Sudan: Sudan Central Doctors Committee – On the anniversary of the November 17th massacre (16.11.2022)

The spirit of the martyr, Sitt al-Nafur, will remain a shining lamp.

On the memory of the painful massacre of the city of Bahri, which turned the clear sky of the city of Bahri into black as the features of the city, the Central Committee of Sudan Doctors extends its deepest condolences and sends telegrams of sorrow to all the families of the martyrs of the revolution and the martyrs of the Bahri massacre in particular.

On that day, the righteous martyrs of the Bahri massacre met the tractors of the treacherous dark coup forces with rare courage and historical steadfastness that defeated the dark coup forces and proved that peacefulness is stronger than bullets.

The martyrs of the November 17 massacre and all the martyrs of the revolution will remain a beacon that lights the way for us, steadfastness and courage. The history of the Sudanese nation will continue to remind them of greatness and courage.

May God have mercy on all the martyrs of the revolution, and we will continue to dig into the wall, either we opened a hole to the light or we died on the surface of the wall.

We will go out tomorrow shouting our slogan to hear the tyrants that the revolution remains as long as our souls remain, we will fill the streets of Bahri with our comrades, and we will also cover the emergencies hospitals to provide medical services to those who need it.

Freedom, peace and justice

The revolution is the decision of the people

November 16, 2022

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