A look into yesterday’s speech by Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba in Arua

Sports is obviously, an economic activity, I’m sure these young people here know, those who follow English Premier League. You know all those players out there, who makes a lot of money. Simply by doing something they love, which is football – General Muhoozi Kainerugaba (22.10.2022)

This is written after watching and hearing the speech of General Muhoozi Kainerugaba in Arua. The speech and address was really telling. You know the man isn’t used to or have the confidence to be in front of the public. Because, why would he look down and be so into his phone.

Speaking of West Nile and a Sport Tournament. Even giving credit to the local MP. Nevertheless, the General didn’t show any sort of care for the message that he was spreading. He even needed notes of who was playing in the tournament and the winner two. Which was funny, because he said in the end, “I believe”.

A few quotes from the speech:

Sports helps with our health, the more active you are, the more you avoid certain diseases. That comes with the lack of exercise” (Muhoozi, 22.10.2022).

I want to encourage young people to use their talent to achieve greatness. Whatever those talents are” (Muhoozi, 22.10.2022).

As I said, I handed over my last office, the Commander of Land Forces, I intend to focus on the youth, and youth activities like this, like sports” (Muhoozi, 22.10.2022).

We pledge to work with government to ensure the interest of the youth are a, taken care off, but government are already doing a lot of things in sports” (Muhoozi, 22.10.2022).

So the President has put a lot of effort into this area of sports, and we need to support him” (Muhoozi, 22.10.2022).

What is striking is how he had to read from the phone. Staring into the phone like it had all the cues and words he needs to use. Like he read a long time before he spoke of the “unifying belief and support of the Uganda Cranes”. Which was a fine statement, but it shouldn’t been that hard to say. That should be in his heart and mind, because that was sort of patriotic and totally bipartisan. However, maybe he needed the memos on the phone to remember this sentiment?

He even had to look extra to through the notes to remember when he last was staying long in Nebbi and the needs of the West Nile. Secondly, he had most likely written down to “thank everyone”. It is really showing there is vast difference between him and his father.

His father can stand up and lie for hours. Muhoozi isn’t like his father and cannot even wing it on stage. Museveni can at least also copy a speech written for him and just add additional anecdotes or whatnot. While Muhoozi is clinging on to the phone for his dear life. All the pieces to the puzzle is there.

In the speech to, which was really short. Muhoozi had a lot of silence, stops and had to read the script on the phone. That’s a bad look. His supposed to engage the crowd and get them interested in the message. However, he was more into the Samsung, Nokia or whatever brand of phone he was having.

The ones that is behind for Presidency. Do you want a man that lacks this much character, charisma and even gracing the public with his presence?

We know the General is acting bad-ass and as a supreme leader with his twitter-fingers. However, in person and on stage. His another guy, less boosting his ego or ability to sell an idea. He can boost his presence and his ideals on Twitter, but he cannot hold a speech. It seemingly looking like his a lost soul and lack experience in doing so.

A General that cannot stomach to speak without his notes or pre-written quotes. He maybe wanted to sound smart and credible. However, the staring into the screen, the moments of silence and lack of public engagement is no good. That’s what the speech oozes of for me.

General Muhoozi Kainerugaba lacks a lot and that’s clear. He has been skating on being a part of the first family and being bound by the power of his father. However, when his standing alone and wanting to control a crowd. He just don’t have it. Neither does he have the message or belief in what his saying.

If he was to sell the brilliance of that mobile phone he was carrying. I would believe him, because all of his answers was right there. Peace.

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