Sudan: Forces of Freedom and Change – Important Statement (14.11.2022)

The Executive Office of the Forces of Freedom and Change discussed the developments of the political situation in a meeting held on Sunday evening, November 13, where it listened to and studied a report from the Communication and Foreign Relations Committee. The meeting concluded as follows:

1- The Forces of Freedom and Change appreciate the steps that are going in the direction of building a united civil front, and tightening coordination between the forces of the revolution, and affirm their support for all these steps and their positive involvement in them in a way that strengthens the valiant resistance movement to the October 25 coup and enables it to achieve its full and undiminished goals.

2- The office listened to a report on the progress of the political process, and the observations of the military side that it delivered to the tripartite mechanism based on the discussions that took place with the forces of freedom and change, and the meeting secured that the coalition’s vision for a political solution leading to ending the coup is based on its proposed vision whose foundations and principles were laid down and summed up in a complete and real civil authority without tutelage on the one hand, and the disassociation of the military institution from political action and the implementation of the necessary reforms that would lead to a single professional and national army, and a comprehensive process of justice and transitional justice with the broad participation of all stakeholders, and reaching the end of the transitional period for free and fair elections in which the people choose their representative. This vision is adhered to by the coalition and seeks to achieve it through its positive interaction with the political process facilitated by the tripartite mechanism.

3- The Executive Office continued the escalation of campaigns directed against the forces of freedom and change, collectively and individually, which target their cohesion and unity, and affirmed its collective response to them, he also stressed that what was carried by the statement of the Commander of the Armed Forces, Lieutenant-General Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan, about the activity of the Arab Socialist Baath Party in the army is incorrect, as all coalition forces shun work in the midst of the armed forces, and seek to distance the military institution from political work entirely. The forces of freedom and change are united and do not accept any targeting of any of their components.

4- The Executive Office decided to escalate campaigns demanding the release of political detainees, including a member of the Executive Office. Wajdi Saleh, the pensioner of Abdullah Suleiman and the rest of the detainees, their freedom is a right that cannot be taken away by adapting laws to serve a political agenda, and we will combat these political arrests by all legitimate means.

Executive Office – Forces of Freedom and Change

November 14, 2022 AD

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