Sudan: The Forces of Freedom and Change (FFC) – A Permit (11.03.2023)

The Forces for Freedom and Change welcome the statement issued by the Office of the Official Spokesman of the Armed Forces, which confirmed the commitment of the armed forces to the ongoing political process and the full and strict adherence to the provisions of the framework agreement.

The Forces for Freedom and Change affirm their adherence to the established political process, which is based on the framework agreement and leads to ending the coup and restoring the path of democratic transformation by forming a civil government that represents the forces of the revolution and works to achieve its goals.

The Forces of Freedom and Change also affirm their keenness to complete the discussion of the issues of the final stage of the political process, and their commitment to joint work with all the forces of the revolution to establish and manage the transitional period in a way that guarantees its stability and the completion of its tasks, foremost of which is the unification and reform of the military system and its exit from the political equation.

Launching a comprehensive process of justice and transitional justice, addressing the economic crisis, institutional reform and dismantling the empowerment state on the thirtieth of June, and other tasks leading to free and fair general elections at the end of the transitional period.

Freedom and Change Forces – Executive Office

March 11, 2023

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