Sudan: Forces of Freedom and Change – Press Statement (16.11.2022)

The Central Council of the Forces of Freedom and Change, in the presence of all its components, held an important meeting on Wednesday, November 16, 2022 AD, in which it discussed the current political developments at length and concluded the following:

The Central Council saluted the struggles of our people who are still continuing their valiant resistance to the October 25 coup, using all tried and new means of peaceful struggle, which made the task of attacking the glorious December revolution difficult. And what clearly determined that our people will recover the path of democratic transformation led by a full transitional civil authority that reflects the revolution and its goals.

The Central Council followed the efforts to build the unified civil front that brings together all the forces of the revolution, and the efforts made to coordinate with the broadest base of political and social forces. Which expands the base of the transition and strengthens it in accordance with the draft political declaration that we are working to develop in a way that establishes a sustainable democratic civil transformation.

The Central Council listened to a report from the Executive Office on the progress of the political process and its developments following the discussions that took place with the military on the draft of the transitional constitution that resulted from the workshop of the Steering Committee of the Bar, and the understandings it produced that can be built upon to reach a political solution that achieves the goals of the glorious December revolution, taking into account the challenges and pitfalls surrounding the process, after an extensive study, the Central Council unanimously approved a vision under the title “Towards a credible and transparent political process that ends the coup and its effects and completes the tasks of the glorious December revolution.” It divides the process into two phases as follows:

First: The phase of the framework agreement, which is based on the understandings that took place between the forces of freedom and change, the military component, and the parties to the forces of democratic transition, which included the observations of the military side on the transitional constitution that was produced by the workshop of the Steering Committee of the Bar Association, the framework agreement deals with the most important issues covered by these understandings, which are a constitutional framework for the establishment of a transitional democratic civil authority that completes the tasks of the December revolution.

Second: The stage of the final agreement, during which the framework agreement is developed with broad public participation from the stakeholders and the forces of the revolution on (4) major issues, which are justice and transitional justice: It is an issue that requires the participation of stakeholders and the families of the martyrs, provided that it includes all those who have been affected by human rights violations since 1989 until now.

Security and military reform: It is one of the main issues facing our country. Without building and reforming a single professional and national army in accordance with agreed upon security arrangements, our country will not be able to achieve democracy, peace or development.

The Juba Agreement for peace in Sudan and the completion of peace:

The December revolution pushed the peace agenda to the fore, which led to reaching the Juba peace agreement for Sudan, but this agreement faces many dilemmas that made the claims of canceling it or preserving it as it is generate growing polarization, our position was and still is not to cancel the agreement and to introduce the necessary reforms with its implementation, with the consent of its parties.

The dismantling of the June 30 regime:

The regime of June 30 kidnapped the Sudanese state and its institutions, legitimized its party, and to build a professional state that serves our society without discrimination or aggression. The structure of the June 30 regime must be dismantled in a manner that adheres to the rule of law and respect for basic rights.

In conclusion, the Central Council appreciated the spirit of unity and national commitment that prevailed in the meeting, we affirm that the coalition of the forces of freedom and change will continue to struggle for freedom, peace and justice, and to complete the path paved by the glorious December revolution, which will reach the goals of our people in full and undiminished.

Central Council – Forces of Freedom and Change

November 16, 2022 AD

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