Syria: Syrian Democratic Council – A Statement for the Public Opinion (09.11.2022)

The Syrian Democratic Council has followed with great concern the recent statements made by the Swedish government and its foreign minister that are hostile to Sweden’s values and first of all, they contradict the culture of its society. The Syrian Democratic Council, with all its political components, which in turn express the legitimate demands of the people of Syria in all its national, ethnic and religious diversity for democratic transition and change and for resolving its crisis in accordance with its political course on the basis of international Resolution 2254, considers these statements, which coincided with the eighth anniversary of international solidarity with the Kobani resistance, to be surprising and reprehensible at the same time. This resistance, which has made an important turning point in the path of undermining, fighting and countering terrorist organizations, most notably the ISIS terrorist organization, in which it became obvious that Ankara is one of its most important supporters in mobilizing, training and directing with the aim of occupying Syrian regions in the first period of the Syrian crisis, stressing in this regard that the government of Sweden knows the relationship between the Ankara regime and these organizations.

We assure the Swedish people and their government that the resistance of the Syrians in northeastern the country; an important part of the Syrian territories, has made a difference in consolidating security and stability in all parts of the world, including the kingdom of Sweden itself. The duty of the Swedish Kingdom, as it is known about it, to take the right position that expresses its humanitarian values as a country that is the first one in the field of consolidating human rights, knowing that more than 35 thousand martyrs, wounded and wars were provided by the People Protection Units and Women Protection Units, and all the formations of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

The Syrian Democratic Council affirms that Sweden is not so weak as to be subjected to Turkey’s blackmail, and nowadays, it was not forced to make concessions and weaken democracy and the rule of law to satisfy a dictator who became known by all countries of the region that revealed the falsity of his claims, and that Turkey is currently in all problems with all neighboring countries and the world as a result of his regime’s destructive projects and its dictator’s practices that are hostile to the truth, peace, security and stability of peoples.

The Syrian Democratic Council, while affirming and supporting every step that enhances Sweden’s security and sovereignty, calls on the people of Sweden and all its democratic parties and powers at the forefront; The Social Democrats, all Left parties, Green parties, all Swedish civil society organizations and human rights institutions, to confront this situation and thwart every such decision, because it will only be the first step regarding the way to the usual blackmail of the dictator of Turkey, and it is a step that harms Sweden itself in the long term. We also call on the people of Syria and their democratic powers to reject this approach of the Swedish government and to be an assistance for all components of the Syrian Democratic Forces, including the People Protection Units and Women Protection Units, which are defenders of the people of Syria and are still resisting dangers and they are defending all Syrian components and their territorial integrity.

On November 9th, 2022

The Syrian Democratic Council

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