Opinion: Kiir’s tinkled adventure

On the 13th December 2022 during the National Anthem, President Salva Kiir Mayardit did pee on himself. It was all caught on tape and went viral on the 14th December 2022. The leakage got public and not only on the event, but for the whole world to see. Some say the journalists and photographs taking it is now deceased. One account says the J1 Photographer took suicide and others say there are several journalists detained.

Whatever might be the case… President Kiir has lost face. The South Sudanese President for Life has certainly showed weakness. Heck, he has shown his ageing and lack of self control. Some says it’s sickness or a specific disease, but that is neither here or there.

What is certain is that Kiir cannot be looked upon the same no more. His is the old man that soiled himself in public. For an old man… that isn’t anything new, but just shows the fatigue and ageing, which we all do. We are all getting old, if we are lucky to be able to get those years. Therefore, there is no dismissing in that.

However, the President shows that the prolonging his life in office is costing him. He has already extended the transitional period and never ended the Transitional Government of National Unity (R-TGoNU). So, his just continuing like there is no tomorrow and his never ageing. Which is obvious that he does…

There is reasons for retirement age. Not only from a physical standpoint, but a mental one too. There are reasons why people are not driving heavy machinery or certain vehicles as you get older. Your not able to hold up the pressure and the clear mind. As a President there should be a time to step down and have planned succession. In which, the public can either follow the hand-picked individual or they choose someone else.

President Kiir is the man the pee-pee’d on himself now. That will stain his legacy. The son of the soil, that soiled himself. It is tragic really. A general and a warlord who is now known for the action toddlers do. Heck, old people does it too and they have diapers. That’s maybe the next procurement of the Office of the President. Nevertheless, it just shows that nothing lasts forever.

Kiir has had his time in office. That his prolonging the agony is obvious. The public urination only shows the needs to address the concerns of his life presidency. The Presidency for Life is only benefiting him. While people are seeing his age and his fatigue. He isn’t a youth anymore and his of advanced age. That’s why there is a need to consider other implications of it.

President Kiir has served the Republic and the Office for years. Now is maybe the time to step down and let someone else reign. I doubt it will happen. He will only make the ones who leaked the leakage suffer. Nevertheless, we now know his weakness and lack of self-control. We now has seen how the age is catching up on him. He might not accept that, but we should. Peace.

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