Opinion: Hemeti takes people for fools

Lt. Gen. Mohamed ‘Hemeti’ Dagalo addressed the two coups and the continued junta-controlled government. Where he is trying to sound reasonable and a statesman. This isn’t anything new, because we have seen the same behaviour from the Janjaweed and Rapid Support Force General. He has tried this before and did what he could to look good. That’s why he even used prayers and scriptures to look supreme. The Vice-Chairman and Deputy of the Transitional Council wants to stand-out and be the next in line.

That’s why he said things like this:

“I am a simple son of a desert, I grew up in the far corners of Sudan’s margins, and I received nothing from the state except its violence towards our societies, and its disregard for their basic rights, and I learned many lessons in the School of Life, the most important of which is that the old path of Sudan is unfair and unfair, so when I saw the men and women of the glorious December revolution I did not hesitate to stand with them against the injustice, tyranny, and corruption of the defunct regime. I saw that I shared their desire to change for the better and build Sudan. I tried as much as I could, and I was right at the time, and sometimes I made mistakes, the last of which was the mistake of the October 25 coup, which it became clear to me from its first day that it would not lead to what we wanted” (Hemeti, 19.02.2023).

The Lt. Gen. and Commander of the RSF must think his words can sway people. That they can forget the bloodshed and years under his tyranny. How his forces and his militia members has not only tormented the Darfur region, but also been pivotal in the reign of Omer Al-Bashir. His forces has destroyed, looted and massacred civilians for years. That’s how he rose through the ranks and became a henchman for Al-Bashir. Therefore, him trying to sound sincere and honest… falls flat in my eyes. He is just trying to cease a moment and be a contrast to President Al-Burhan, which is so obvious.

He continues:

“I am a man who grew up in the midst of wars.. I knew and experienced them, so I know the meaning and importance of peace. Since the first days of the transitional government, I have chosen in the Sovereignty Council to take over the peace file, in coordination with the government of former Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdok. For I am convinced that there is no future for this country without silencing all the voices of guns and managing our differences with wisdom and good preaching. Wars broke out because of historical grievances on the margins of Sudan, and the December revolution provided an opportunity to address these grievances without wars” (Hemeti, 19.02.2023).

It is deep that he says these words… that a warlord like himself says it. When his forces have killed, tortured and used weapons to silence people. He has profited off wars and so has allies. That’s why he has power and influence. If it wasn’t for the guns and the ammo, he wouldn’t be where he is and that’s a fact. That’s why these words are so shallow and meaningless.

The Lt. Gen. wouldn’t be where he is and resides if it wasn’t for the powerful weapons. It isn’t like he didn’t get power or influence by being a loveable character. No, he got there by serving the previous regime and using a hostile takeover twice to prolong his reign. That’s the gist of it. He only wants to sound reasonable now… to be able to sway the gullible. While the dead and destroyed in Darfur isn’t getting anything from this sort of man. They are left behind… while he prospers in Khartoum.

He ended with: “In conclusion, I reassure the good people of Sudan, in all their hopes, that we are proceeding with the path of the political solution that we started in the framework agreement, and we will proceed with it until the end of the road steadfastly until stability returns to this country, and evils and strife are avoided. This is a covenant we made, and this is a word we say to God, history, and the country, and we will never back down from it” (Hemeti, 19.02.2023).

He wants to be part of the process and the aftermath. As he knows he will loose power and influence the moment the army cease to be in control. That’s why he wants to sound like there is a plan for a civilian rule. Because the revolutionary and the civilian dissent is far from over. They are still on the barricades and plans to continue the revolution. Since the men of Al-Bashir is still in-office and thriving. While the citizens are suffering under their rule.

That’s why Hemeti wants to sound good and feasible. When we all know what sort of man he is. He would have no trouble ending someone’s lives just to gain coins himself. That’s what he does and done for a living. Peace.

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