Ethiopia: The TPLF claims the Eritrean Defence Force never left Tigray…

Today it’s 17 days since the Cessation of Hostilities Agreement was signed and agreed upon in South Africa. There has since then been an addition of how to implement it. Nevertheless, in the Tigray region, there are proof that the Tripartite Alliance are still active. Especially, one part of the Tripartite Alliance is there. This being the Eritrean Defence Force (EDF).

There already been reports of the EDF violating the terms of the agreement. This being kidnapping people, looting and continuing the warfare. Therefore, the Press Release from Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) named: “The brutal army of dictator Isaias Afewerki is committing horrific atrocities against the people of Tigray” was published today.

One part of it is striking and yes, the TPLF is the Government of the Region of Tigray. They are the current elected government of Tigray. The majority party and some Tripartite Alliance apologist is mocking this, but someone has to state a fact. It isn’t just language, but also clear cut reasoning. Just like the Prosperity Party is the de-facto Federal Government of Ethiopia. So, let us not squabble over that, but over the bigger issues.

Just read this part of the Press Release today!

The people and government of Tigray have been fighting against the open invasion and genocide declared against them. According to the agreement, it was agreed to stop the hostilities and respect the constitution. However, the dictator is not happy with the peace talks process and instead of withdrawing his army from Tigray, he is introducing more units into Tigray territory and committing countless atrocities against our people. This brutal army is committing violence against women in its worst form; He is brutally massacring civilians; He is loading the resources and properties of the people and government of Tigray in vehicles and destroying and burning what he cannot take; Tigray’s heritage is also being destroyed and looted on a large scale; In general, it has intensified its comprehensive attacks against Tigray and its people after the South African agreement” (TPLF, 19.11.2022).

This is stating the brutal reality of what is happening in Tigray. While everyone was delighted with the headlines and the good news of a cessation of hostilities. The truth is that there are no silence of the guns. The invaders are still within Tigray and they are not going away either. Instead, the invaders and one party of the Tripartite Alliance is currently violating the agreement. That happens to be the EDF.

President Afewerki is far from over with the conflict and wants to continue the warfare in Tigray. He isn’t done with avenging old scores and bitter defeats of the past. That’s why he has to reign terror on this generation of Tigrayan people. This is what his doing and continues to do so.

We can just wonder what both Addis Ababa and Bahir Dar thinks of it. This is a liability and isn’t creating trust between Mekelle and the other stakeholders of this conflict. Prime Minister Abiy and his associates should be careful. The fragile peace agreement cannot be sustained or be trusted, as long as the EDF is terrorising Tigray.

Time will tell how this plays out, but this a worrying trend in the concern to the peace agreement. It isn’t that old and the ink is barely dry. While one party isn’t willing to stop. This makes it seem that the EDF wasn’t informed, part of or had any interest in stopping this war. The EDF is in it to annihilate and destroy Tigray. That seems obvious after two years of war. Peace.

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