Sudan: Forces of Freedom and Change – Press Statement (05.11.2022)

Incorrect news is reported in the media, the press and social media about an agreement to grant judicial immunities, the coalition affirms its declared position in the document of foundations and principles for a political solution leading to ending the coup – which it published to public opinion earlier – in which it clarified its vision about the parties to the political process and the structures of the “all-civilian” transitional authority.

In addition to the issues, including security and military reform that leads to a single professional national army, the subordination of all military and security forces to civilian authority, and the implementation of a comprehensive process of justice and transitional justice that exposes crimes, holds violators accountable, does justice to the victims and heals wounds. This ensures that there is no impunity, that crimes are not repeated and that the wanted persons are handed over to the Criminal Court.

We stress that there is no truth to the news circulating about freedom and change reaching an agreement in relation to full or partial judicial immunities for the benefit of any party or individuals. This cannot be done without consultation and broad acceptance of stakeholders.

The forces of freedom and change put the issue of justice at the forefront of the issues that must be dealt with in a comprehensive and transparent manner with the wide participation of all stakeholders, and we present our vision around it clearly and unambiguously.

Forces of Freedom and Change – Media Committee

Saturday 5 November 2022

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