Eswatini: No mercy from the King Part II

“DEVELOPING STORY:After grabbing freedom fighter Mlandvo Khumalo’s body,police were photographed by the public next to Ngwane Park cemetery on Wednesday where they secretly buried him.Police Chief told the family that King Mswati don’t want to see Khumalo buried like a hero” (Swazi News, 25.01.2023).

In Eswatini, it is apparently dangerous and a possible lethal choice to rebel against the King. If you trespass him or his reign. You can easily die. Your life can easily be taken, and it will be done swiftly. It doesn’t matter if you recognized worldwide as a respected lawyer. No, your life can be gone immediately.

It is only days since we have heard the outcries for Human Rights Lawyer Thulani Maseko. A man who unfortunately passed away and there been viral clips of the Police escorting the assassins to silence the lawyer. Therefore, the business is already out.

Now, today it’s revealed that the same government just secretly buried a freedom fighter. That’s what levels of impunity and injustice, the government is serving its citizens. It just shows what absolute power does to a man and how it’s not healthy for anyone to have those options.

The King shouldn’t be the absolute and sole ruler of the Republic. He has no checks and balances. His words are law, and he can be the judge, the jury, and the hangman. Which a role he plays on a regular. That’s why lives are taken, and people are gone forever.

There is nothing good coming out of it. Just showing the bloodthirsty vengeance of the King. That’s all the world get to see. More and more lives are taken. Just so he can rule supreme. It is a reason why the people and the citizens want democratically elected representatives. Because they would need the support and the votes of the citizens. The King don’t need that and can just kill the ones who stands in his way. Peace.

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