Sudan: Sudanese Congress Party – Statement on the anniversary of the massacre of November 17, 2021 AD (17.11.2022)

Our steadfast people;

A year has passed since a bloody day from the days of our victorious revolution, when the processions of the free revolutionaries and revolutionaries were wasted in the streets of the capital and the regions. unsheathing the weapon of her innocent peace in the face of the putschists, the opportunists and the remnants of the defunct regime, to let the hand of treachery commit a heinous massacre in the city of Khartoum North and some parts of the capital, as a result of which dozens of pure souls ascended to their innocence, and many injured heroes fell, however, it only increased the mass movement resisting the brutal coup in valour and steadfastness, so the forces of apostasy and darkness are taught continuous lessons in the meanings of providing for the values of freedom, peace and justice with all solidity.

Our proud people;

We, in the Sudanese Congress Party, have mercy on the pure souls of the martyrs of the massacre of November 17, 2021, and on all the martyrs of the Sudanese revolutions, and we pray for all those who are afflicted with full recovery and wellness, and for those who are missing with the victorious return, and we affirm that we are on the path of defeating the forces of apostasy and darkness, accompanied by all the forces of the revolution, restoring the course of civil democratic transformation and bringing down the slogans of the glorious revolution to become a tangible reality, using the same tried and innovative peaceful means, including political means and the mass resistance movement, until the noble goals of our people are achieved by purely civil rule that completes the transitional period.

Leading to free and fair elections, during which the required reforms will be carried out in the state’s military, security, justice and civil apparatus, and the elements of the defunct rescue regime will be removed and public funds will be recovered, and all armies and militias will be integrated under the umbrella of the people’s armed forces with a national combat doctrine.

It is committed to protecting the constitution and its other professional tasks away from engaging in politics and governance affairs, completing the peace process to include the rest of the armed struggle forces, and reviewing the necessary provisions of the Juba Peace Agreement for Sudan with the agreement of all concerned parties, and initiate the process of justice and transitional justice in all the crimes committed, and then conduct urgent economic remedies to stop the terrible economic deterioration after the coup and improve people’s livelihood, victory is looming on the horizon, and the key to achieving it is the unity of all the revolutionary forces that believe in the civil democratic transformation.

Our people lived free and victorious

Information secretariat

November 17, 2022 AD

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