Sudan: The Unified Office of Physicians – Press Statement (26.10.2022)

An ambulance was attacked by the coup forces and the medical weapon hospital was used as a site for firing tear gas at the revolutionaries.

One of the ambulances transporting the injured in the convoy yesterday in Omdurman was attacked by the forces of the coup d’état with sticks and stones. This led to the breaking of the driver’s ribs and intimidation of the volunteer medical staff.

The forces of the coup d’état have also used Al-Salaa Medical Hospital as a site to launch tear gas at the revolutionaries from inside.

This incident is added to the series of heinous violations committed by the coup authority against medical personnel and the injured as justified by her miserable revolutionary creed, which the Unified Office will continue to monitor.

The medical staff and the injured do not find the necessary protection at the present time to carry out their work and for treatment. Rather, they are threatened by the authority entrusted with their protection.

This incident and the events that preceded it contradict all values humanitarian ideals, and human rights organizations working in the field of protecting health personnel should escalate this matter so that the situation is prepared for medical personnel to treat the injuries inflicted by the forces of the coup authority.

October 26 2022

» Central Sudan Doctors Committee

» Sudan Legitimate Doctors Syndicate

» Committee of Consultants and Specialists

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