Opinion: Potter has lost the fans

The hype, the man and the favourite manager for the hipsters, Graham Potter has fallen out with massive parts of the Chelsea fanbase. Genuinely, it is the board of directors and the owner that decides his fate. While the public disdain and the anger is getting at him.

Some might say… why don’t they give him time. Well, it isn’t that sort of club and only thanks to the predecessor… if not… the club would be deep into the relegation zone as we speak. Chelsea is closer to the final three of the league than ever getting into a European Competition. The London club is free-falling and curiously enough. The leadership on top wants to “trust” the “process”.

Potter might be a nice guy. Heck he has rose through the ranks and gotten bigger and bigger roles. His gone from the lowest and beyond the beaches of Southern England and gotten shine. He has taken managerial positions or coaching gigs not only on the continent, but also been a technical director or whatnot for a Ghana Woman’s team. So, he has tested himself not only in the United Kingdom, but in Sweden and elsewhere.

Now… this is the hard one. The records his breaking isn’t doing him no good. The manner of which the team is playing is shoddy. There is little redeeming factors for him. Chelsea doesn’t look like or sound like it used too. Especially not right after the Abramovich era, as the titles and the prestige have grown even higher.

Graham Potter has gotten a massive squad. The owner has invested into the players and that should improve the results. However, it is the total opposite. It is like Potter don’t know what to do or has any clue on how to blend these different personalities together. There got to be fixed 11 which he trusts with a few subs that he knows will fight for the position. That’s what a team should have, but under Potter it doesn’t, which is one reasons why the team is struggling to produce results.

Potter should know this. It is basic. A team needs a starting 11 and subs who can change the game. That’s the code and the tactic or philosophy, which is imprinted in the players. In such a fashion that they believe and wants to play for the manager. They are seeing how it bear fruits and they can deliver within that framework. However, in the current Chelsea… no that’s not happening at all.

It is hard to imagine Chelsea getting relegated after all these years of top 4 and participation in the Champions League. A team that have been in a golden era. A club that has become a giant, but is now looking fragile. It is a mystery but also baffling.

Right now Potter is running a team that doesn’t know how to score goals and neither keep a clean sheet. There is little to no redemption here. No signs that any of the signed players are bleeding for kit either. They are just there for a massive pay-day and years-upon-years long contracts. The Winston Bogards of our time.

Sigh. The blues are singing the blues. That is clear and does who thought Everton was badly off. They have at least hope that Dyche can deliver the objective and save the season. However, in Chelsea the alarm-bells should be ringing, but the American is either oblivious or arrogant in his ways. Thinking he knows better, as his playing in real life Football Manager and thinking he can juice it all up. He just need to get the right “wonder-kid” and the team will blossom. Peace.

One thought on “Opinion: Potter has lost the fans”

  1. Porter is surviving on the inertia of the ‘Arteta miracle’, a faction , including himself, liken the Chelsea situation to that of Arsenal last season, its a dangerous way to live.

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