Sudan: Civilian forces signatories to the framework agreement – Important statement (11.03.2023)

About (Statement of the Armed Forces Official Spokesperson)

The civil forces that signed the framework agreement welcome the statement issued by the Office of the Official Spokesman for the Armed Forces, which was issued this morning, Saturday, March 11, 2023, and carried important and positive messages.

The statement affirmed the commitment of the Sudanese Armed Forces to the ongoing political process and to all that was stated in the framework agreement, which reinforces the commitment of all parties to the process to move forward with it and overcome the challenges it faces in a patriotic and responsible spirit.

The framework agreement laid a sound foundation for the most important issues facing the country now, foremost of which is the need to restore the path of democratic transition under the leadership of a full civil authority, and the unity of the Sudanese army and its distancing from politics within a comprehensive process of security and military reform, and embarking on a comprehensive and fair process for justice, transitional justice, and other major issues that the framework agreement dealt with in depth, which places on all parties the need to complete the final stage discussions as soon as possible, this will establish a stable and successful transitional phase that will eventually lead to free, fair and transparent elections.

The civil forces that signed the framework agreement

March 11, 2023 AD

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