Opinion: All the Republic needed was a photograph…

Look at this photograph

Every time I do, it makes me laugh

Every time I do, it makes me” – Nickleback – ‘Photograph’ (2005)

Today the First Vice President and fellow other dignitaries in the Freedom Hall launched the first of its kind. The Revitalized – Transitional Government of National Unity (R-TGoNU) has launched the first Presidential Portrait of His Excellency Salva Kiir Mayardit. After all these years in office and in transition. The Government finally has a photograph and a frame, which the President is reflected kindly in.

Instead of finishing legislation and proper institutions. The state is busy finding out which suit the President should wear and from what angle his face looks the smartest. They have the time and the ability to pursuit this endeavour. Before following any sort of vital stipulation of the R-ARCSS. A peace agreement which is already on the overtime of the overtime. It is passed two or three deadlines and still no end in sight.

A portrait or a picture of the President isn’t solving anything. This isn’t helping the stalemate or the issues within the R-TGoNU either. The FVP haven’t resolved the grievances with the President yet. The President can still live by decree’s, but that doesn’t make his action any better.

This portrait is just the proof of the mismanagement and lack of priorities. This political elite will not solve or implement anything useful. No, this will just stall and buy time. That’s what they have been busy doing for years.

What has happened today will make no difference and people will pay it no mind. Yes, the government offices will get a new picture. Some is even stating that it’s the same that has been since 2005. I don’t know about that, but if it is… that is truly amazing and genuinely stupid to launch an 18 year old portrait in 2023.

Well, that is enough rubbish for today. This shouldn’t be thing, but we know President Kiir has no plans to retire or to give way to a new generation. No, they want to prolong their time in office and there is no end in sight. Today is just another proof of that, even if he wasn’t there himself to officiate his own portrait.

It is an epic failure and not matching the significance of everything that isn’t working in Juba. The government of South Sudan should fix other issues. Instead, they framed a portrait and called it a night. Peace.

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