano are still operating in Tigray…

The people and government of Tigray have been subjected to countless injustices and atrocities in recent years simply because they hold the popular belief and principle that “the order should be respected and the right of peoples to self-determination should not be violated”. They have also been struggling with remarkable tenacity and remarkable heroism to fight the unique suffering that has been inflicted on them and they have entered the process of peaceful political struggle in late October” (TPLF, 19.03.2023).

There been many moons and many months since the Cessation of Hostilities Agreement was signed between the FDRE and the TPLF or the Regional Government of Tigray. Now after all this time and speculation. The TPLF is announcing one worrying factor. They are stating that the Amhara region is still part of the conflict and their armies are still in the region. This is happening months after CoHA came into effect. It just shows that the agreement isn’t valuable or off much concern.

The TPLF are dealing with an axis of enemies. They are based in Addis Ababa – Bahir Dar and in Asmara. This Tripartite Alliance got all the goodwill and international credibility by signing the agreement. Nevertheless, they haven’t done much to honour it and they know the international stakeholders doesn’t care either. Therefore, the TPLF signed off to early and it shows by yesterdays press release…

However, as this peace talks process has started its journey in a better direction and we are carrying out the movement to establish the Interim Administration of Tigray, the Ethiopian government should pay special attention and stop the acts of disturbing the peace process The people of Tigray make their appeal. The expression of this weakness is that yesterday, March 10, 2015, an unacceptable demonstration was held in Alamata town. Tragic injustices have also been committed against many civilians. Genocide has been committed in the western and northwestern parts of Tigray since the beginning. The Ethiopian government should fulfill its responsibility to protect the safety of citizens and stop the atrocities committed against the people of West, South and Northwest Tigray regions by the Amhara Regional State administration. To do this, he should work decisively to withdraw the Amhara armed forces from Tigray soil altogether” (…) “We call on the African Union and the international community to take meaningful action to stop the crimes committed by the Amhara armed forces and the Eritrean army against the people of Tigray” (TPLF, 19.03.2023).

We are seeing the TPLF have faith and believes in the small steps to betterment. While they should be cautious, but not ridiculous. For one simple reason, they traded off a lot by signing the agreement and the pay-off has come in favour of Addis Ababa and Bahir Dar. It has not favoured Mekelle or Asmara. Which is very ironic, but true.

Eritrean Defence Forces are still on Tigrayan soil. That has been reported and now it is also reported that the Amhara Para-Military Group “Fano” is still there. Meaning the invading forces still are occupying and destroying the region. The war isn’t over when the invaders are still active. It has ceased the major operations, but the gist of it is still going on. This has become a silent conflict and the brewing of it could spark something even worse. It is a flame hidden in the ashes. When the ashes get enough oxygen it will spark. That’s what is going in and people should be worried. Especially when TPLF is calling it out after all this time.

It should worry people and the bloodshed is continuing. The invaders haven’t retreated or stopped. No, they are only doing it in silence…. And in darkness, and that’s why it’s concerning. Peace.

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