Sudan: The newest agreement is worthless…

The ones celebrating the agreement between the parties of Forces for Freedom and Change-Central Council (FFC-CC), National Accord Forces (NAF), Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) and the Sudanese Ba’ath Party, which they signed with the Sudanese Junta Government on the 5th December 2022.

The ones celebrating that is naive. It is clear the FFC is abandoning the struggle and the fight. As they are taking the easy route out. They continuing the path of Abdalla Hamdok and seems to forgotten the former pledges or promises made by the Transitional Military Council (TMC).

I wouldn’t trust President Abdel Fattah al-Burhan or Vice President Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo aka Hemeti. These two has already tried to hijack the revolution twice and stopped the transition before. They have stopped the transition and the road-map, which was stipulated to give the civilians at one point more power in the Sovereign Council. However, before that could happen… the military overthrow the civilians and took the power all in their hands.

When you know the military and the generals has done this before. Why do you believe them again in 2022? Are you that stupid? Or are you that hungry?

These gentlemen in the Sovereign Council will not relent. They have already ceased power and they not giving it away. The latest agreement is only giving the Khartoum junta a bit more credibility and leverage to the International Community. The agreement between the junta and others will only be served as token peace-offering to get the International Monetary Funds or World Bank on it’s side.

When you have followed the proceedings from Khartoum since Al-Bashir’s fall. You know his henchmen continues their assault on civil society, on activists and the Resistance Councils. These are not part of the agreement. The grass-root organizations are left behind… and the FFC are not a voice for the civilian uprising. Instead, they seem compromised and more willing to trade their integrity for some cheap seats at the table.

The ones trusting Burhan and Hemeti in 2022 is foolish. It is really dumb… they should know better. They will not step down or give way. If so… that would have happen, because of the first agreement and during the reign of Prime Minister Hamdok. However, we saw what happened to him and others. The FFC knows this and still plays along.

The ones celebrating this… are celebrating cheap ink on a paper. The streets and the protests are still brutally cracked down upon. There is still victims of assembling and addressing grievances. FFC and the parties have forgotten these ones in their trade. They are not part of that struggle anymore. When they are joining forces, yet again with the army.

It is really tragic. The fight isn’t over and the ones believing in it are fools. They are buying into a pipe-dream… and a mirage. Burhan and Hemeti is not to be trusted, but still some people are buying into their pledges… which I don’t get. However, here we are and I don’t expect much.

This will end in tears… Peace.

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