Opinion: Odinga will never reach the promised land

It seems like Raila Odinga will always hear about and be in close proximity of the promised land. However, he will never be allowed to cross the river and enter into Canaan. That’s a tale as old as time and goes back decades now.

Odinga has sought after this prize and the title of the Presidency since the 1990s. He has used all sorts of coalitions and running mates to get there. Nevertheless, his cause, his parties and allies haven’t pulled through.

That’s why Baba is like Moses. He was walking in the desert for years and God never allowed for him to enter Canaan. That was for Joshua and his generation. It wasn’t meant for Odinga and his kind to get to the State House.

He is now rallying for Azimio and the coalition partners he has still. Many has left the fold and signed off to the Ruto government. Some of his former allies are even silent and not even vocal on his side. That’s compelling really… especially, since he exhausted the election petition and lost the case. Not like he managed to get Fresh Presidential Elections in 2017.

Alas, here is the burden and the plight of the old man. He is fighting the same battle and same cause. Using same sort of rhetoric and means. Instead of going after Kibaki. His speaking ill of Ruto. In the past he went after Uhuru Kenyatta too. So, he has sought after them all and no matter what sort of Electoral Commission was there. It had to be reformed and changed, because no one understand democracy better than him.

That’s why Odinga is on a war-path against William Ruto. Just like was against others. The ODM leader and Azimio Presidential Candidate continues his persistent fight to get to office. However, it seems futile and especially after losing in the Court. He got little substantial proof and the evidence submitted wasn’t giving him any relief. Therefore, his Kibra Declaration seems far-fetched and only self-serving.

At this point in time, his selling himself and his own entitlement. The Azimio and Baba the Fifth was run on vibes. That’s why it crumbled and couldn’t sustain the pressure of Kenya Kwanza Alliance. Ruto outsmarted Odinga who was a force to be reckon with. Still, Odinga thought he would win easily.

That’s why his now acting like the winner, yet again. He is trading the same stories and wanting reform. Odinga wants reforms, because his entitled to win. The system is against him and it’s the system fault for his loss. It is never himself or his allies. No, everyone else who is in-charge or run things are to blame.

This is why it’s tiring to follow Odinga. We have seen it all before. He has made deals with Kibaki and Uhuru Kenyatta. We can just await the time he does so, yet again. At this present time he speaks ill of a handshake. However, when the push comes to shove. He will take it and will negotiate. To become an anointed one and an unofficial Prime Minister. That’s what he can accept. Even if he believes the throne is his…

Odinga will never lead the people to Canaan. His the messenger and the vocal point to get people out in the desert. Though Joshua or someone else will take you there. Baba will not cross the River Jordan. He hasn’t been allowed in the past and I doubt he will be able to do so now. Peace.

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